40 Healthy Starbucks Drinks That Are Worth Trying

Did you know that Starbucks and health can coexist in the same sentence? Don’t believe us? We’ve scoured the Starbucks calorie menu to bring you 40 delicious and nutritious drinks to satisfy your caffeine cravings without sabotaging your diet. From classic lattes with a healthy twist to trendy matcha concoctions, there’s something for everyone.

So, say goodbye to feeling guilty about your Starbucks addiction and hello to guilt-free sipping. Let’s not wait anymore and explore the world of healthy Starbucks drinks that are worth trying.

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1. Starbucks Chai Tea (Calories – 0)

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Chai tea is the perfect beverage for those wanting to feel healthy while indulging in caffeine. Made with a blend of spices that’ll make your taste buds dance, this tea is perfect for those who want to spice up their life while watching their health.

2. Starbucks Jade Citrus Mint Tea (Calories – 0)

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With zero calories, this tea is the perfect partner for anyone looking to shed those pesky pounds. It’s like a ninja warrior that silently fights off calories while tantalizing your taste buds with its refreshing blend of mint and citrus. 

3. Low-Calorie Starbucks Drinks Iced Passion Tango Tea (calories – 0)

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You can sip on this sweet, tangy drink without worrying about counting those pesky calories. It’s the perfect drink for those who want to stay healthy but still need a caffeine fix. So, treat yourself to a guilt-free indulgence with the Starbucks Iced Passion Tango Tea! Your taste buds will thank you.

4. Star Bucks Mint Majesty (Calories – 0)

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This delicious beverage boasts the fantastic flavor of mint without any of the pesky calories that often come with sugary drinks. So let’s not wait anymore and grab this guilt-free drink now.

5. Featured Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee (Calories – 5)

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With a mere five calories per serving, you can sip on this deliciously bold brew without worrying about the extra baggage. Instead, it’s the perfect way to start your day without the pesky calories weighing you down. So grab a cup, and let your taste buds dance with delight while your waistline stays slim and trim.

6. Emperor’s Clouds & Mist (Calories – 0)

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Looking for a guilt-free caffeine fix? Look no further than Starbucks Emperor’s Clouds & Mist tea! With a grandiose name fit for royalty, this tea is also calorie-free, making it the perfect choice for health-conscious tea lovers. 

7. Starbucks Cafe Americano (Calories – 15)

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With only 15 calories, this beverage is practically guilt-free. So let’s get indulge in some delicious caffeine fix without any of the added baggage. It’s a win-win situation – you get to enjoy the taste of Starbucks, and your body gets to enjoy feeling healthy and energized. 

8. Starbucks Brew Coffee With Cold Foam (Calories – 35)

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Who said coffee had to be a guilty pleasure, right? Now you will be enjoying your daily dose of caffeine without the extra baggage. Say hello to the new “Brew Coffee With Cold Foam.”

9. Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew (Calories – 50)

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Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew is a drink that’s light on calories but heavy on flavor!

At just 50 calories, this beverage is like a health guru’s dream come true. And with the added sweetness of honey and the nutty goodness of almond milk, your tastebuds will definitely thank you.

10. Iced Black Tea Lemonade (Calories – 50)

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If the Starbucks Iced Black Tea Lemonade were a person, they’d be the epitome of health and wellness. They’d be the ones at the gym every day, doing yoga at sunrise and sipping on green smoothies like it’s nobody’s business.

But in all seriousness, with only 50 calories, this beverage is a refreshing and guilt-free option for those looking to cool off and quench their thirst.

11. Kiwi Starfruit Iced Beverage (Calories – 90)

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The Starbucks Kiwi Starfruit Iced Beverage has a measly 90 calories. That’s practically the caloric equivalent of blinking your eyes! It’s so healthy; it might as well be a salad in a cup. So go ahead, sip away, and pat yourself on the back for making such a virtuous beverage choice. 

12. Starbucks Cappuccino (Calories – 140)

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Compared to a deep-fried Oreo or a double bacon cheeseburger, the Starbucks Cappuccino is a health elixir. As long as you don’t start chugging them down like water, a cappuccino here and there won’t hurt too much. 

13. Starbucks Violet Drink (Calories – 110)

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The Starbucks Violet Drink may be the color of a unicorn’s dreams, but does that mean it’s healthy? It has 110 calories, which isn’t too shabby, but let’s remember that those calories come from sweetened coconut milk and hibiscus infusion with added blackberries and ice. 

14. Iced Flat Tea (Calories – 150)

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If you’re desiring a healthy drink that can make you feel like you’re running a marathon, Starbucks Iced Flat Tea is probably not it. But if you’re looking for a refreshing drink that won’t completely derail your healthy eating plan, this might be the drink for you. Of course, at 150 calories, it’s not precisely a kale smoothie, but hey, at least it’s not a triple mocha frappuccino with whipped cream and caramel sauce, right? 

15. Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew (Calories – 70)

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The Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew is a like a superhero in disguise. With only 70 calories, it’s like Clark Kent, seemingly mild-mannered and unassuming but with the power to give you a caffeine kick. And let’s not forget the sweet vanilla cream – it’s like the secret weapon that takes this drink to the next level. 

16. Starbucks Cafe Misto (Calories – 110)

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A Cafe Misto, huh? Only 110 calories? That’s practically a salad, my friend. You’re almost a fitness guru now. It’s not like you ordered a Venti Frappuccino with whipped cream and caramel drizzle, right? 

17. Iced Brown Sugar oat milk Shaken Espresso (Calories – 120)

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Drinking a Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar oat milk Shaken Espresso with only 120 calories is like going to a party and eating only vegetables. Sure, it might be the healthier option, but where’s the fun in that? Life is too short, so go ahead and treat yourself to that sweet, caffeinated goodness! 

18. Starbucks Flat White (Calories – 170)

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The Starbucks Flat White is like the superhero of coffee. It’s got the power to wake you up in the morning, the energy to get you through the day, and the taste to make your taste buds dance with joy. And at only 170 calories, it’s like the Robin to your Batman, providing support without weighing you down. 

19. Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte (Calories – 130)

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At only 130 calories, this Starbucks drink is basically the equivalent of doing a few jumping jacks while sipping on a cozy cup of goodness. So go ahead, treat yo’ self, and feel good about it. Your taste buds will thank you.

20. Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade (Calories – 80)

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At 80 calories, this iced tea is practically a healthy drink, right? Just don’t go adding any extra pumps of syrup or whipped cream; you might not feel too guilty about indulging in this tasty treat. Bottoms up!

21. Iced Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte (Calories – 190)

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Let’s start by saying that if you’re looking for a drink that will give you the physique of a Greek god or goddess, the Starbucks Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte might not be the answer. But hey, life is short, and sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up to get through the day.

At 190 calories, this beverage is not precisely a low-calorie option, but it’s also not a diet-busting indulgence. Instead, consider it a mid-range option, like the sensible sedan of the coffee world.

22. Espresso Con Panna (Calories – 30)

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If you’re looking for a guilt-free treat that won’t sabotage your diet, the Espresso Con Panna might be your new best friend. Just don’t go overboard and order ten in one go – remember, moderation is key!

23. Iced Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte (Calories – 120)

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If you’re looking for a refreshing, indulgent treat that won’t completely wreck your diet, the Iced Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte might just hit the spot. Just don’t blame me if you start craving one every day!

24. Peach Tranquility (Calories – 0)

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If you’re wondering just how healthy that Starbucks Peach Tranquility is, I’ve got good news for you – it’s got zero calories! So you can sip on that sweet, fruity goodness without worrying about packing on the pounds.

25. Starbucks Veranda Blend (Calories – 5)

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If health was a race, the Starbucks Veranda Blend would sprint toward the finish line! Instead, this coffee is practically a health god with only five calories. It’s so healthy; it could be doing yoga on a beach somewhere.

26. Pike Place Roast (Calories – 5)

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Looking for a coffee that won’t make you feel guilty about consuming half your daily calories in one cup? Look no further than the Starbucks Pike Place Roast, with a whopping five whole calories per serving! That’s right; you can sip on this smooth and delicious blend without worrying about your waistline.

27. Earl Grey Tea (calories – 0)

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If you’re desiring a guilt-free way to satisfy your caffeine craving, the Starbucks Earl Grey Tea might just be your cup of tea! With zero calories, it won’t make you feel like you’re cheating on your diet or betraying your waistline.

28. Royal English Breakfast Tea (Calories – 0)

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With a total of zero calories, you can enjoy a nice cuppa of this royal tea without worrying about your waistline.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should chug down a gallon of the stuff daily and expect to lose weight magically. But as far as hot beverages go, the Royal English Breakfast Tea is definitely on the healthier end of the spectrum.

29. Teavana Mango Black Tea (Calories – 100)

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If you’re looking for a drink that’s as healthy as a kale smoothie, the Starbucks Teavana Mango Black Tea ain’t it. But if you’re looking for something more indulgent, this tea is a decent option. It’s got a good 100 calories per serving, and the mango flavor adds a fun tropical twist.

30. Iced Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte (Calories – 140)

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At just 140 calories, this drink is basically the equivalent of a gym session in a cup. So, you can now sip on your latte and still fit into those skinny jeans – what a win! 

31. Iced Matcha Lemonade (Calories – 120)

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The Starbucks Iced Matcha Lemonade has a total of 120 calories. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? I mean, it’s practically a health drink. It’s got matcha, which is just green tea on steroids, and lemonade, which is just lemon juice and sugar. So, it’s the perfect balance of antioxidants and sugar rush.

32. Iced London Fog Tea Latte (Calories – 140)

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Starbucks Iced London Fog Tea Latte is an excellent drink for those who want to feel fancy while still getting their caffeine fix. With only 140 calories, you can enjoy the delightful combination of Earl Grey tea, creamy milk, and vanilla syrup without feeling guilty. 

33. Iced Green tea (Calories – 0)

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Looking for a refreshing drink that won’t break the calorie bank? Look no further than Starbucks’ Iced Green Tea! You can sip away guilt-free and feel oh-so-virtuous with a whopping zero calories. Of course, who says healthy can’t be delicious?

34. Dragon Drink Starbucks Refresher (calories – 130)

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This fruity and refreshing beverage is the perfect way to add heat to your routine. Plus, with its vibrant pink color, it will surely make your taste buds and Instagram feed light up. So go ahead, unleash your inner dragon, and try the Dragon Drink!

35. Paradise Drink Starbucks Refresher (calories – 140)

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Paradise Drink Starbucks Refresher – for when you want to feel like you’re sipping on sunshine in a cup without having to move to a tropical island. With only 140 calories, it’s like a vacation for your taste buds without the guilt trip for your waistline. So sip away and let the palm trees sway!

36. Strawberry Acai Lemonade (Calories – 140)

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This drink is like a guilt-free vacation for your taste buds. Sip away and enjoy the fruity goodness without worrying about your waistline. It’s like summer in a cup, with smug satisfaction that you’re making a healthy choice. 

37. Starbucks Pink Drink (calories – 140)

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This delightful beverage not only looks pretty in pink, but it also packs a deliciously refreshing punch. And the best part? It won’t weigh you down with guilt, as it only has 140 calories. So go ahead, sip on that sweet pink nectar, and bask in the knowledge that you’re treating your taste buds and waistline all at once.

38. Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemonade (Calories – 140)

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Looking for a drink that’s both refreshing and guilt-free? Well, look no further than the Starbucks Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemonade! At just 140 calories, it’s like a tropical vacation for your taste buds without the extra baggage. So, sip on this sweet and tangy concoction, and feel good about yourself. After all, you’re drinking a health elixir, right? 

39. Mango Dragon Fruit Starbucks Refresher (Calories – 90)

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The Starbucks Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher is like a tropical paradise in a cup. With its vibrant pink color and sweet, fruity taste, it’s hard not to feel like you’re on a beach, sipping on a refreshing drink.

As for its healthiness, at only 90 calories, it’s a guilt-free indulgence. It’s also made using real fruit juice and green coffee extract, so you can feel good about getting a little caffeine boost without artificial flavors or colors.

40. Blended Strawberry Lemonade (Calories – 190)

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This sweet and tangy beverage might not be the best choice if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, but it’s certainly not the worst. And let’s be honest; sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up that tastes like summer in a cup.

So, suppose you’re looking for a refreshing treat that won’t completely derail your diet. In that case, the Starbucks Blended Strawberry Lemonade is a solid option. Just be sure to balance it out with some veggies and exercise eventually.

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