12 Best Website Builders For Small Business

The best website builder helps you build a fully functional website in just a few hours. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge in coding or design, the best website builders for small business that are listed down in this article have a huge selection of custom templates. So, anyone can use them to create their own website by just choosing aselecting one a template and customizing it according to their your needs using a dragusing drag and drop editor.

While there are also a few free website builders, please note that they are pretty limited. 

But, If you want a clean, ad-free site with unlimited bandwidth, you need to pay and not necessarily a lot. With that you get, nNot just the access to the website builder, but also you will also be getting website hosting and domain name included in the subscription price.

In this article, you will find some of the best website builders for small businesses. So, without delaylate, have a look at them, review them, and pick the best one that suits your requirements.

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1. Wix – Best Overall

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Wix is one of the most popular website builders that is a great solution for small business owners. You can build many types of websites for your business, including booking sites, online stores, ticket-selling platforms, blogs, etc.

One of the most standout features of this website builder is its user-friendly interface. Wix makes it accessible to people with varying levels of technical expertise.

Wix’s drag and drop editor helps you customize your site’s layout, incorporate multimedia like images and videos, and add content  easily and effortlessly. There are more than 500 templates catering to different aesthetics and industries. You just have to pick one according to your liking hand requirements and start customizing it to your unique brand personality. 

Features – 

  • Wix Editor: The builder allows users to start building a website from scratch or choose from a variety of pre-designed templates. It utilizes a drag-and-drop interface for easy customization, while providing flexibility for designing different types of websites.
  • Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence): Wix offers users to quickly create a professional-looking website by answering a few simple questions. It uses AI to design a website that suits the user’s preferences and requirements. 
  • Velo by Wix: Velo is a development platform for building advanced web applications. The tool offers serverless computing, making it easier to manage server-related tasks. It also provides hassle-free coding and total design freedom for creating, managing, and deploying web projects.
  • Professional Features for Your Website: Wix has many professional web features. This allows users to manage various aspects of their website in one place.

My Experience With WIX-

As a complete beginner with zero coding experience, I am very excited to try the Wix website builder. I wanted to try the newly launched Wix AI to create a website for a health and wellness business.

The user interface is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. I was able to navigate through the platform with ease, adding pages, customizing content, and even uploading pictures without any trouble. I especially loved the drag-and-drop functionality.

As soon as I entered Wix, the platform asked me a few questions to get me started with the website building.

Since we are testing the AI website building, I clicked on the “Let Wix create a site for you” option. 

There is a chatbot with which I can talk about how I like my website to look. The software asked me a few questions and I replied. I wanted a healthy conscious website – “FitAndFabZone”. 

Within a few seconds, wix took me to a new page where it asked me to pick a homepage design. All the templates are very professional and of high-quality. I picked the first one. 

Within a few minutes, Wix created my website. 

While I initially imagined a website with a more “health-conscious” theme, the AI-generated design didn’t quite match my vision. It was a bit too generic for my taste, although it did look professional and polished. Maybe I should be more specific with my instructions to get the exact look and feel I wanted.

However, I’m impressed by the power and ease of use of Wix AI. The ability to create a website so quickly and effortlessly is truly remarkable. I’m excited to explore its features further and see what kind of health-focused website I can build with a bit more customization.

Pricing – 

The most basic plan of Wix starts from 16$ per month.

2. Squarespace – Best Templates And Therefore Best For Creative Businesses

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Squarespace is best known for its professional-looking templates. It also has a popular and simplistic section-based editor, and strong eCommerce features. These things can make your site building experience fast, smooth, and effortless.

However, just like they say – simplicity comes with a price, Squarespace is seen as a more premium-priced provider. This can be a major drawback especially, if you are a small business owner under a budget. 

So, If design and professionalism is what’s most important for you, Squarespace is an excellent option. 

Features – 

  • Online Scheduling: Squarespace provides tools for online scheduling. This allows businesses to manage appointments, bookings, and client interactions efficiently.
  • E-commerce Functionality: Squarespace is best used for e-commerce. It enables businesses to set up online stores, manage inventory, and process transactions.
  • Blogging and Content Management: Squarespace includes features for blogging and content creation which makes it suitable for businesses looking to share updates and engage with their audience.
  • Integrated SEO Tools: Squarespace typically includes built-in SEO tools to help users optimize their websites for search engines and improve their online visibility.
  • Social Media Integration: The website builder allows users to integrate their social media accounts. This makes it easier to share content and connect with audiences across different platforms.

My Experience With Squarespace-

Squarespace can be a game-changer for small businesses. It is completely designed with people like me in mid – complete beginners. The user-friendliness is off the charts.

I wanted to test the tool by building a Yoga coaching website. 

As soon as you enter the platform, it asks me a few questions regarding the website I want to Create. 

I was blown away by the variety of templates they offer. And let me tell you, they’re not just templates; they’re like having a professional designer at your fingertips. Each one is sleek, modern, and, I have to say, they look way more expensive than they actually are.

I have picked the below and started editing it according to my needs and my brand style.

To customize this template, the platform later asked me about the details of the website I want to create. 

The below is the website it created based on my requirements.

I thought editing would be the hard part, but no, it is very easy and effortless. Want to change something? Just click on the section you want to tweak, and you’re in control.

Now, here’s the only hiccup – the price tag. It’s a bit on the steeper side, especially for someone like me who’s watching every penny. For budget-friendly small business owners, this could be a deal-breaker. But let me tell you, if you can swing it, the results are worth it.

In a nutshell, Squarespace turned a tech newbie like me into a website guru. 

Pricing – 

The basic plan of Squarespace is priced at $16 per month. This plan will do for many small businesses. 

3. GoDaddy – Best For Speed

Rating – 4.9 / 5

If speed is your priority and you want to make your business online quickly, GoDaddy website builder is a great option for you. It is quite basic, but it is very intuitive and simple. Moreover, there are a wide range of basic eCommerce tools and a full analytics portal.

Go Dadd’s interface is very intuitive and nice. The best part is that you will be able to preview different font pairings with just a click of a button. You can also switch different templates at any time. This adds a level of flexibility in case you want to redesign your site later. 

However, many GoDaddy’s users found its templates very basic and there isn’t much room for customization either. 

Features – 

  • Built for Speed and Security: GoDaddy’s website builder is optimized for WordPress performance, ensuring that users get the most out of their websites. With automated updates, backups, and industry-leading load times, the hosting is designed to provide a secure and fast experience.
  • Free Tools for Designers and Developers: Users can save time with free tools such as bulk updates and automated backups. Managing multiple clients is made efficient through a single dashboard, and exclusive members-only discounts are available to designers and developers.
  • Start Your Business with GoDaddy Products: GoDaddy’s Reseller Program enables users to launch their online business swiftly. Users have the flexibility to choose GoDaddy products to sell, set pricing, and GoDaddy provides comprehensive support, from setting up the web store to managing payment processing.
  • Wide Selection of Domain Options: As the largest domain registrar, GoDaddy offers an extensive selection of domain extensions, ranging from the popular .com to more unique options like .xyz. This variety allows users to choose the most fitting domain for their online presence.

My Experience With GoDaddy –

The interface is very organized and approachable. It is very simple and intuitive. As you enter the website, the platform asks me multiple questions regarding the website I wanted to create.

I wanted to create a website on Yoga coaching, so I picked a template that most aligns with it. 

There are many templates to choose from, and the drag-and-drop editor helped me customize the website according to my needs easily and quickly.

Navigating through the process, I got a bit confused about the domains, connections, etc and these are not my cup of tea! Yet, GoDaddy’s support team immediately guided me through the intricacies with a level of patience.

Pricing – 

The basic plan of GoDaddy is priced at $9.99 per month. 

4. Weebly – Best For Online Stores

Rating – 4.8 / 5

Weebly is a beginner-friendly website builder. It allows you to create a website with zero coding knowledge quickly and easily. 

Weebly can be a great option for those who like to build a professional looking website or an online store quickly. Thanks to its drag and drop editor, we can easily build a website without a steep learning curve. The best part is Weebly is one of the most affordable website builders on the market.

Features – 

  • Wide User Base: Over 40 million users worldwide have utilized Weebly’s website builder and advanced eCommerce tools.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The cutting-edge mobile apps of Weebly enable users to track performance, interact with visitors, and manage store orders from anywhere.
  • Powerful Design Tools: Weebly offers responsive, professional website themes, providing the freedom to build a site that looks great on any device. Advanced design features are available to make your site stand out, even without design experience.
  • App Center for Additional Functionality: The App Center provides a variety of new functionalities and services directly to your website. Custom domains and a full suite of SEO tools help your content reach a broader audience.
  • Blog Creation and Engagement: Weebly allows flexible drag-and-drop blog creation, enabling users to build a beautiful blog and focus on their best content. The platform also provides free, dedicated web host infrastructure for fast loading and a great visitor experience.

My Experience With Weebly –

Absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Weebly – the best website builder I’ve ever come across especially for a no tech whiz like me.

First off, getting started was very easy. The whole setup is just so user-friendly – felt like a virtual buddy guiding me through.

There are a wide range of themes and each screams professionalism and attractiveness.

I wanted to create a website on Yoga, so I picked the template that closely aligns with it. 

The editing options are like a playground. Want to change colors? Easy. Tweak the layout? Just a few clicks. You can easily get what you want with weebly’s drag and drop editor. 

I highly recommend Weebly to anyone looking to dip their toes into website-building without the techy headaches!

Pricing – 

The basic plan is completely free to use.

5. IONOS – Best For Reliability

Rating – 4.8 / 5

IONOS has a strong focus on servicing small businesses across the world. The website builder service – MYWebsite Now is equally solid and user-friendly.

All the packages include a free professional email address and domain. The interface is very user-friendly with lots of options cleverly put in pop-up boxes to avoid clutter. 

IONOS offers more than 400 templates. These are searched by keyword or topic. You can also easily add an integrated online store with all the important shipping and payment options included.

Moreover, you will get a 24/7 phone and email support, which usually offers a fast response. However, there is no free trial, but there is a 30-day cash-back guarantee. 

Features – 

  • Effortless Website Building: IONOS enables users to create professional-looking websites without advanced skills. You can customize templates easily with a flexible grid system for a polished online presence.
  • Confident Online Launch: The website builder offers a user-friendly dashboard, providing real-time updates and understandable analytics. It removes the uncertainty in establishing and growing an online presence.
  • Simplified Appointment Management: IONOS streamlines appointment scheduling and viewing, catering to various service-oriented businesses and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Easy E-commerce Setup: Bring your store online quickly with IONOS. Start selling goods or services with a few clicks, and scale up effortlessly as your business grows.

My Experience With IONOS-

Jumping into 1&1 IONOS, I was intrigued by its promise of robust performance. However, as a first-timer, I found the interface a bit challenging, with customization options feeling limited and somewhat outdated.

 Despite this, the AI website builder was a highlight, quickly creating a professional-looking site, which was perfect for my time-sensitive needs. The multilingual translation feature and beginner-friendly SEO tools were also impressive, adding value to my website-building journey. 

While it wasn’t the easiest start, 1&1 IONOS proved to be a reliable choice for creating a straightforward, professional website.

Pricing – 

The basic starts at $6 per month. 

6. Strikingly – Best For One-Page Websites

Rating – 4.8 / 5

Strikingly is the best website builder if you are looking to build a one-page website. This isn’t a bad idea, especially if you are just launching your small business. The platform offers a very intuitive beginner-friendly site creation tools and editor. These are specifically designed keeping one-pagers and landing pages in mind.

You can also find simple online store and blog modules that can be added for eCommerce and blogging functionality. However, a minor hiccup is that you are limited to only 29 templates. But at least, this keeps things nice and simple.

The best part is that Strikingly offers a free plan with a strikingly.com domain. You can only sell up to 5 products with this plan though. This limit increases with pro and VIP plans along with more advanced features and small transaction fees. 

Features – 

  • Domain Names: Strikingly streamlines the acquisition of domain names, offering the option to register a new domain or seamlessly integrate an existing one. It  provides businesses with a personalized and professional web address.
  • Simple Store: The website builder excels in e-commerce with its Simple Store feature, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses to sell products directly on their website. This includes support for coupons, various shipping options, and digital goods.
  • Simple Blog: The Simple Blog feature in Strikingly facilitates effortless blog creation and management. Each blog post gets its own dedicated page, ensuring a user-friendly experience for businesses to share regular and relevant content.
  • Analytics:Strikingly includes built-in analytics with easy-to-read charts, providing businesses with valuable insights into website traffic. 
  • Sign Up & Contact Forms: Businesses can easily enhance user interaction with Strikingly by adding sign-up and contact forms to their websites. This feature simplifies the process of expanding services or gathering feedback.

My Experience With Strikingly-

I’ve been using Strikingly for over 4 years now, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the journey! What I love most about it is how they keep upgrading it with all these cool features. 

The interface is seriously a breeze to navigate. Even for someone like me, who can get lost in the tech jungle. Okay, so the template options are a bit on the limited side, but trust me, these make the website builder even more simple and easy to understand.

Now, let’s talk about editing. We can easily edit content and swap out images with just a click. No tech wizardry required. And here’s the kicker – Strikingly is totally free, complete with its own domain name. 

I’m not some web guru, but I managed to whip up a website in about an hour. That’s like a record for me! If you’re like me, with zero technical know-how, Strikingly is your best option. 

Pricing – 

The basic plan is completely free to use with strikingly.com domain making strikingly the best free website builder. However, if you want to have a unique and customized domain along with more advanced features, you need to subscribe for their Limited, Pro, or VIP plans. 

7. Gator – Best For Simplicity

Rating – 4.7 / 5

HostGator is one of the biggest providers of website hosting. It offers a range of services including a website builder called Gator.

Gator is a simple and intuitive website builder. It is aimed at people with little technical expertise and those who need a basic website easily, and quickly. It has a simple drag and drop editor and a handful of templates waiting to put your own spin on them.

The templates and the plenty of features makes Gator the perfect fit for any small business owners who wants to advertise a service, or design personal sites like blogs. 

Features – 

  • SSL Certificates: Gator ensures the security of your website with SSL certificates, displaying a padlock icon for visitor trust and protection against cyber threats.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Gator’s automatic mobile responsiveness guarantees a seamless user experience across devices.
  • Social Media Integration: Connect your online presence effortlessly by embedding content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly onto your Gator-built site.
  • Website Analytics: Gator’s analytics tools empower small businesses with insights into site visitors and key metrics.

My Experience With Gator –

As someone with zero technical knowledge, diving into website building seemed like an intimidating task. However, Gator turned out to be my knight in shining armor.

First things first – user-friendly is an understatement. The interface is smooth, and everything is where you’d expect it to be. Just a straightforward path to creating my online space.

Now, let’s talk about templates. Gator doesn’t just give you a few options; it’s like a buffet of design possibilities. I’m a yoga coach, and I had a specific vision for my website. Gator had templates tailored to my every whim. Picking one was like choosing the perfect yoga pose – it just felt right.

I chose the below website template.

Here comes the part that blew my mind – the speed. Within an hour, my website was up and running. I couldn’t believe it. I went from contemplating the idea of a website to actually having one, and it looked fantastic.

Also, Gator is not just about website building. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things business. Need a unique domain name? Check. Struggling with a catchy business name? Gator’s got your back. And let’s not forget marketing ideas – because who doesn’t need a little nudge in the right direction?

In a nutshell, Gator transformed my daunting journey into a delightful experience. It’s not just a website builder; it’s like having a tech-savvy friend guiding you through the process. 

Pricing – 

8. Bluehost – Best For WordPress User

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Bluehost powers more than two million sites. It is one of the leading website builders on the Internet. You can easily secure quality hosting on feature-packed plans while also enjoying reliable uptime at a very affordable price. 

Bluehost is the best choice for building and hosting a WordPress website. It comes with everything you need to succeed in your industry. It also gives you a free domain for one year, an easy-to-use site builder, a free CDN, and a free SSL certificate as well.

Features – 

  • Free SSL Certificate: Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate for secure connections, automatically installing on domain attachment.
  • Marketing Tools: Bluehost’s Marketing Tools section offers a user-friendly interface for optimizing online visibility, including SEO tools, Google Ads integration, and Google My Business listing.
  • Professional Email Accounts: Bluehost includes professional email accounts with easy setup via cPanel.
  • Email Hosting: Bluehost’s email hosting operates on the same server as your website, ensuring seamless integration; however, it’s recommended to avoid extensive marketing use for optimal performance.
  • Website Migration: Bluehost simplifies website migration with both free and paid options, facilitating a smooth transition to their platform for enhanced hosting benefits.

My Experience With BlueHost –

Diving into the Bluehost Website Builder, I was immediately struck by its simplicity and the vast array of templates. The drag-and-drop functionality made customizing my site a breeze, allowing me to focus more on creativity and less on technicalities. 

The e-commerce features, especially the easy-to-set-up WooCommerce integration, were impressive. Although I faced some limitations with image editing, the overall experience was intuitive and user-friendly. 

For a first-timer like me, Bluehost made website building feel less daunting and more like an exciting creative project.

Pricing – 

The basic plans starts at just $2.95 a month. 

Best AI Website Builders For Small Business

9. Framer AI – Best AI-Driven Website Builder

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Framer is the trusted small business website builder. It stands out as a beacon for those of us who want to design and publish our dream websites with zero coding knowledge. The tool offers you to design on a freeform canvas, integrating animations, interactions, and even a CMS. This makes the website-building process as intuitive as drawing on paper. 

Features – 

  • Design Flexibility: Framer AI offers tools to create visually appealing and dynamic website designs. It allows users to import designs from Figma, utilize flexible Grids and stacks, work with absolute positioning, and manage breakpoints for various screen sizes.
  • Content Management: The platform provides tools for managing various types of content, such as blog posts, job listings, and marketing pages. Users can generate pages based on CMS entries and easily update content across the website.
  • Multilingual Support: Framer AI enables easy adaptation of websites to multiple languages and regions. It offers features like localized text and images, adaptive designs, and content per Locale to cater to diverse audiences.
  • Performance Optimization: The platform focuses on creating websites that perform well on search engines. It incorporates powerful technologies and optimization techniques to ensure speed, well-structured content, and accessibility for all users.

My Experience With Framer AI –

I was very impressed by Framer’s ease of use and the overall responsiveness of its AI. Building a health-conscious website was a breeze with Framer AI. But unlike the other AI tools, In framer, we need to build it on our own using the drag-and-drop feature. We need to add images, do the writing etc.

As soon as I clicked on the landing page option, Framer generated many landing page templates. I picked one.

The tools just provide the template, and we need to customize it according to our needs and preferences. I typed in all the content, uploaded the images, etc. This is a bit of a time taking process. 

One impressive aspect was the real-time preview. Framer AI instantly displayed how the website would look on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. This allowed me to adjust layouts and content to ensure a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Pricing – 

The basic plan is completely free to use, and it is best used for creating hobby sites.

10. Jimdo – Best For Multi-Page Sites

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Jimdo helps create multi-page sites very easily and quickly.You just have to answer a few questions about your design and website preferences. The best part is that Jimbo can optimize your site for different devices (mobile, tablet, laptop) right from the start. 

Moreover Jimdo also has AI which helps in creating websites with just a few clicks.

One of the most unique features of Jimdo is that it utilizes publicly available information about your business to inform its content creation.

Just like Wix AI, Jimdo AI also allows you to choose which pages to include and provide recommendations accordingly. You can customize the color palette, button shapes, font style, and animations. However, there are limitations in design flexibility.

On the bright side, Jimdo offers many powerful and useful tools.  You can easily set up a store, manage business insights, integrate Google Analytics, and even create logos. 

Features – 

  • Free Image Library, Photo Editing, and Logo Creator: You get access to a library of images and tools to edit them, along with a feature to create logos for your website at no additional cost.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: This feature simplifies the process of building a website by allowing users to simply drag elements onto the page without needing to code.
  • Flexible, Mobile-Optimized Layouts: Jimdo has the ability to create layouts that adjust and look good on various screen sizes. This ensures that the website is user-friendly on mobile devices and desktops alike.
  • SEO Tools and Basic Analytics: There are tools to optimize the website for search engines (SEO) and provide basic analytics, allowing users to track and understand visitor behavior and traffic patterns on their site.

My Experience With Jimdo –

Jimdo is like having a personal design assistant asking me all the right questions to understand my vision. 

Since Jimdo has recently launched its AI services, I decided to test them to build a website. 

As soon as I entered the website, the software asked a few questions to get to know about my business and the style preferences of the website. It asked about the goals of my website, what’s the website about, etc.

Later, Jimbo asked to pick a style and color palette I like among the many options it provided. 

It even asked what pages I wanted on my website. I selected a few I thought are a must for my website.

Within minutes, Jimdo presented me with not one but two amazing website designs that perfectly captured the essence of my project. It was almost like they could read my mind!

I picked the second one. 

Even without any prior design experience, I felt like a professional with Jimdo. The generated layouts were incredibly sleek and polished. 

I was honestly amazed by the level of sophistication and professionalism Jimdo was able to achieve in such a short amount of time.

Pricing – 

The basic plan of Jimdo is completely free to use with all basic features and .Jimdosite.com subdomain.

11. Hocoos – Best For Customized Sites

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Hocoos is an ai-powered website that builds the website of your dreams within minutes. You can customize the website according to your needs by answering eight quick questions like “What category best describes your website’s purpose?” .

This tool makes it very easy to communicate your brand through your website design. Once you have answered all the eight questions, you will be asked to choose some visual attributes for your website (like color palette, font pairs, etc.). This gives you a great opportunity to find the style that best matches your branding. Moreover, Hocoos offers image and txt generation as well. 

Features – 

  • User-Friendly Editor and Tools: Hocoos AI offers an intuitive editor equipped with many web creation tools necessary for building a website. Once the customization is complete, it helps users publish their websites online. Hosting services are available through Hocoos custom domains, or users have the option to use their own hosting.
  • Powerful Features Integration: Users can easily incorporate powerful features such as blogs, sell online online stores, or booking systems into their websites. This facilitates the creation of business-ready websites. Additionally, users can enrich their content by adding personal photos and videos or choosing high-quality images from the Hocoos library.
  • Unique Design Customization: Each website created using Hocoos AI comes with its own unique color palettes. The editor allows further customization of colors, enabling users to select palettes that match their business branding or desired mood. 

My Experience With Hocoos –

As soon as I entered the website, Hoccos asked me a few questions about the website I wanted to create. It has asked me about the type of website, categories that describe my website the best, what I want to do with my website, the name of the website, three unique aspects of the website, etc. 

Though these questions are a bit annoying and take a bit of time to answer, I realized that this is because Hocoos wanted to build the best website for my business. It wanted to know my business needs and my style of website creation to deliver the exact website I had in my dreams. 

After answering all the questions, Hocoos generated three different templates. I picked the one which I liked the most.

The moment I saw the website it created, I knew I had found a winner. It was everything I’d envisioned and more: sleek, professional, and bursting with vibrant colors that perfectly captured my brand identity.

It wasn’t just the aesthetics that impressed me; it was the sheer ease of use. Hocoos AI felt more like a personal design assistant than complex software. With its intuitive interface and helpful prompts, I was able to customize every aspect of the website to my liking, even without any prior design experience. It was like magic!

The best part? The entire process took a fraction of the time. 

The blog section was also just perfect.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with Hocoos AI

Pricing – 

The basic plan of Hucoos is completely and entirely free to use. However, you will get access to limited features in the free version. 

12. Mixo – Best For ECommerce

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Mixo is an AI website builder that has a wide range of pre-built templates across several industries.  The tool uses AI to generate amazing website designs and provide a drag-and-drop interface for customization. 

If you want to sell products online, Mixo enables you to integrate an eCommerce system seamlessly. This system includes shopping carts, inventory management, and payment gateways. You can also easily connect your domain to your Mixo website to give it a branded. and professional appearance. 

Features – 

  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence: The AI can create websites swiftly, likely by assisting in layout, design, content suggestions, or even full site generation.
  • Scalable Site Hosting: The platform hosts your website on their Global Content Network. This implies reliable and potentially high-performance hosting services that can handle increased traffic or demand.
  • Free SSL Certificate: All websites built using MixoAI are fully secured with SSL encryption, which is crucial for data security and user trust.
  • Access to Free Stock Images: You get access to a library of free stock images to easily incorporate into your websites, aiding in visually enhancing site content without additional costs.

My Experience With Mixo –

The interface was incredibly clean and intuitive. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by a sea of features or technical jargon. Instead, I was greeted with a simple question: “What is your website about?” It felt like Mixo AI was truly listening to my needs.

I typed in “dog walking service,” and within seconds, Mixo AI presented me with a website that exceeded my expectations. It was professional, polished, and, most importantly, it spoke directly to the heart of my business. The design elements and content resonated perfectly with what I envisioned for my dog-walking website.

The website wasn’t just a generic dog-walking template; it accurately reflected my unique brand and personality. It was like Mixo AI could read my mind and translate it into a digital masterpiece.

Mixo is a great website builder to create your own website.

Pricing – 

The basic plan of Mixo is priced at $9 per month.


With many different website builders out there, you might feel like wandering through a tech maze to find the right one that suits your requirements. Start by asking yourself some questions like what is your website’s main purpose? Do you want to showcase your portfolio? Sell products? Or Book appointments? Once you know what your goals are, it can get a lot easier to pick the right web builder.

Moreover, you also need to consider how important the website is in your business. If you are mainly aiming for a calling-card website where you want people to find you through the website and contact you, then you might not need anything particularly sophisticated. For this purpose, platforms like wix, weebly, and strikingly make can be a good choice. Though your website won’t be the best-looking site on the internet, it will be good enough.

But, if you need more sophisticated options like email marketing integration, contact forms, SEO tools, or an online store, then you probably need a more expensive provider like Squarespace, Bluehost, etc.

If you don’t have any idea as to how you want your website to look like, no technical knowledge or no knowledge of customization and editing, it is better to choose AI-powered website builders like the Jimdo, Hocoos, Framer AI, etc.

Most of the website builders offer demo versions or a free trial. So, do consider taking them for a spin! Get your hands dirty with the interface, see if it feels intuitive and user friendly and test all the features. This experience will help you pick the right platform that clicks with your small business. 

I have more than three years of experience as a content and copywriter, specializing in content related to lettering, bullet journaling, skincare, food, health, and well-being. I don’t usually get too personal, but often share my love for reading, travel, and the outdoors.

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