19 Best Anime AI Art Generators Of 2024

If you are an anime lover and wish to generate your own characters, tales, or scenes, you should definitely check out this article. In this article, we have listed the top 19 best Anime AI Art generator tools of 2024. An AI Anime Art generator uses artificial intelligence to generate anime-styled images and artworks. 

While some of the tools listed here are free, you need to pay an extra fee to use the tools. Fortunately, most of them have a free trial period where you can test the tool before making the decision. 

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1. GetImg – Best Anime AI Generator

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Getting.ai has an amazing set of AI tools. You can generate raw images at scale, extend the pictures beyond the original boundaries, modify photos, or create custom AI models. 

Not just an image generator, GetImg also has a powerful suite of AI image editing tools. Under the hood, the tool uses stable diffusion to generate the AI images. This means you will have various AI models to generate images in different styles. getImg also has a few advanced features like Inpainting, ControNets, etc.

Features –

  • Image Editor: This feature provides quick and user-friendly image editing tools, likely powered by AI algorithms, offering various pipelines and utilities to manipulate images efficiently.
  • AI Canvas: GetImg offers a limitless canvas workspace. It allows users to explore unlimited creative possibilities. This could involve creating artwork, designs, or other visual content using AI-powered tools.
  • DreamBooth: This feature appears to enable users to customize AI models, potentially for creating avatars, product shots, or other customized visual elements. It likely offers flexibility in tailoring AI models to suit specific needs or creative purposes.

My Experience With GetImg – 

Testing out GetImg for the first time was a smooth experience. Within moments, I had these amazing images right in front of me. The speed of generating images left me pleasantly surprised—I didn’t expect such quick results. 

And let me tell you, the images were spot on! They matched exactly what I had pictured in my head.

For someone like me, diving into technical tools isn’t my usual thing. But using GetImg was so straightforward. I didn’t need any special skills or knowledge to create these fantastic anime-style artworks.

I was genuinely impressed with how effortlessly I could generate these images. Overall, my experience with GetImg was smooth, exciting, and incredibly satisfying.

Pricing – 

The basic version of GetImg is completely free to use with 100 generations per month. However, if you want more advanced features like Dreambooth, faster generations, etc., you need to go for a paid version. 

2. Fotor

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Fotor is a popular graphic design and photo editing tool that helps you enhance your photos and create visually appealing designs. It has a range of tools and features that can make editing and designing your images very easy both for beginners and professionals. 

Fotor GoArt’s primary feature is that it can transform photographs into artworks that resemble the styles of famous artists and art movements. This is very useful for those who like to create digital art from their photos without any painting skills.

Moreover, Fotor is very user-friendly and accessible to those who have zero knowledge of photo editing and art techniques. The tool allows easy and quick creation of art-styled images, including anime. 

Features –

  • Anime Style Conversion: Fotor can convert regular photos into anime-style artwork, applying specific filters and effects that mimic the aesthetics of anime art.
  • Variety of Anime Filters and Effects: The tool provides a range of filters and effects tailored to anime art styles. This allows users to choose from different looks and themes within the anime genre.
  • Customization Options: There are several options to customize aspects of the generated anime artwork, such as adjusting colors, line styles, backgrounds, or character features.
  • Image Export Settings: The tool allows you to set or adjust image sizes, formats, and resolutions for various purposes like social media sharing, printing, or online use.

My Experience With Fotor – 

Fotor blew me away with its fantastic image quality! I was genuinely surprised by how quickly it created these amazing images. 

They were exactly what I wanted—super adorable and vibrant, and they totally matched the anime style I adore. This tool made it a breeze to create Anime art, and what’s more, it wasn’t just limited to anime styles; I could explore various other cool styles, too.

As someone new to this kind of thing and without any technical knowledge, I found it so easy to use. If you’re into creating art but don’t want to fuss with complicated tools, Fotor is definitely worth trying out!

Pricing – 

The basic plan is free with unlimited generations. The basic plan starts from $8.99 a month.

3. Stable Diffusion

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Stable Diffusion is a popular online art generator that helps you with various domains like digital art, concept creation for games and movies, advertising, and even scientific visualization.

Being an open source software, Stable Diffusion helps developers build upon and improve its core algorithm. It contributes to a collaborative and even-improving toolset. 

The tool is a text-to-image diffusion model that is capable of generating photo-realistic images from plain text inputs. 

Features –

  • Detailed Prompt Guide: The platform provides guidance on creating detailed prompts to assist users in conveying their desired image more precisely.
  • Variety of Styles: It offers a wide range of over 90 styles to choose from, allowing users to select the artistic style that best suits their preferences. Anime is one of them.
  • Negative Prompt Feature: This feature allows users to specify elements they didn’t want in their generated image by providing negative prompts. For instance, if someone wanted to avoid specific characteristics or themes, they could include those in their instructions to guide the AI away from creating those elements in the artwork.

My Experience With Stable Diffusion- 

Stable Diffusion is a great tool for all of us who have zero knowledge of the technicalities. There is also a free version available to test the software before buying it. I clicked on the “Get Started For Free” button that appeared as soon as I entered the website.

Eager to test its limits, I entered “a cute young girl wearing a red dress and holding rose flowers” into the prompt box and chose the anime style since we wanted to generate Anime art.

The result? Astounding.

I loved the results and was very much impressed with the tool. 

Pricing – 

Stable Diffusion is completely free to use. However, premium plans are also available. These plans generate images in various sizes.

4. Midjourney

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Midjourney is best known for its unique style and artistic capabilities. It often produces images that have a painterly, surreal, or abstract quality to them. The tool is particularly very strong in generating graphics that replicate ink and watercolor imagery.

You can easily mimic your favorite artistic styles by uploading a reference picture or giving a detailed prompt. The best part is that you can work with others to make art together in real time and share your creative journeys while getting inspired every moment. This also means that the art is public and may compromise your or your organization’s privacy.

Features –

  • Discord BOT – Midjourney operates within the Discord platform as a Discord bot, making it accessible and usable directly through Discord.
  • Image Blending: Midjourney allows users to combine two uploaded image, creating a blended result.
  • Diverse Results: The tool provides four distinct variations for a single prompt, and users can choose an option for variation and upscaling for each image.
  • Community Sharing: Users can view and share their creations with others on Discord, providing an opportunity for inspiration and creative collaboration.

My Experience With  – 

Simply click “Join beta version” on their website, and if you’re not already a Discord user, you have to set up an account before generating the images.

Once I joined the Discord server, I dove straight into a ‘newbies’ room and typed “/imagine,” followed by my prompt, “a cute young girl wearing a red dress and holding rose flowers”. 

The outputs were spectacular. MidJourney returned four unique images, as expected, and All four images are equally good.

The pictures looked so real, showing how good MidJourney is at making art. And in the Discord channels, there were many great ideas from other people’s art, which made me excited about what I could create in the future.

Pricing – 

MidJourney offers a taste of its capabilities with a limited trial of around 25 queries.

Later, it provides four tiers of subscriptions, with the choice of monthly payments or an annual plan at a 20% discount. Subscribers gain access to the member gallery, the official Discord community, and general commercial use rights, among other benefits.

This may seem expensive if you don’t use the tool a lot. Also, there are image generation limits for even the most expensive plan.

5. Problembo

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Problembo is an Anime Image Maker that allows users to create unique anime-style images and avatars. Whether you want to design your own anime character or generate a personalized avatar, this tool has a range of models and tools to fulfill your needs.

You just have to type in text prompts or upload a reference image to guide the AI into generating high-resolution art. In addition, Promblembo supports features like seed control to refine images, aspect ratio adjustments, and a library of sample images for inspiration. 

Features –

  • Negative Prompt Option: This feature allows users to specify what they don’t want in the image, giving the AI guidance by excluding certain elements or themes.
  • Multiple AI Models: The availability of different AI models like Anime XL Kawaii Creator 2 and MidJourney Niji gives users options for different styles and outputs in their generated anime art.
  • Prompt-Based Generation: Users can input specific prompts or descriptions to guide the AI in creating tailored anime images. This provides a level of customization and control over the generated artwork.
  • Seed Control: Seed control helps maintain consistency in the generated images. Users can refine preferred images or maintain certain aspects by controlling the seed used in the generation process.
  • Image Aspect Ratio Options: Being able to change image aspect ratios offers flexibility for users. This allows them to create images tailored for different purposes, like avatars or wallpapers, by adjusting the dimensions accordingly.

My Experience With Problembo – 

Trying out Problembo was such a cool ride! The results it came up with blew me away. It was like it read my mind! The whole interface was super easy to use—like, I’m click-and-go simple. And quick? Of course, lightning-speed fast!

The tool has a text-to-image generator. So I typed in ‘a cute young girl wearing a red dress and holding rose flowers,’ and bam! The results are very impressive. Just like how I imagined them to be.  

Pricing – 

6. Runway ML

Rating – 4.9 / 5

Runway ML is an online tool that uses AI to do several things. It can generate images and videos from mere text prompts, edit images and videos, generate audio, etc. 

It supports a variety of standout features, allowing us to generate vivid images and videos from simple text. It also offers inpainting to edit or remove objects seamlessly from the images or videos. 

This makes Runway ML a great choice for anyone looking to bring creative ideas to life easily and efficiently.

Features –

  • Motion Brush: This feature offers a unique interface allowing users to direct specific movements across generated content by using a simple brush stroke. 
  • Video Generation from Text Runway allows the creation of videos using various input sources like text, images, or video clips. It can generate visually compelling images solely based on textual inputs, offering a unique way to create visuals.
  • Image Expansion and Remixing: Through simple text prompts, Runway can endlessly expand any image and instantly remix its style and composition. 
  • Custom AI Model Training: One of the standout features of Runway is the ability for users to train their own custom AI models on specific subjects and styles. This empowers users to tailor the AI’s learning to their specific needs and preferences, enabling a more personalized creative process.

My Experience With Runway ML – 

As someone who’s not exactly a pro designingg, I found Runway to be surprisingly user-friendly. From the get-go, it was clear that this wasn’t just another complicated software that would take ages to understand. The interface was intuitive, and I could jump right into experimenting without feeling overwhelmed.

I want to try the text-to-image generator. So, I clicked on the Generate Images feature.

To test the AI image generator. I have given the prompt – “A cute young girl wearing a red dress and holding rose flowers, anime style.”

Here are the results. As you can see, the AI has generated four distinct images of a young girl in a red dress and holding flowers. 

The results are very impressive and just how I wanted them to be. 

Pricing – 

The basic plan of Runway is forever free. It gives us 125 credits, which is a decent number of generations. 

7. AnimeGenius

Rating – 4.8 / 5

AnimeGenius is an Anime Art Generator developed by Live3D Company. It stands as a revolutionary platform that can seamlessly blend Anime with advanced AI technology. The tool is primarily designed to democratize the anime art-making process. It offers us an array of functionalities that cater to both artists and anime enthusiasts alike. 

The tool’s engine employs cutting-edge AIGC technology and uses pre-trained AI models to generate high-quality anime characters based on plain text or reference images. 

Features –

  • Text-to-Art Creation: AnimeGenius generates high-quality anime art based on text inputs. This allows users to describe a scene or character and have it rendered into anime-style art.
  • Image-to-Image Conversion: The tool can convert regular photos into anime-style images using AI algorithms.
  • Animation Conversion: It converts AI-generated anime art into animated images or videos.
  • Real-time Graffiti to Anime Conversion: The tool offers a real-time feature where users can see graffiti or sketches transformed into anime-style art instantly.

My Experience With  – 

AnimeGenius is very impressive! 

I started with the text-to-image feature and was blown away by how quickly it whipped up images. 

Here is my prompt – A cute young girl in a red dress holding flowers, best quality, expressive eyes, perfect face.

I wanted a picture of a young girl holding roses, but it didn’t quite match what I had in mind. Nevertheless, the images it created were seriously impressive.

Then, I wanted to try the image-to-image generator. Even though I uploaded a picture, I still had to give it a nudge with a prompt. 

The generated images looked similar, but here’s the twist: I gave it a picture of a girl, and it gave me a picture of a boy. It took a little longer to cook up these results, but the wait was worth it.

What’s awesome is how easy the tool is to use. I’m no tech whiz, but I found it super friendly and straightforward. Overall, my first time testing it out was pretty cool!

Pricing – 

The basic version of AnimeGenius is completely free to use with 50 credits a day. 

8. PixAI.art

Rating – 4.8 / 5

PixAi has one of the most unique and best anime models available on the internet today. Along with the stable diffusion models you can find from Civitai, the tools also have models such as RuviStyle_V2.0 and Neverland, which you can’t get easily. 

You cannot but more credits from the platform, but it offers 15,00 credits if you share PixAI-generated artwork on your social networking sites. 

Features –

  • Text-to-Image Generation: This feature allows users to input text prompts, and the AI generates anime art based on that input.
  • Model Presets: Users can select specific character models from a variety of available options. The chosen character influences the generated artwork based on the prompt given.
  • Batch Processing: The tool supports the generation of either a single anime image or a batch of four simultaneously. Batch processing can be a time-saving option for those who want multiple images.
  • Artwork Size Adjustment: Users can adjust the size of the generated artwork based on different aspect ratios such as normal, portrait, or landscape, catering to individual preferences and needs.

My Experience With PixAi.art – 

My first experience with PixAI.art was a delightful surprise. I was thrilled with the fantastic results it produced – it was almost like the tool read my mind! The images generated were exactly what I had imagined.

The user-friendly interface made me feel right at home, even as a first-time user. I didn’t need a manual or a tutorial; it was that intuitive. The whole process was quick, allowing me to see the magic unfold in a matter of moments.

The simplicity of the tool turned what could have been a daunting task into a joyful and fulfilling experience. I can confidently say that PixAI.art is not just for the tech-savvy; it’s for anyone with a spark of creativity and a desire to see their ideas take shape in beautiful anime art.

Pricing – 

PixAI.art is completely free to use.

9. DALL – E

Rating – 4.8 / 5

DALL-E 3 is a smart image generation tool from Open AI that can help you turn your words into images. Not just generating stunning images from plain text, the tool also allows you to refine them with simple instructions.

Compared to its previous version (DALL-E 2), DALL-E 3 offers clearer and more precise visuals. But, it cannot consistently replicate a specific artist’s style. This can be a major drawback for those who want a precise artistic emulation.

However, the best part is that users can have full rights to commercially use, print, and merchandise their own unique AI creations.

The tool also takes extra care to deter the creation of inappropriate content, such as explicit, violent, or adult images.

Features –

  • Image Generation: DALL-E 3 generates art from textual descriptions at a base resolution of 512 x 512 pixels. It can blend various concepts, attributes, and styles into these creations.
  • Image Editing: the tool makes realistic edits to existing images based on natural language captions, considering minute aspects like shadows, reflections, and textures.
  • Image Variation: AI can make lots of different versions of one picture, giving many different ideas and versions that all come from the first one.

My Experience With  – 

No more languishing on a waitlist to access DALL-E. Now, it’s as simple as typing in the Chat-GPT to start crafting your visions into reality.

DALL-E takes a plain textual prompt and converts it into an original and distinctive image—never a mere copy.

The prompt I typed in was, “A cute young girl wearing a red dress and holding rose flowers, anime style.” I had to mention Anime style because we want to generate anime characters. The output was astonishing— two diverse images from a single line of text.

The results are impressive. I sometimes felt that DALL-E struggles with the clarity of images, particularly with faces and eyes.

Anyhow, DALL-E 3 is more user-friendly and can understand my prompts well when compared to other best AI art generators.

Pricing – 

Dall-E 3 is free for those who have the premium version of Chat GPT (Chat GPT Plus). Chat GPT Plus is priced at USD 20$ per month.

10. Zmo.ai

Rating – 4.8 / 5

Zmo.ai is a user-friendly AI art generator that helps you create amazing images by just providing simple prompts. The tools provide free access to its AI algorithms, enabling users to generate stunning art, anime, images, and realistic photos with just a click. 

ZMO.ai has a category that caters explicitly to creating anime art.  You can generate images in different anime styles. Some of the best anime styles are Anime vivacity, Anime drawing, Japanese anime, Anime art, Gorgeous Girl, Bright Girl, Makoto Shinkai, etc.

Features –

  • Multiple Styles: The generator offers more than 30 different styles powered by AI, allows users to create diverse and stunning anime images by simply clicking a button.
  • Text-to-Art Conversion: Users can convert text inputs into anime AI art, providing a unique way to generate artwork based on written prompts or descriptions.
  • Adjustable Settings: The platform allows users to fine-tune their generated artwork by adjusting settings such as the quantity of generated images, output resolution, and canvas size. This customization offers greater control over the final result.
  • Image Upload Functionality: In addition to text prompts, users can also upload images as prompts to generate anime artwork. This feature expands creative possibilities by allowing existing images to serve as inspiration for generating new anime art.

My Experience With ZMO.ai – 

My first go with ZMO.ai was a mix of surprise and satisfaction. I wanted a cute image of a girl holding flowers, and the results came in real quick. The quality was top-notch, but it didn’t quite match my exact vision. The roses were there, but the girl wasn’t holding them as I’d imagined. Still, navigating the tool was a breeze, and speed-wise, it was lightning-fast.

What stood out to me were the different anime styles available. It’s a unique feature that sets ZMO.ai apart from other tools. Being a newbie to this stuff, having various styles to choose from really helped in getting more specific images.

Pricing – 

The basic plan – Starter is priced at $4.9 a month. 

11. Simplified

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Simplified gets even a non-techy design in seconds. It is as simple as drag and drop. You can choose from thousands of stunning templates for Instagram stories, social media posts, TikToks, ads, banners, and much more. The best part? You can design everything for free. 

The magic one-click AI can help remove backgrounds, resize images, and create animations. There is no need to use multiple tools. The huge resource library is filled with millions of photos, and thousands of design components and fonts. 

Features –

  • Styling Options: Users can choose from various styling options to give a specific look to their artwork. This includes styles like anime, cartoon, neon punk, cinematic, oil painting, and more.
  • Tags for Text Input: The tool offers pre-defined text input prompts, or tags, for different scenarios. Users can use these tags if they need inspiration or as a starting point for their artwork.
  • Reference Image Support: Users can provide a reference image to the input text to assist in avatar creation. This feature ensures that the generated avatar aligns accurately with the provided reference image.

My Experience With Simplified – 

The first time I dived into using this tool, I was curious to explore its range of styles. I eagerly scrolled through the options but initially couldn’t spot the anime style that I was hoping for. So, I mentioned it in the prompt before generating the images. 

And wow, I was pleasantly surprised! Despite my lack of technical know-how, the results were nothing short of amazing. The images were top-notch—sharp, vibrant, and of such high quality that they genuinely impressed me. 

The variety of styles was neat, but it was the sheer excellence of the generated images that truly caught my attention. It made me appreciate the tool’s capabilities even more.

Pricing – 

The graphic design part of simplified is priced at $9 per month. 

12. Lexica

Rating – 4.7 / 5

Lexica is an online AI Art generator that offers a range of benefits for creating impressive artwork. It can serve as a one-man army for the artists who seek inspiration and new ideas. 

By leveraging the power of AI algorithms, Lexica can generate innovative and unique visual concepts that spark creativity and help artists try different compositions and artistic styles. 

Features –

  • AI Art Generation: Using advanced algorithms, the tool allows users to generate various visuals easily. It’s smart enough to create high-quality art even without detailed prompts, providing a foundation for further creativity.
  • Artistic Styles: With a wide range of artistic styles available, users can explore diverse aesthetics and create visuals using different artistic genres. The tool’s homepage showcases these varied styles, demonstrating its versatility.
  • Quick Processing: Efficiency is key with Lexica AI, offering not only robust technology but also a smooth user interface that streamlines the art creation process which ultimately saves time for the user.

My Experience With Lexica – 

Lexica feels a lot like Midjourney, but it’s like they took a magic wand and made everything easier. What really is impressive about Lexica is how simple it is to find images, make new ones (they give you a hundred tries for free!), and check out what others have made, all right from the main page.

When you to find something you like, you can further explore that style, copy the idea, or tweak the picture in the editor to make it totally yours. Lexica makes it super easy for artists like me who have zero technical knowledge. No head-scratching or trying to figure out tricky stuff like with Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.

Pricing – 

The basic plan – starter is priced at $8 per month with 1000 fast generations.

13. Anime Art

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Anime Art Ai Generator can easily turn your imagination into reality. It allows the creation of expensive anime avatars with simple and plain text prompts. There is also no need to describe your character’s looks, characteristics, or appearance; the embedded AI algorithms can analyze your text prompt and automatically generate an aligning image within minutes. 

Features –

  • Text Prompt and Diffusion Model: Users can input a text prompt to describe the desired anime character. There is an option to choose a specific diffusion model for illustrating the anime character.
  • Artistic Style Options: Users can blend various artistic styles into their anime artwork. Styles include options like blood magic, mechanical, sky magic, and more. The tool also helps enhance the creativity parameters by allowing users to customize the visual style of their characters.
  • Batch Processing Function: The application supports batch processing. Users can create more than 120 anime illustrations in a single session.

My Experience With Anime Art Generator – 

I found the Anime AI Art Generator app to be a delightful and user-friendly tool. The app made it simple to create unique anime characters and transform my photos into anime styles, all with just a few taps. The process was intuitive and fun, allowing me to experiment with different options without feeling overwhelmed. 

The community aspect of the app added an extra layer of enjoyment. Sharing my artwork and drawing inspiration from others’ creations made the experience more engaging. Overall, the app provided a great way for someone like me, with no technical background, to explore the world of anime art. 

Pricing – 

14. AI Profile Pic Maker

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Want to make your version of an avatar? You can do that seamlessly with AI Profile Pic Maker. This avatar generator uses advanced AI technology to produce 100+ avatars that will look exactly like you. For this purpose, the tool as you to upload ten photos of yourself from different angles. 

And what’s daunting is that this entire process can take up to 60 minutes in total. 

Features –

  • Custom Stable Diffusion Technology: This technology likely ensures that the avatars generated are both realistic and accurate, which could make them suitable for use as profile pictures.
  • HD-Quality Avatar Images: Users can download high-definition avatar images, enabling them to share them with friends or upload them on various social media platforms.
  • Privacy Protection: The platform prioritizes user privacy by not sharing personal photos with third-party applications or entities, ensuring the safety of user data.

My Experience With AI Profile Pic Maker – 

I recently used PFPMaker to create anime-style art, and it was a fun, straightforward experience. As someone new to AI tools, I found PFPMaker easy to navigate.

I was excited to see how my photos would be transformed into anime art. The process was user-friendly, and perfect for someone like me without technical expertise.

While some results were unexpected, I did find a few anime-style images that I really liked. These stood out and were exactly what I was hoping for.

PFPMaker is a neat tool for anyone interested in turning their pictures into avatars, especially if you’re new to AI. It’s worth exploring for its simplicity and the fun of seeing your photo reimagined in anime style!

Pricing – 

The basic version of the AI Profile Pic Maker is prices at $9 a month. 

15. GeneratorMix

Rating – 4.6 / 5

GeneratorMix is an innovative online platform that offers a vast array of random generators that cater to both entertainment and practical purposes. The website features hundreds of generators divided into various categories, ranging from science to entertainment. 

Whether for fun or for more serious applications, GeneratorMix provides a unique and engaging experience for its users.

Features –

  • Rapid Generation of Anime Character Pictures: It swiftly creates a wide array of anime character images, which can be helpful for artists, writers, or enthusiasts seeking inspiration or references.
  • User-Friendly Interface: GeneratorMix’s ease of use likely simplifies the process of generating images.
  • Free Usage: Being free to use is a significant advantage, as it removes any financial barriers for individuals interested in creating or exploring anime art.

My Experience With GeneratorMix – 

Unlike other tools that require you to input specific details or convert images, GeneratorMix took a refreshingly different approach. Instead of asking me to do the heavy lifting, it started churning out anime characters randomly. It was like a surprise every time I clicked the button, and I loved the unpredictability.

The interface is user-friendly and not cluttered with confusing options. What struck me most was that GeneratorMix isn’t just your typical anime art generator. It’s like a creative companion that goes beyond visuals. I found myself exploring various generators that sparked ideas, created random images, generated songs, drawings, GIFs, and even random episodes. It’s a one-stop shop for killing boredom.

Pricing – 

GeneratorMIx is completely free to use.

16. Soulgen

Rating – 4.6 / 5

Soulgen AI Anime generator is an online generation platform that allows us to create amazing anime AI girls from plain text within seconds. The best part? Soulgen also allows a fast prompt option with the preset tags. This is especially convenient for those who have no idea about the character they want to generate. 

Not just a text-to-image AI generator, Soulgen also has many options to edit the generated image. It has an advanced AI inpainting tool that helps in changing a part of the image. For instance, you can choose the anime character’s yellow hair and ask the AI to turn it into a green one.

Moreover, Soulgen also has an AI image extender that can combine two images, expand the background, or add new elements to your anime art.

Features –

  • Create Portrait of Someone Lookalike: This feature allows users to upload a reference photo of a person and request the AI to generate an anime-style character resembling that individual.
  • Edit Your Image: This feature allows users to manipulate their images creatively using text prompts. You can add, extend, or remove content from your uploaded images or previous creations.
  • Support Generating Real and Anime Girls Simultaneously: Soulgen can generate both realistic and anime-style female characters simultaneously. This could offer a wide range of artistic options for users who want diverse character designs.
  • Explore Never-Ending Images – AI Outpainting: The tool enables users to expand their images endlessly by using AI outpainting. By resizing an image and entering text prompts, users can add new elements such as backgrounds, additional characters, or other content to their pictures. 

My Experience With  – 

As someone with no artistic background or technical know-how, my first encounter with Soulgen AI was a delightful surprise. This tool, promised to transform my words into art, and it did just that. The process was incredibly simple: I typed in descriptions of what I envisioned, and Soulgen AI quickly turned them into vibrant, detailed images. It was fascinating to see my ideas materialize into artwork, especially with the added feature of uploading reference photos.

The more I experimented with Soulgen AI, the more I appreciated its user-friendly interface. This experience was a revelation, showing me that art creation isn’t limited to those with traditional artistic skills. Soulgen AI is a powerful tool for anyone looking to bring their imaginative concepts to life, effortlessly bridging the gap between imagination and visual art.

Pricing – 

There is only one paid plan which is priced at $9.99 a month. 

17. WaifuLab

Rating – 4.5 / 5

Waifu Labs is a website that helps us create our own Anime Waifu using AI. Waifu means an attractive female character. You can either produce a random anime character or customize your own by changing the hair color, dress, eye color, color palette, pose, etc. After generating a character, you can give it a name and share it with others. 

Waifu Labs is one of the most popular and entertaining anime art generators that are completely free. It is a great platform to showcase your creativity and ideas while having fun with anime art. 

Features –

  • Use Your Character in a Game: Users can create unique and beautiful characters using Waifu Labs. The characters can be imported into games, providing a personalized gaming experience.
  • Husbandos and Backgrounds: The Waifu Labs platform has undergone two years of improvement in artist quality. It now includes backgrounds, husbandos (male characters), and more. This expansion enhances the variety and options available for users.
  • Powerful Anime AI Art Portrait Generator: Waifu Labs features a powerful AI-driven art portrait generator for creating anime-style characters. The generation process involves four easy steps, streamlining the user experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The application is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. Even beginners can easily operate Waifu Labs in real-time scenarios.

My Experience With Waifu Labs – 

Unlike typical generators, Waifu Labs is not about converting text or images—it’s about choosing from a vibrant array of characters and customizing them to your heart’s content.

The tool’s simplicity amazed me. With zero technical knowledge, I easily navigated through the platform. Choosing a character felt like exploring an anime gallery, and the customization options were a playground of creativity. From colors to poses, I molded the character to my liking effortlessly.

What’s remarkable is that all this creativity comes for free. There are no hidden costs, just pure, user-friendly artistic expression. Waifu Labs turned my first experience into a playful journey of creating personalized anime art.

Pricing – 

Waifu Lab is a free tool.

18. Make Girls Moe

Rating – 4.5 / 5

MakeGirlsMoe is a popular Anime AI character maker. It helps in creating a customized anime character or avatar according to our preferences. The tool has a range of customization features, including an option board where you can select and adjust the anime character’s features, including eyes, hair, skin tone, and more. 

The platform also has a random mode option to generate unexpected outcomes and add an element of surprise and creativity.  One of the key features of the tool is that it utilizes AI to generate high-quality and visually appealing anime images. 

MakeGirlsMoe tool is best for creative projects like animations, illustrations, or storytelling.

Features –

  • Customization Options: The site includes an option board where users can customize various aspects of their anime character, such as hair, eyes, skin tone, and more. This feature allows users to have a high level of control over the appearance of their generated characters.
  • Random Option: Users have the option to select randomization, which introduces unexpected events for the anime characters. This adds an element of surprise and creativity to the character generation process, allowing users to discover unique combinations and designs.
  • Free Access: MakeGirlsMoe provides free access to its anime character generation service. Users can design and generate anime characters without having to pay anything. This feature makes the platform accessible to a wide range of users who are interested in creating their own anime characters.

My Experience With MakeGirlsMoe – 

My first time trying out MakeGirlsMoe was quite interesting. It’s not one of those fancy text-to-image things; instead, you need to design your own characters. 

You won’t believe how much control you have! I could pick the skin type, hair color, eye color – you name it. It’s like playing dress-up with digital characters, but way cooler.

The only drawback was that there were just four models to choose from, and the pictures weren’t super sharp. But I enjoyed experimenting and creating my own little digital universe.

So, if you’re like me and not exactly a tech genius, MakeGirlsMoe is a good platform to try your hand at designing anime characters. Give it a try!

Pricing – 

The tool is completely free to use.


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