25 Practical Yet Beautiful Electric Fireplace With TV Above Ideas

Discover the perfect amalgamation of warmth and aesthetics with our 25 Electric Fireplaces With TV Above Ideas. 

Placing a TV above an electric fireplace creates a captivating focal point in the room. The combination of the dynamic flames and the vibrant display of the television draws the eyes and adds depth to the space. 

The gentle glow of an electric fireplace adds warmth and ambiance, transforming the room into a cozy haven. This ambiance pairs wonderfully with the relaxing moments spent watching TV, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Join us in exploring creative setups that redefine the conventional fireplace, offering practicality without compromising the allure of a cozy, well-appointed home environment.

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1. Electric Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above

Image by studio.lux.interiors

Elevate your living space’s elegance by flanking your electric fireplace and TV with custom-built shelving or cabinetry. This not only frames the arrangement but also offers space to display art pieces, books, or personal treasures. Choose a sleek, contemporary fireplace design and complementary materials for a modern twist.

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2. Electric Fireplace Ideas For Living Room On Marble Accent Wall

Image by kona.stone

The gentle flicker of flames against the backdrop of the marble accent wall draws eyes naturally. The fireplace becomes a subtle focal point, offering a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation and conversations.

3. Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above

Image by northumberland_family_home

Embrace minimalism by opting for a frameless electric fireplace beneath your TV. The clean lines and simple design exude modern sophistication while drawing attention to your media setup.

4. Electric Fireplace Design Ideas With Built-Ins On Both Sides

Image by victoriakatehome

Consider incorporating built-in cabinetry or shelving on either side of the fireplace and TV setup. This provides storage for media equipment and decor and frames the entire arrangement, creating a polished look.

5. Living Room Electric Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above And On Shiplap Wall

Image by pmlotto

Shiplap’s timeless appeal brings a touch of nostalgia, while the modern electric fireplace and TV keep the space current. The resulting harmony of textures, colors, and functionality creates an atmosphere that’s as inviting as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Expert tip by TCH: A clutter-free setup enhances aesthetics. Plan for cable concealment to keep the area looking clean and organized. Use cable management solutions like wall-mounted channels, in-wall wiring, or furniture with built-in cable management to hide cords and maintain a polished appearance.

6. Electric Fireplace Wall Ideas With Wood Accents

Image by jorbussey

 If your electric fireplace comes with a mantel, use it as a platform for the TV. The mantel provides a clear separation between the two elements while adding a touch of traditional charm. Incorporate ambient lighting around the fireplace and TV area to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This can include wall sconces, recessed lighting, or even LED strips.

7. Electric Fireplace Decor With Built-Ins

Image by accentartcreators

One of the most enticing aspects of built-ins is their ability to reflect your style. Choose materials that resonate with your interior design – from sleek and modern to rustic and cozy. Incorporate details like crown molding or decorative hardware to elevate the elegance of your space.

8. Electric Fireplace Surround Ideas With TV

Image by baron.construction

Ensure that the size of the electric fireplace is proportional to the TV and the surrounding furniture. The fireplace should be visually balanced with the TV and other elements in the room. Center the TV directly above the fireplace to maintain a cohesive and balanced look.

9. Wall Mounted Fireplace Ideas

Image by carrerabydesign

Wall-mounting both the electric fireplace and the TV is a popular option. This minimizes the floor space used and provides a sleek, modern appearance. Use a wall-mounting bracket that is compatible with the weight and size of your TV.

10. Wooden Panelling Electric Fireplace Decor Ideas

Image by kristinepetrointeriors

Wooden paneling and electric fireplaces combine to create a captivating and cozy atmosphere in any room. This classic design choice adds a touch of rustic elegance and infuses your space with warmth and comfort. 

11. Built In Electric Fireplace Ideas In Living Room

Image by cine_spark

Electric fireplaces generate heat, so it’s essential to ensure that the TV is not subjected to excessive heat. Choose an electric fireplace model that has a heat-deflecting feature or maintains a safe distance from the TV to prevent damage.

12. Wall Mount Fireplace Ideas Under TV

Image by bournebespoke

Consider how you’ll control both the electric fireplace and the TV. Having a centralized remote control system or using smart home technology can simplify the operation of both elements. Pay attention to the viewing angle from various seating areas in the room. Ensure the TV is mounted at a height and angle that allows comfortable viewing from different spots.

13. Electric Fireplace Mantel Ideas With Wooden Floating Shelves On Both Sides

Image by heartlandhomedesign

Pair a sleek electric fireplace with rugged wooden floating shelves for a rustic yet elegant look. Use distressed wood for the shelves to create a cozy cabin ambiance. Adorn the shelves with vintage books, antique lanterns, and natural elements like potted plants to complete the rustic aesthetic.

Expert tip by TCH: To maintain the longevity of your TV and ensure safety, manage heat effectively. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended clearances between the fireplace and TV to prevent heat damage. Consider using a heat-deflecting mantel or installing a cooling system to protect your TV from excess heat.

14. Minimalist Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Ideas

Image by interior_number3

Electric fireplaces often have ventilation requirements, so ensure that the TV isn’t obstructing the airflow of the fireplace. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper clearance and ventilation recommendations.

15. Modern Electric Fireplace With Tv Above Ideas

Image by devon_grace_interiors

Proper cable management is crucial for a clean and organized appearance. Conceal cables and cords behind the wall or within cable management solutions to prevent clutter and distractions.

16. Electric Fireplace Designs In TV Wall

Image by singhvenetianplaster

Opt for a minimalist approach with a linear electric fireplace that spans the width of your TV. A sleek, flush-mounted design ensures a clean and modern look, ideal for contemporary interiors. This arrangement creates a captivating visual continuity that draws attention and exudes sophistication.

17. Tv Wall Living Room Electric Fireplace Ideas

Image by bedrosianstile

Consider incorporating a mantel above your electric fireplace for a touch of classic elegance. This charming addition enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides a designated spot for your TV. Choose a mantel design that complements your interior style, whether rustic, traditional, or modern.

18. Stone Accent Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Ideas

Image by ohara_interiors

Are you looking to add a touch of warmth and elegance to your interior design? Consider the captivating charm of stone accent wall mount electric fireplaces. This innovative design seamlessly blends modern convenience with rustic aesthetics, creating a unique focal point that transforms any room. 

9. Pallet Wooden Electric Wall Fireplace Ideas

Image by selhorst_woodworks

Embrace contrast by pairing a light, pallet wooden frame with a darker-colored electric fireplace insert. This dynamic duo adds depth and visual interest to your wall while combining textures to create a tactile experience.

20. Electric Fireplace Design For Tall Ceiling Living Room

Image by athomedevelopers and _athomedesign

When dealing with soaring ceilings, go big or go home. Consider a floor-to-ceiling electric fireplace installation. This bold design choice draws the eyes upward, making your fireplace a statement piece. Choose sleek, modern lines for a contemporary look, or use stone or brick for a rustic touch that contrasts with the room’s height.

21. Wooden Panelling Electric Fireplace Wall Designs

Image by legoaksesuar

Incorporating wooden paneling on the wall behind your electric fireplace adds a touch of rustic elegance to your space. The natural textures of the wood create visual interest, while the fireplace offers a modern twist on a traditional focal point.

Expert tip by TCH: When installing an electric fireplace with a TV above, prioritize the optimal viewing height. The center of the TV screen should be at eye level when seated, ensuring a comfortable and immersive viewing experience for everyone in the room.

22. Black Wall Modern Electric Fireplace Ideas

Image by wainscottingarizona

A black wall electric fireplace embodies the essence of minimalism. Its sleek, dark facade creates a captivating focal point without overwhelming the space. The understated elegance of black complements various design aesthetics, from industrial to Scandinavian, making it a versatile choice.

23. Wooden Tv Wall Ideas With Electric Fireplace

Image by verandaestatehomes

Enhance your wooden TV wall by incorporating floating shelves on either side of the fireplace and TV. These shelves offer both functional storage and a platform to display decorative items, balancing the visual weight of the setup.

24. White And Black Electric Fireplace Hearth Ideas

Image by kathykuohome

The monochromatic allure of white and black electric fireplaces brings an undeniable sense of sophistication to any room. White, symbolizing purity and tranquility, creates a canvas of serenity against which the vivid flames dance. In contrast, with its bold and authoritative presence, black commands attention, turning the fireplace into a striking statement piece.

25. Black Shiplap Tv Wall With Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Ideas

Image by handymanfelipe1

Black shiplap instantly adds drama and depth to your space. Its sleek lines and contrasting colors create a bold statement that can be the perfect backdrop for your TV and fireplace. The rich black hue adds a touch of sophistication, while the shiplap texture introduces a hint of rustic charm.


Is it OK to put a TV above an electric fireplace? 

Yes, it’s generally safe to mount a TV above an electric fireplace, but there are considerations to keep in mind. Ensure proper clearance to prevent heat damage to the TV, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the TV and fireplace, and consider using a heat-deflecting mount to protect the TV from excessive heat.

Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity? 

No, electric fireplaces are more energy-efficient than traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces. They use around 1.5 to 4.5 kW of electricity, similar to a small space heater. This makes them a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace.

How far does a TV have to be above an electric fireplace? 

The recommended distance between a TV and an electric fireplace depends on factors like the fireplace’s heat output and design. Generally, leaving around 12 to 24 inches of space between the top of the fireplace and the bottom of the TV is a good guideline. However, it’s essential to refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions for the fireplace and the TV to ensure proper clearance and safe installation.

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