25 Amazing Top Of The Fridge Decor Ideas You Should Try

If you’re anything like me, you’ve given a side-eye to that often ignored space above the refrigerator more times than you’d like to admit. I’ll be honest; for the longest time, that area in my kitchen either became a “temporary” storage spot or just collected dust. 

But lately, I’ve been inspired to change that narrative. After countless hours of brainstorming, researching, and even some DIY fails, I’ve curated a list I’m thrilled about. Presenting “25 Amazing Top Of The Fridge Decor Ideas You Should Try.” 

Whether your style leans towards bohemian chic, industrial edge, or a cozy farmhouse, I’ve got something here to inspire everyone. So, grab your favorite cuppa and join hands with me on this delightful decor journey. Let’s transform that overlooked fridge-top space into the crown jewel of our kitchens!

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1. Above Fridge Top Decoration Ideas

Image by bohemainathome

Bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen by adding some lush green plants above the fridge. Whether you prefer hanging planters, potted herbs, or a small indoor tree, greenery can soften the kitchen’s look and contribute to a more inviting atmosphere.

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2. Top Of Refrigerator Decor With Rattan Basket 

Image by ltk.home

In urban homes where space is at a premium, the top of the fridge becomes prime real estate. Think vertically and use tiered storage or stacking bins. This organizes items and adds a structural visual element to an often underutilized space.

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 3. Black Refrigerator Decor For Farmhouse Kitchen

Image by lambertcottage

Keep your kitchen organized with the help of decorative baskets or bins. These can be practical and visually appealing, providing storage for kitchen towels, linens, or snacks.

4. Above Fridge Decor With Planter 

Image by  designbyashleyknie

Incorporate greenery or dried floral arrangements atop your fridge. The elevation ensures they become a focal point, bringing a breath of fresh air to the kitchen and bridging the gap between nature and indoor living.

5. Small White Kitchen With Stainless Steel fridge 

Image by hotpinkpineapples

White kitchens have an undeniable charm. They create an open, bright, and airy feel, making even the tiniest spaces seem more spacious. This is especially important in small kitchens, as it helps prevent the room from feeling cramped.

6. Light Blue Fridge With Victorian Style Flower Vases 

Image by m.e.line_world

Scour thrift stores and flea markets for vintage pieces that can add character to your kitchen. Antique scales, old kitchen gadgets, flower vases, or retro signage can make for interesting above-fridge decorations.

7. White Kitchen With Grey Fridge And Wood Counter tops 

Image by homematemalta

Introducing a grey fridge into the equation adds depth and contrast to the pristine white surroundings. Grey, often associated with sophistication and neutrality, complements the white elements beautifully. It creates a sleek and modern focal point without overpowering the space.

8.  Decorate Stainless Steel Double Door Refrigerator Top With Basket

Image by maison.styled

In the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, countertop space can quickly become cluttered with everyday items like kitchen towels, oven mitts, or recipe books. By placing baskets on top of your fridge, you can efficiently declutter your countertops and store these items neatly, yet still keep them within arm’s reach.

9. Black fridge Top Decor With Colourful Peacocks

Image by fishmofishmo

Your fridge top decor should be a natural extension of your kitchen’s theme. Whether it’s rustic, modern, or retro, ensure that whatever you place flows seamlessly with the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

10. Mini Pantry Containers On Top Of Fridge 

Image by lindamartinproperty

The space above the fridge is usually wasted or used for decorative purposes, but it can be turned into a practical storage area. By placing mini pantry containers up there, you make the most of the vertical space in your kitchen.

11. Big Woven Baskets Above Refridgerator 

Image by magenzietz

Baskets, apart from being functional, bring texture and warmth. Opt for wicker or rattan containers to store seldom-used items or fresh produce, blending utility with style.

I always struggled with where to store bulky items like spare kitchen towels, blender attachments, and large fruit that didn’t fit in my fruit bowl. One day, on a whim, I purchased a set of large woven baskets and placed them atop my fridge. These baskets concealed the clutter and added a textured, aesthetic element to my otherwise modern kitchen.

Expert tip by TCH: Baskets are a decorator’s secret weapon! They’re versatile and come in various styles, from rustic wicker to sleek metal. Use them on top of your fridge to hide less visually pleasing kitchen items or introduce texture and warmth to your space.

12. Assorted Planters Collection To Store Green Plants On top Of Blue Fridge

Image by my.indian.things

Bring fresh air to your kitchen by adding some lush green plants above the fridge. Whether you prefer hanging planters, potted herbs, or a small indoor tree, greenery can soften the kitchen’s look and contribute to a more inviting atmosphere.

13. Mini Bar Wirth White Fridge And Photo Frame On Top 

Image by my_diy_real_home

Photos, family heirlooms, or handcrafted items add a personal touch, making the kitchen feel more homely and lived-in. It’s a space that should resonate with warmth and memories.

14. Mini Coffee Station On Top Of Fridge Decor 

Image by decorpiecesessesntialspage

Keep everything neat and organized by incorporating stylish storage solutions. Use wire baskets or clear acrylic containers to store coffee supplies like sugar, creamer, and stir sticks. These look chic and make your morning coffee routine a breeze.

15. Farmhouse Kitchen With pallet Wooden Boxes To Decorate the Top Of Your Refrigerator 

Image by simplyminedesigns

Pallet wooden boxes exude rustic charm. Their weathered and distressed appearance adds an instant touch of character to your kitchen. They seamlessly fit into the farmhouse aesthetic, with their raw, natural look.

16. Ways To Decorate The Top Of The Refrigerator For Christmas 

Image by cottagebythecreek_

The beauty of the fridge top is its adaptability. Rotate decor based on seasons or festivals. Pumpkins and autumn leaves for fall, snowflakes and pinecones for winter, or bright flowers for spring – let the space reflect the changing times.

17. Small white Kitchen With Blue Fridge And Floating Wooden Shelf 

Image by decorsteals

Install open shelves above the fridge to create a functional and stylish storage area. Display your favorite dishes, glassware, or cookbooks to add an element of convenience and beauty.

18. Cookbook On Top Of The Fridge 

Image by _annalouise._

For those passionate about cooking, showcasing a selection of your favorite cookbooks on the fridge can be both functional and stylish. It speaks to your love for culinary arts and gives guests a sneak peek into your gastronomic world.

My grandmother left me a collection of vintage cookbooks. While they were filled with delicious recipes, their covers were art pieces. Instead of shelving them away, I displayed them on my fridge, leaning against the wall. Not only did this pay homage to my family’s culinary history, but it also became a conversation starter with guests!

Expert tip by TCH: Use the top of your fridge to showcase items with sentimental value. When chosen thoughtfully, these items can serve as decorative elements that narrate a personal story, merging function with heartfelt nostalgia.

19. Space Above The Fridge Decorated With Mini Planter And Candle Stand 

Image by thisthatandcoffee

Infuse your kitchen with worldliness by displaying items from your travels. Be it pottery from South America or a fabric piece from Africa, these items turn your fridge top into a conversation starter.

20. Rustic Dining Room With Black Fridge 

Image by ao

Are you a fan of rustic aesthetics but also appreciate the modern convenience of sleek appliances? Then, a rustic dining room with a black fridge may be just the perfect design choice for you. This unique combination marries the timeless appeal of rustic decor with the bold, contemporary statement of a black refrigerator. 

21. Small Wooden Planter For Atop The Fridge Decor 

Image by happilyeverabshire

A small wooden planter atop the fridge introduces an element of nature into your kitchen, making it feel fresh and vibrant. Adding greenery adds aesthetic value and contributes to a healthier and more inviting environment.

22. Small Black Fridge With White Planters 

Image by archiproducts

The contrast between the sleek, black refrigerator and the crisp, white planters is striking. It’s a classic color combination that always stays in style. The black fridge exudes sophistication and modernity, while the white planters bring in a sense of purity and freshness. This dynamic duo can instantly elevate the look of your kitchen, making it feel more high-end and visually appealing.

Finding a spot for my indoor plants in my tiny city apartment was always a challenge, especially with limited window sills. One day, I glanced at my fridge’s barren top and had an epiphany! I moved my snake plant and a couple of succulents there. The height offered them ample light without direct exposure, and they thrived!

Expert tip by TCH: If you’re short on space and sunlight, the top of your fridge can be an excellent spot for certain indoor plants. However, ensure you choose plants that don’t require direct sunlight. Their greenery also adds a refreshing touch to the kitchen ambiance.

23. Stainless Steel Fridge With Woven Jute Baskets

Image by samsung

Stainless steel fridges are known for their clean lines and contemporary appeal. They often dominate the visual landscape of a kitchen, exuding a sense of sophistication and practicality. However, the addition of woven jute baskets can soften the overall look, introducing warmth and texture to the space. The contrast between the cool, metallic finish and the organic, earthy feel of jute baskets creates an inviting and aesthetically pleasing visual harmony.

24. Christmas Decorated Refrigerator

Image by marcyarlo

The holiday season is everything about spreading joy, and there’s no reason your kitchen appliances should be left out of the festive fun. One creative way to infuse the Christmas spirit into your home is by decorating your refrigerator. Yes, you heard it right – the heart of your kitchen can also be a canvas for holiday cheer.

25. Décor Ideas On Top Of Fridge

Image by forrent

Place decorative trays or platters above the fridge, adding an extra layer of sophistication for your kitchen. Use them to display wine bottles, vintage glassware, or decorative fruit.


What can I put on top of my fridge for decoration?

On top of your fridge, you can place various decorative and functional items. Consider adding greenery like potted plants or faux arrangements to introduce a touch of nature. Cookbooks or decorative trays can add a practical yet stylish touch. Baskets or bins, especially in natural materials like wicker or rattan, provide storage while enhancing aesthetics. Additionally, you might consider art pieces, ceramics, or even items from your travels, turning the space into a mini-gallery that reflects your tastes and memories.

How do you style the top of a refrigerator?

Styling the top of a refrigerator requires a balance of aesthetics and functionality. Start by determining the space’s primary purpose—whether it’s for storage, display, or both. Then, choose a focal point, like a large plant, art piece, or decorative container. Build around this focal point by layering items of varying heights, keeping in mind the overall theme of your kitchen. If using the space for storage, opt for decorative containers or baskets that complement your kitchen’s design. For a cohesive look, ensure the items’ colors and materials harmonize with the rest of your kitchen decor. Regularly rotating objects or introducing seasonal touches keeps the look fresh and engaging.

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