30 Fantastic Shower Niche Trim Ideas For Your Bathroom

Hey there, fellow design enthusiast! Step into my world of bathroom brilliance with 30 handpicked shower niche trim ideas. As someone who believes that every corner of a home should radiate style and comfort, I’ve curated these ideas to help you discover the perfect trim that’ll elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics and reflect your unique taste and personality. 

Shower niche trims serve as design focal points, adding visual interest and dimension to the shower area. They break the monotony of plain walls, offering an opportunity to introduce various materials, colors, and textures that complement the bathroom’s overall theme. 

Let’s dive in together and explore these fantastic ways to redefine shower elegance!

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1. Subway Tile Shower With Shower Niche Trim

Image by walkintheparquet

Subway tiles have been popular in interior design for over a century, and their enduring popularity speaks volumes about their timeless appeal. The clean lines and simple rectangular shape of subway tiles create a versatile canvas that complements various design styles. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage look or a contemporary feel, subway tiles effortlessly adapt to your vision.

2. White Marble Tile Shower With Black Hardware 

Image by styleitwithjackie

White marble has long been synonymous with opulence and refinement. Its timeless beauty and classic appeal make it a popular choice for various architectural and design applications. When used in a shower, white marble tiles create a spa-like atmosphere, transforming an everyday routine into a luxurious experience.

3. Small White Shower With Built-In Bench And Niche Trim 

Image by dd_design_decor

The small white shower is a game-changer for those dealing with limited bathroom space. Its clever design ensures that every square inch is utilized effectively. The built-in bench serves a dual purpose – offering a convenient seating option for a relaxed shower experience while also saving valuable space that a separate seating arrangement would occupy.

4. Bronze Hardware With White Tile Shower 

Image by tilegiantburlington and tilegiantcanada

Bronze hardware has a unique ability to add warmth and character to any space. When incorporated into your bathroom, it introduces a subtle richness that complements various design styles, from traditional to contemporary. The distinct deep tones of bronze create a sense of depth, making it an excellent choice for fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and cabinet handles.

5. Grey Tile Shower With Black Hardware And White Bath Tub 

Image by foreverhomeproperties

Contrasting the grey and black palette, the white bathtub introduces an element of purity and tranquility. Its clean lines and simple design complement the overall aesthetic, contributing to the harmonious balance of the space. The white bathtub becomes a focal point in its own right, inviting relaxation and a sense of serenity.

6. Light Grey Shower With Glass Door 

Image by thomsinteriorsanddesigninc

Light grey is the epitome of understated elegance. Its neutral tone provides a soothing backdrop, creating a sense of tranquility that is perfect for a space dedicated to self-care. Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, a light grey shower can open up the area, giving it an airy and refreshing feel.

Expert tip by TCH: To add visual interest to your shower niche, consider incorporating layered trim elements. Combine different materials, textures, or colors to create depth and dimension. For example, pair a metal edge with a mosaic border or use a contrasting color for the bullnose tiles. Layering trim adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom design and turns the shower niche into a captivating focal point.

7. Glass Walls Shower With Black Hardware And Corner Bench 

Image by room.designco

The allure of a glass-walled shower lies in its ability to create an open and airy atmosphere. The transparency of the glass door allows natural light to cascade freely, making the entire space feel more expansive and inviting. A shower enclosed by glass walls provides a visual continuity that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the bathroom, making it a design choice that’s both timeless and contemporary.

8. Gold Fixtures And Niche Trim For Shower 

Image by fireclaytile

Gold fixtures have a timeless appeal that transcends design trends. When incorporated into your shower space, they bring a sense of sophistication and luxury. The warm and rich tones of gold create a visual focal point, making your shower area a statement piece in your bathroom.

9. Woden Paneling Walls And Black Hardware For Shower 

Image by fontanarchitecture and jorgefontan.aia

Woden paneling walls bring a touch of nature into your bathroom, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The warmth and character of wood add depth and texture to the space, turning an ordinary bathroom into a retreat that feels more like a spa. Whether you opt for rich mahogany, light oak, or reclaimed wood, Woden paneling provides a versatile canvas for your bathroom design.

10. Herringbone Tile Shower With Niche Trim 

Image by starmichaeldesign

The herringbone pattern has stood the test of time, offering a timeless and sophisticated look that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Installing herringbone tiles in your shower instantly creates a visual impact, turning a simple space into a design masterpiece. The interlocking zigzag pattern adds depth and dimension, making your shower a focal point that exudes elegance from every angle.

11. Hexagonal Tile Pattern Ideas With Built-In Niche Trim 

Image by creativetileimports

Create a visually stunning bathroom or kitchen by embracing the power of symmetry. Arrange hexagonal tiles in a symmetrical pattern, and seamlessly integrate built-in niche trim to serve as both a decorative element and a practical storage solution. This not only breaks up the monotony of a regular tile layout but also adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

12. Sliding Glass Door For White Tile Shower 

Image by pinnacledesignandremodeling

White tile showers exude a sense of cleanliness and serenity, providing a blank canvas for your design aspirations. Introducing a sliding glass door effortlessly complements this pristine backdrop. The transparent nature of glass not only allows natural light to flood your shower space but also creates an open and airy ambiance, making your bathroom feel more spacious.

13. Small Tile Shower With Terrazzo Shelf

Image by redovenps

Small tile showers are a design marvel, proving that you don’t need a vast space to make a big impact. The use of smaller tiles allows for intricate patterns and designs, transforming your shower into a work of art. The compact size also means less maintenance and cleaning, making it a practical choice for busy lifestyles.

14. White Shower With Built-In bench 

Image by simplyhomeaustin

A white shower exudes cleanliness and simplicity, creating a timeless and elegant aesthetic in any bathroom. The addition of a built-in bench seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. The bench becomes a practical element that doesn’t just occupy space; it enhances the overall look and feel of the shower, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

15. White Shower With Floral Tile Shower Niche 

Image by olgadesigninteriors

The choice of white as the primary color for your shower serves as a canvas of serenity. White has a unique ability to open up spaces, making them feel airy and tranquil. It creates a clean, pristine backdrop that not only complements any design style but also provides a sense of calm, turning your shower into a sanctuary for relaxation.

16. Grey Tile Shower Wall With Black Schluter Trim

Image by artplumbunginternational

To take your grey tile shower to the next level, consider incorporating black Schluter trim. Schluter trim not only provides a protective edge to the tiles but also serves as a design element that adds contrast and definition. The boldness of black against the softness of grey creates a striking visual impact, turning your shower into a focal point of sophistication.

Expert tip by TCH: Since the shower niche is exposed to constant moisture, it’s crucial to choose trim materials that are waterproof and durable. Opt for options like ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone that can withstand the rigors of a wet environment. This not only ensures the longevity of your trim but also provides an additional layer of protection for the structural integrity of the shower niche.

17. Subway Tile Shower With Silver Hardware 

Image by reidconstructonsolutions

When it comes to hardware, silver stands out as a popular choice for its ability to add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Silver hardware complements the neutral tones of subway tiles, creating a cohesive and visually appealing bathroom aesthetic. From showerheads to faucets and handles, silver elements enhance the overall design, turning an everyday shower into a spa-like retreat.

18. Floral Tile Shower Arch Shape Trim 

Image by sagradastudio

Floral Tile Shower Arch Shape Trim introduces a new level of sophistication to your bathroom. The arch shape adds a subtle yet captivating element, creating a focal point that elevates the overall aesthetics of your shower space. The floral patterns embedded in the trim bring a touch of nature indoors, infusing your bathroom with a sense of tranquility.

19. Shower Niche Trim For Shampoo Storage 

Image by mjpplumbingandheating

Gone are the days when shower niches were purely functional; today, they are a design feature that can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Shower niche trims come in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles, allowing you to personalize your space according to your taste. Whether you prefer a minimalist and modern design or a classic and timeless aesthetic, there’s a trim option for every style.

20. Black And White Shower Flooring 

Image by aft_construction

Black and white shower flooring creates a striking visual impact that effortlessly blends modern aesthetics with a touch of nostalgia. The monochrome palette allows for endless design possibilities, making it a versatile choice for various bathroom styles. Whether you lean towards a contemporary, minimalist look or prefer a vintage-inspired vibe, black and white shower flooring can seamlessly integrate into your vision.

21. Gold Fixtures For White Shower 

Image by teamshane.reimaginehome

The beauty of gold fixtures lies in their versatility. Whether your bathroom style leans towards traditional, modern, or a fusion of both, gold effortlessly adapts. For a classic look, opt for intricate gold detailing on fixtures. Alternatively, sleek and minimalist gold designs can complement a more contemporary aesthetic, making it a versatile choice for various design preferences.

22. Grey And White Shower With Black Fixtures And Built-In Bench 

Image by lorisellmerdesign

The introduction of black fixtures injects a bold and sophisticated element into the design. Imagine sleek black showerheads, faucets, and handles against the backdrop of soft grey and white tiles. This striking contrast not only adds visual interest but also elevates the overall aesthetic, turning your shower into a stylish sanctuary.

23. White Tiles And Marble Shower Niche Trim

Image by andeelayne

The magic happens when you combine the purity of white tiles with the elegance of marble shower niche trim. The seamless integration of these two elements results in a cohesive and sophisticated design that transcends trends. The contrast between the crisp white tiles and the luxurious marble trim adds visual interest without overwhelming the senses, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication.

24. Wooden Paneling Accent Wall Shower

Image by farmfarg

Wooden paneling brings a touch of nature indoors, creating a harmonious blend between the organic and the contemporary. Imagine stepping into the shower and being greeted by the natural beauty of wood grains, instantly transporting you to a serene forest or a tranquil beach. The warmth and authenticity of wooden paneling add a soothing element to your daily routine, turning your shower into a haven of relaxation.

25. Shower With Metal Finish Fixtures

Image by decoist

Beyond their aesthetic allure, metal finish fixtures are renowned for their durability. Resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, they withstand the rigors of daily use with ease. Investing in high-quality metal fixtures ensures that your shower not only looks impressive but also stands the test of time, maintaining its beauty for years to come.

26. Mosaic Glaze Tile Shower Ideas

Image by judithtaylordesigns

Elevate your shower with the timeless beauty of marble mosaic glaze tiles. Whether you opt for classic Carrara marble or a more exotic variety, the intricate patterns and natural veining of marble tiles add a touch of sophistication to your shower. Opt for a neutral color palette to make a serene and spa-like atmosphere.

27. Grey Tiles And Gold Shower Niche Trim 

Image by betterhomesandgardens

Gold accents bring warmth, richness, and a touch of luxury to the space, transforming an ordinary bathroom into a sanctuary of style. The shower niche, often an overlooked element, becomes a focal point with the addition of a gleaming gold trim, creating a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Expert tip by TCH: When choosing trim for your shower niche, think about the overarching aesthetic of your bathroom. The trim should seamlessly integrate with the style and color scheme you’ve established. For a modern look, sleek metal or glass trim may be the perfect fit, while traditional bathrooms often benefit from classic bullnose tiles that match the larger shower tiles.

28. Black And White Bathroom With Gold Hardware

Image by backsplash

The foundation of a black and white bathroom is its monochromatic palette. Crisp white walls, tiles, and fixtures create a sense of cleanliness and openness, while black elements introduce depth and drama. This dynamic duo provides the perfect canvas for incorporating bold design choices, and the possibilities are endless.

29. Black And White Shower With Black Shelves

Image by clarkandaldine

Black and white bathrooms exude a sense of refinement and sophistication. The contrast between these two stark hues creates a captivating visual impact, allowing for a clean and minimalist design that stands the test of time. A shower designed with a black and white color scheme becomes a canvas where simplicity meets elegance, creating an environment that is both calming and invigorating.

30. Black And White Subway Tile Shower Ideas

Image by interioranthology

One of the most striking features of a black and white subway tile shower is the contrast between the two colors. Consider using black tiles for the majority of the shower walls and floors, and then introducing white tiles as a contrasting border or in a herringbone pattern. This contrast creates a visually dynamic and eye-catching look that never goes out of style.


What is a shower niche, and why should I consider adding trim to it?

A shower niche is a built-in shelf or recessed space in your shower wall designed to hold toiletries and bath essentials. Adding trim to your shower niche not only enhances its visual appeal but also serves functional purposes. Trim provides a finishing touch that complements your bathroom decor, creating a polished and cohesive look. Additionally, the right trim can add an extra layer of waterproofing and durability to your shower niche, protecting it from moisture and ensuring a longer lifespan.

What types of trim can be used for shower niches, and how do I choose the right one for my bathroom?

There is a variety of trim options to consider for your shower niche, each offering a unique aesthetic and functionality. Common choices include bullnose tiles, metal edges, mosaic borders, and natural stone accents. The key to selecting the right trim is to harmonize it with your overall bathroom style. If your bathroom has a contemporary vibe, sleek metal edges or glass mosaic trim may be ideal. For a more classic look, consider using bullnose tiles that match your main shower tiles. Ultimately, choose trim that not only complements your design preferences but also suits the practical requirements of your space.

Can I add lighting to my shower niche, and how does trim play a role in this?

Yes, incorporating lighting into your shower niche is not only possible but can also be a stunning design element. Trim can play a crucial role in housing LED strip lights or small fixtures within the niche. Consider using trim with built-in lighting channels or opting for materials that allow light to diffuse gently, creating a subtle and inviting ambiance. This not only adds functionality by illuminating your shower niche but also contributes to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom, turning a practical feature into a stylish focal point.

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