30 Luxurious And Chic Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You Will Love

Scandinavian bathroom design embraces minimalism, functionality, and a connection to natural elements, reflecting the broader aesthetic of Nordic interiors. Characterized by clean lines, a muted color palette, and a focus on light and space, these bathrooms offer a tranquil retreat from daily life. The use of natural materials like wood and stone, paired with simple, streamlined fixtures, underscores the Scandinavian commitment to practicality and sustainability.

Incorporating Scandinavian design into your bathroom can transform it into a serene sanctuary that balances both beauty and utility. Key features often include large windows to maximize natural light, subtle yet efficient storage solutions, and a touch of greenery to bring the outdoors inside. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also improves its functionality, adhering to the Scandinavian ethos of thoughtful design in every aspect of life.

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1. Embrace Nature’s Palette

Embrace Nature's Palette

Image by homeasy.design

Neutral tones set a serene backdrop, with textured tiles adding depth. Strategically placed greenery injects life and color. The minimalist glass shower maintains the open feel. Lastly, natural accessories underscore the Scandinavian love for organic elements.

Expert tip by TCH –

“The essence of a Scandinavian bathroom lies in its simplicity and functionality. We prioritize natural light, muted colors, and minimalist fixtures to create a serene and soothing space. Incorporating elements like wood and stone not only brings nature indoors but also adds warmth to the clean, crisp lines typical of our designs.”

2. Harmonious Balance of Warmth and Style Bathroom vanity

Harmonious Balance of Warmth and Style Bathroom vanity

Image by scraperka

Twin vessels sinks on a wooden vanity exude simplicity and elegance. Brass fixtures and round mirrors add a luxe feel. The honeycomb floor tile pattern offers classic charm. Lush plants and woven accents infuse organic coziness.

3. Scandinavian Style Sleek Symmetry with Artistic Flair

3. Scandinavian Style Sleek Symmetry with Artistic Flair

Image by villa_kruunu

A dual-sink vanity set against a marble backdrop radiates modernity. Copper fixtures add warmth and a touch of luxury. An arch-shaped mirror and vertical slats provide artistic symmetry. The clean lines and natural materials capture Scandinavian design principles.

4. Cozy Nook with Contrasting Textures

Cozy Nook with Contrasting Textures

Image by happy_petit_family

Dark walls create a dramatic effect, offset by warm wood tones. Simple, clean lines ensure a clutter-free zone. Round modern bathroom mirror and natural decor add softness and life. Compact design makes smart use of a small space.

5. Minimalist Chic with Warm Wood Tones And White Tile Design Ideas

Minimalist Chic with Warm Wood Tones And White Tile Design Ideas

Image by styledt.de

The floating wooden vanity adds warmth and functionality. A circular mirror with black accents enhances the modern aesthetic. Clean lines and muted colors keep the space feeling open. Black details throughout lend a cohesive, stylish edge.

6. Tranquil Retreat with Earthy Accents And White Walls

Tranquil Retreat with Earthy Accents And White Walls

Image by deco_jenni

Marble wall tiles add a touch of luxury and brightness. Wood elements and a round jute rug ground the space with earthiness. A ladder shelf and stool display necessities with style. Candles and plants create a spa-like, peaceful atmosphere.

7. Minimalist Elegance with a Skylight

Minimalist Elegance with a Skylight

Image by mli.p.retouch

Full marble walls emanate understated luxury. The freestanding tub is a minimalist’s dream, offering sleek curves. Gold fittings add a dash of opulence to the monochrome palette. Natural light from the skylight bathes the room in serenity.

8. Sleek Geometry with a Rustic Touch

Sleek Geometry with a Rustic Touch

Image by sarahs_scandi_home

Diagonal tile layout adds dynamic movement to the space. Modern fixtures pair with rustic wood and woven textures. A neutral palette harmonizes with pops of black. Ambient lighting and dried florals bring warmth and elegance.

Expert tip by TCH –

“In Scandinavian design, every detail has a purpose. For bathrooms, this means efficient use of space and eco-friendly materials. We often use wall-mounted fixtures to free up floor space and prefer sustainable options like low-flow toilets and showers to reduce water usage without sacrificing style.”

9. Understated Luxury with Lofted Light

Understated Luxury with Lofted Light

Image by nionio_fi

The simplicity of the freestanding bathtub exudes contemporary elegance. Golden shower fixtures offer a pop of luxury. A loft window fills the space with natural light, enhancing the serene ambiance. Soft slippers and a wooden stool invite relaxation in this minimalist haven.

10. Contemporary Glow with Nature’s Touch

Contemporary Glow with Nature's Touch

Image by hastahome_com

The angular tub offers a striking focal point in this luminous space. Full-wall gray tiles provide a contemporary canvas. Backlit mirror and sheer curtains soften the ambience. Natural wood elements and lush greenery bring warmth and life.

11. Textural Harmony in Monochrome

Textural Harmony in Monochrome

Image by villamyrahojden

Textured tiles in muted tones envelop the space for a soothing feel. The sleek bathtub and shower offer modern, clean lines. Niche shelving provides a neat storage solution. A touch of luxury is seen in the rainfall showerhead.

Expert tip by TCH –

“Scandinavian bathrooms are all about blending form with function. We love using floating vanities and glass shower enclosures to make the bathroom feel larger while maintaining a sleek, uncluttered look. Subtle touches like heated floors and towel rails add a layer of luxury and comfort”

12. Soft Neutrals with Woven Warmth

Soft Neutrals with Woven Warmth

Image by stepbystep.home

A pristine white palette is softened by woven baskets and a tasseled rug. Light tiles and a sheer curtain keep the space bright and airy. Natural textures and plant accents add a cozy, lived-in feel. The artwork brings a touch of elegance to the simplicity.

13. Classic Elegance Meets Modernity

Classic Elegance Meets Modernity

Image by lafeliya_design

Herringbone tiles provide a dynamic contrast to vertical lines, offering visual interest. A classic chandelier juxtaposes modern fixtures, blending old with new. White-on-white color schemes reflect light, amplifying space. Lastly, wooden accents add warmth to the crisp design.

Expert tip by TCH –

“The color palette is crucial in Scandinavian design. We typically see a lot of white, which helps reflect light and enhances the sense of space. However, adding small bursts of color through accessories like towels or a bath mat can personalize the space without overwhelming it.”

14. Serene Geometry with a Homely Feel

Image by domek_na_krotkiej

Large tiles in soft grey create a calming, uniform backdrop. A vessel sink on a wooden countertop adds a contemporary touch. Black wall sconces contrast the muted palette. Framed art and green plants infuse personality and freshness.

15. Geometric Drama with Modern Fixtures

Geometric Drama with Modern Fixtures

Image by slashdesigngroup

The shower’s patterned glass adds an artistic focal point. Matte black fixtures and fittings offer sleek sophistication. Industrial shelving units create an open, airy storage solution. Greenery peeks in, adding a touch of the outdoors to the modern decor.

16. Rustic Refinement with a Patterned Twist

Rustic Refinement with a Patterned Twist

Image by bykashouli

Ornate floor tiles make a bold statement against the simplicity of the room. The wooden ceiling infuses warmth and rustic charm. A sleek vanity and tub bring a modern balance. Natural light and a classic radiator complete the cozy yet elegant space.

17. Clean Lines with Functional Woodwork

Clean Lines with Functional Woodwork

Image by casa_kalandra

Grid-patterned tiles offer a crisp, clean look. Open wooden shelving adds practical storage and warmth. The basin’s simplicity pairs well with the minimalist decor. A playful laundry bin adds a casual, lived-in feel.

18. Dramatic Elegance with Candlelit Warmth

Dramatic Elegance with Candlelit Warmth

Image by sorlandsperle

Dark tiles envelop the space, setting a dramatic mood. The white tub stands as a serene centerpiece. Soft candlelight and natural textures offer warmth and relaxation. Pampas grass and lush foliage bring a soft, natural contrast.

19. Refreshing Hues with Textured Accents

Refreshing Hues with Textured Accents

Image by pressalit_global

Chevron-patterned tiles in cool tones create an invigorating shower space. Herringbone floor tiles add depth and dimension. Black fixtures and accessories stand out against the crisp white. Greenery introduces a touch of nature, enhancing the fresh vibe.

20. Industrial Charm with a Green Touch

Industrial Charm with a Green Touch

Image by interiortips4u

Caged pendant lights cast intriguing shadows, enhancing the industrial vibe. Subway tiles and hexagonal floor patterns offer timeless appeal. Floating wooden vanity and shelves balance the coolness of white. Trailing plants bring a dash of Scandinavian nature indoors.

21. Luminous Luxury with a View

Luminous Luxury with a View

Image by blackshawgroup

Floor-to-ceiling marble exudes pure luxury in this sunlit oasis. The elegant freestanding tub is perfectly positioned for relaxation. A walk-in shower with a minimalist design emphasizes openness. The expansive window invites nature into this tranquil retreat.

22. Bold Contrasts with Textural Depth

Bold Contrasts with Textural Depth

Image by riverside_renos

The room is enlivened by dark hexagonal tiles covering walls and floor. A sleek white tub with wooden details stands out starkly. A cluster of pendant lights adds a playful, modern touch. Large windows frame the scene, welcoming natural light.

23. Fresh and Airy with Artistic Flares

Fresh and Airy with Artistic Flares

Image by dom_w_sansewieriach

The room breathes freshness with ample natural light. Green plants add vitality and a splash of color. Geometric patterns in the lighting and tiles infuse a modern edge. Artwork framed in warm tones creates a welcoming atmosphere.

24. Crisp White with Bohemian Accents

Crisp White with Bohemian Accents

Image by thehomemama

The space is a canvas of white, accented with bohemian patterns and greenery. Dark accessories contrast the purity of the white fixtures. Natural light enhances the clean, airy feel. Decorative touches add character without clutter.

25. Bright and Airy with Textured Elegance

Bright and Airy with Textured Elegance

Image by meiraustralia

A serene freestanding tub offers a spa-like experience. White subway tiles and sleek mirrored cabinets reflect light beautifully. The wood vanity brings a natural touch to the modern decor. Marble flooring grounds the space with a classic, luxurious feel.

26. Crisp White Meets Dynamic Patterns

Crisp White Meets Dynamic Patterns

Image by magu.pracownia.projekt

White subway tiles bring a clean, bright atmosphere. The floating vanity keeps the look light and modern. Patterned floor tiles add a lively contrast. A wooden ladder is a rustic, yet practical touch.

27. Botanical Elegance in Monochrome

Botanical Elegance in Monochrome

Image by nifti.pics

A black freestanding tub anchors the room with its bold presence. White marble tiles with gray veining offer a striking backdrop. Greenery and wooden accents inject warmth and life. Artwork and textured rugs add a personal touch to the space.

28. Warm Woods and Soft Lighting

Warm Woods and Soft Lighting

Image by whitewarmwonderfull

Wooden accents provide warmth to the beige tilework. The oval mirror and white drapery introduce softness and texture. Under-cabinet lighting adds a cozy glow. A jute rug and wooden vanity evoke a spa-like serenity.

29. Earthy Tones Meet Sleek Design

29. Earthy Tones Meet Sleek Design

Image by domek_na_krotkiej

Large tiles in muted earth tones create a tranquil backdrop. The wooden countertop and lush greenery add natural warmth. A modern vessel sink pairs with a minimalist vanity for a clean look. Wall-mounted fittings maximize space and maintain the sleek aesthetic.

30. Modern Simplicity with Textural Contrast

Modern Simplicity with Textural Contrast

Image by multipanel_it

Wooden textures contrast with sleek modern fixtures for a natural feel. The clean lines of the vanity add a minimalist touch. A simple framed mirror reflects the uncluttered aesthetic. Open shelving provides functionality without compromising style.


1. What defines a Scandinavian bathroom style?

Scandinavian bathroom style is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. It typically features a neutral color palette, natural materials like wood and stone, and clean lines. The design focuses on creating a serene and clutter-free space.

2. What color schemes are popular in Scandinavian bathrooms?

Neutral colors are predominant, with white being the most common base color. This is often complemented by shades of grey, blue, and earth tones to create a calm and inviting environment.

3. What type of materials should I use to achieve a Scandinavian bathroom look?

Natural materials are key in Scandinavian design. Wood, often light in color, is used for flooring, shelving, or accents. Stone, ceramics, and glass are also popular choices for surfaces and decorative elements.

4. How can I add warmth to a Scandinavian bathroom design?

To add warmth to the typically cool palette of a Scandinavian bathroom, incorporate soft textiles like plush towels, bath mats, and curtains. Wooden elements and plants can also bring warmth and life to the space.

5. Are plants a good addition to a Scandinavian bathroom?

Yes, plants are a perfect addition to Scandinavian bathrooms as they add a touch of nature and freshness to the minimalist design. Opt for simple, green plants that thrive in humid conditions, such as ferns or spider plants.

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