35 Beautiful Ottoman Decor Ideas You Should Try

Discover a world of exquisite interior design possibilities with our article on 35 Beautiful Ottoman Decor Ideas You Should Try. 

Ottomans can serve as additional seating options. They are perfect for accommodating guests or providing extra seating in the living room. Some ottomans even have hidden storage compartments. Large, sturdy ottomans can double as coffee tables. Placing a tray on top of an ottoman provides a stable surface for drinks, snacks, or decor items. This versatility makes ottomans ideal for living rooms and family areas.

 Dive into the world of creativity and make your living spaces truly beautiful.

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1.  Rolling Table With Ottoman Tray Home Decor 

Image by casabranca

The rolling table with an ottoman tray is the Swiss Army knife of furniture. It can serve as a coffee table, side table, or portable workstation. Need extra seating? Just remove the tray, and you have an instant ottoman.

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2. Macrame Table With Light Wood Couch Chairs

Image by jojos_home_decor

Macrame, the age-old craft of knotting cords into intricate patterns, has made a dazzling comeback in modern home decor. The delicate yet durable nature of macrame adds a tactile and visual dimension to your living area. When used as an ottoman cover, it serves as a comfortable footrest and a conversation piece that showcases the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

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3. Blue Ottoman With Grey Couch

Image by donnamondiinteriordesigns

Blue and grey are a match made in color heaven. The cool, calming tones of blue beautifully complement the neutral, sophisticated shade of grey. Together, they create a harmonious and balanced visual appeal.

4. Leather Ottoman Ideas Decorated With Tray And Succulent Planter

Image by accentsathom

Place a sleek tray atop your leather ottoman to instantly transform it into a stylish coffee table. It’s a practical solution for serving snacks or drinks while organizing your living space.

5. Boho Theme Living Room With Ottomans

Image by casaraquelita

Ottomans play a pivotal role in the bohemian living room’s eclectic seating arrangement. Mix and match different ottoman styles, sizes, and patterns for a laid-back, informal vibe. The more diverse, the better!

Expert tip by TCH: Consider the size of your room when choosing an ottoman. A large ottoman can make a bold statement in a spacious area, while a smaller one is perfect for cozy nooks. Striking the right balance between the ottoman’s size and the available space is crucial for a harmonious look.

6. White Cushioned Upholster For Living Room

Image by starsongco

White upholstery exudes elegance and simplicity simultaneously. It brightens your living room, making it feel more spacious and welcoming. White cushions’ clean and crisp look can complement various design styles, from contemporary to classic.

7. Multicolor Couches With Brown Leather Ottoman

Image by charlesstewartcompany

Brown leather ottomans are the perfect canvas for showcasing colorful throw pillows or blankets. This contrast creates a striking visual impact, infusing your living space with a dynamic burst of color that can be easily updated to suit changing seasons or moods.

8. Style An Ottoman With A Throw Blanket

Image by living_clutter_free

Draping a soft throw blanket over your Ottoman instantly adds warmth to your room, both visually and literally. It becomes an inviting spot on a chilly evening to curl up with a good book or share stories with loved ones.

9. Modern White Couch With Round Ottoman

Image by koala_living

Ottoman decor introduces an exciting dimension of texture to interiors. From sumptuous leather to plush fabrics, the tactile qualities of ottomans create depth and richness, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

10. Shiplap Accent Wall Living Room Dark Leather Furniture

Image by antiquefarmhouse

Shiplap has an enduring charm that transcends trends. It effortlessly combines with the timeless appeal of dark leather, ensuring your living room remains stylish for years to come.

11. Decorate An Ottoman With A Vase And A Tray

Image by jamesthomasinteriors

Adding a vase to your Ottoman instantly brings a touch of nature indoors. Whether you choose fresh flowers, dried branches, or artificial foliage, a well-chosen vase can infuse life and color into your space.

12. Dark Blue Ottoman For Off-White Couches

Image by decoratingden

Ottomans have a timeless quality that transcends interior design trends. Investing in a well-crafted ottoman means you’re adding a contemporary touch and a piece that will remain stylish for years to come.

13. Sleek Gold And Rich Navy Blue Ottoman Side Table Decor

Image by alchemyfinehome

Ottomans are excellent tools for achieving spatial harmony. They can bridge the gap between furniture pieces, creating a cohesive flow in open-plan living areas or large rooms.

Expert tip by TCH: Don’t shy away from experimenting with textures. Ottomans come in various materials, from leather and velvet to woven fabrics. Mixing and matching textures adds depth and visual interest to your decor, making the space feel more inviting.

14. Decorative Tray For Ottoman Coffee Table

Image by astonmoodyinteriors

A tray atop your Ottoman instantly transforms it into a functional coffee table. It provides a stable surface for coffee cups, snacks, magazines, or a decorative vase. No more worrying about spills or wobbly drinks!

15. Leather Upholstered Ottoman

Image by kingliving

Ottomans can act as the focal point of a room. Whether you opt for a statement Ottoman in a bold color or one with unique detailing, it can instantly draw the eye and set the tone for the entire space.

16. Living Room Decor With Grey Leather Ottoman

Image by timclarkedesign

The Ottoman decor is the epitome of form meeting function. These versatile pieces effortlessly combine practicality with aesthetics, making them a must-have in any interior design.

17. Small Tufted Ottoman Ideas

Image by furniturelandsouth

Ottomans can be used to layer luxury into a room. Pairing a plush, velvet ottoman with other lavish textures like silk or faux fur throws creates an ambiance of luxury and comfort.

18. Living Room Ideas With Ottoman Design

Image by courtneypetersinteriordesign

One of the most exciting aspects of ottoman decor is the ability to personalize it. With a vast array of upholstery choices and design options, you can tailor an ottoman to your unique taste and preferences.

19. Red Floral Ottoman Near Bay Windows

Image by thehouseupstair

Red is known to evoke strong emotions. When strategically placed near bay windows, it creates a focal point that draws the eye and lends character to the entire room.

20. Grey Ottomans For White Furniture

Image by home_of_love_ireland

Opt for a grey ottoman in a different texture, like velvet or leather, to create a striking contrast with your white furnishings. This not only adds visual interest but also tactile appeal to your room.

21. Distressed Wooden Legs With White Cushioning Ottoman

Image by ourhomeondivinci

The distressed wooden legs of this Ottoman bring a rustic, weathered look that tells a story of age and character. These legs add a sense of history and authenticity to your decor, making the Ottoman a standout piece in any room.

22. Christmas Decortaed Blue Ottoman

Image by thegoldenplume

Ottomans are champions of eclecticism. They can seamlessly fit into various design styles, from the luxury of traditional interiors to the minimalism of contemporary spaces, making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy mixing aesthetics.

23. Brown Cushion For Clear Glass legs Ottoman

Image by dwellings.ky

Clear glass legs ottomans often have a sleek and minimalist design. While this is undeniably chic, it can sometimes create a slightly cold or stark atmosphere. Brown cushions, with their warm and earthy tones, provide the perfect contrast. They infuse your space with a cozy, inviting vibe ideal for relaxation and social gatherings.

Expert tip by TCH: When exploring ottoman decor ideas, prioritize versatility. Look for ottomans that can adapt to different roles, whether as a coffee table, extra seating, or a stylish accent piece. This flexibility ensures your ottoman remains a functional and stylish addition to your home.

24. Grey Couch With Grey Ottoman And Wood Tray

Image by _stylebystephanie

Adding a matching grey ottoman to the ensemble elevates the aesthetics and the functionality of your living space. It’s not just a footrest; it’s extra seating, a surface for books or trays, and a subtle statement piece.

25. Cozy Living Area With Animal Print Ottoman

Image by selectblinds

Pair your animal print ottoman with neutral-colored furniture and accents to create a balanced look that’s both chic and inviting. The contrast between the wild print and the soothing neutrals adds an exciting element to your living area without overwhelming the space.

26. Black Leather Ottoman For Living Space

Image by savvydecor

Black leather exudes a timeless elegance that never goes out of style. It’s a color and material combination that effortlessly blends with any color scheme or design aesthetic. Whether you have a contemporary loft or a classic, vintage-inspired living room, a black leather ottoman can complement your decor beautifully.

27. Ottoman Decoration With Serving Tray

Image by prettyandprintedshop

For those working with limited square footage, ottomans are invaluable. They can replace bulkier furniture items, such as coffee tables and additional seating, without compromising style or utility.

28. Storage Ottoman Ideas

Image by thehouseofcharm.pk

In homes where space is a precious commodity, storage ottomans shine. These unassuming pieces provide hidden storage compartments that can stow away everything from extra blankets and cushions to books and board games. Say goodbye to cluttered living rooms and hello to an organized oasis.

29. Ottoman Styling Tips For Christmas

Image by cameronjonesinteriors

Personalize your Ottoman to your heart’s content. Choose the upholstery, color, and design that resonate with your style, making it a unique reflection of your personality.

30. Chic White Ottoman

Image by thehouseofcharm.pk

The beauty of a white ottoman lies in its versatility. Its neutral hue is a blank canvas, ready to adapt to any design theme or color scheme. Whether your space exudes minimalist modernity or embraces eclectic charm, a chic white ottoman effortlessly finds its place.

31. Traditional Grey Ottoman For White Couch

Image by thehouseofcharm.pk

The juxtaposition of a white couch against a grey ottoman creates a stunning visual contrast. The white provides a clean, neutral canvas, while the grey adds depth and sophistication. This pairing allows each piece to shine in its own right, emphasizing its individual beauty.

32. Blue Living Area With Grey Sofa And White Ottoman

Image by melmitchia

Combining blue, grey, and white creates a delicate balance of colors, creating a harmonious living space. The soothing tones of blue and grey are balanced by the crisp, clean lines of the white Ottoman, ensuring your room feels inviting and well-proportioned.

33. White And Grey Patterned Ottoman With White Couch

Image by eganinteriors

The grey pattern on the Ottoman introduces depth and character to your living room. It breaks the monotony of solid colors, making the entire setup more engaging. The pattern adds a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the space.

34. Neutral Color living Space With Couch And Ottoman

Image by __patricestephensathome__

The centerpiece of any living room is undoubtedly the couch. Opting for a plush, inviting sofa in a neutral shade is like giving your living space a warm embrace. Sink into its cushions with a good book or enjoy quality time with loved ones. A neutral couch is a versatile canvas, ready to adapt to changing decor accents over time.

35. Brown Wall Living Space With Brown Couch And White Ottoman

Image by lawsonfenning

A white ottoman takes center stage to introduce a captivating contrast and break up the dominant brown theme. Its crisp, clean color stands out against the warm backdrop, becoming a focal point in the room. The Ottoman also serves as a versatile piece, offering a place to rest your feet, set down a tray of refreshments, or even function as extra seating when needed.


Are ottomans just for resting your feet?

No, ottomans are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture. While they provide a comfortable place to rest your feet, they can also serve as additional seating, coffee tables, and storage solutions. Ottomans can be a focal point in your decor, enhancing a room’s functionality and aesthetics.

How do I choose the right ottoman for my space?

The perfect ottoman depends on your room’s size, style, and purpose. Consider the dimensions of the space and how you plan to use the ottoman. For smaller rooms, a compact ottoman may be ideal, while larger spaces can accommodate larger, statement ottomans. Additionally, choose an ottoman that complements your existing decor in color, texture, and design to create a harmonious look.

Can ottomans work in various interior design styles?

Absolutely! Ottomans are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into various interior designs. From traditional and classic to modern and eclectic, there’s an ottoman to suit every aesthetic. The key is to select an ottoman that aligns with your chosen style, whether opting for a sleek leather ottoman in a minimalist space or a patterned, bohemian-inspired ottoman in a more eclectic setting.

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