22 Beautiful Old Mexican House Interiors You Should See

Diving into the heart of traditional Mexican homes, we uncover a rich tapestry of cultural history and architectural beauty. Old Mexican house interiors are a vibrant mix of indigenous and Spanish influences, showcasing rustic charm through their use of natural materials, earthy colors, and handcrafted decor. These spaces are not just living areas but a celebration of Mexico’s diverse heritage, blending functionality with age-old traditions to create warm, inviting homes.

Exploring these interiors, one is immediately struck by the meticulous attention to detail and the harmonious balance between indoor and outdoor living. Elements such as terracotta tiles, exposed wooden beams, and wrought iron fixtures are emblematic, providing a timeless aesthetic that pays homage to the past. Through these design choices, old Mexican house interiors offer a unique window into the country’s soul, inviting us to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the value of preserving cultural identity.

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1. Colorful Fusion Living Space

Colorful Fusion Living Space

Source – chunigulamixfashion

A feast for the eyes, this living area of a Mexican interior design is a lively blend of old and new. A mustard yellow sofa, brimming with a multitude of patterned cushions, rests against a vivacious red wall. A large painting of a pink parrot adds an artistic flair, while two pets comfortably enjoy the plush white rug, adding life to the animated decor.

2. Southwestern Spanish Colonial Serenity

Southwestern Spanish Colonial Serenity

Source – haciendachic

This circular room with mexican style home decor breathes life into traditional Mexican design through its starburst ceiling pattern and bands of warm colors. The cobalt blue rug with crisp white sofas forms a tranquil resting place, while indigenous pottery and textiles narrate Mexico’s rich cultural tapestry.

Expert tip by TCH –

“Stepping into an old Mexican house is like entering a canvas of decorative vibrant history. The walls, often adorned with lime wash or stucco, hold the warmth of the sun and the whispers of the past. It’s not just a house; it’s a living museum of Mexican heritage”

3. Artistic Culinary Curve

Artistic Culinary Curve

Source – haciendachic

The kitchen space honors Mexican tradition with a curved island adorned in a vivid mosaic of tiles, harmonizing with the green cabinetry. Above, an array of pendant lights dangles like jewels, casting a warm glow over the culinary workshop.

4. Hacienda-Style Culinary Quarters

Hacienda-Style Culinary Quarters

Source – haciendachic

This kitchen radiates the rustic charm of a Mexican hacienda with red-toned cabinetry and terracotta flooring. The amber tones of the butcher block and the amber-colored glass chandelier create a welcoming ambiance for hearty family meals.

5. Sunny Mexican Breakfast Corner

Sunny Mexican Breakfast Corner

Source – haciendachic

Vibrancy meets whimsy in this nook, where a canary-yellow wall serves as the backdrop for an array of cheerful Mexican crafts. A retro pink refrigerator stands boldly, completing a picture of nostalgic charm and conviviality.

6. Vibrant Bohemian Lounge

Vibrant Bohemian Lounge

Source – noemiberes

Evocative of a bohemian artist’s retreat, this room’s deep blue walls are adorned with a colorful tapestry and Mexican-inspired art, while the patchwork of pillows on the cozy sofa invites relaxed contemplation or spirited conversation.

7. Regal Mexican Fireplace

Regal Mexican Fireplace

Source – haciendachic

In this room, the exterior grandeur of Mexico’s past is evoked by an ornate, golden fireplace surrounded by a collection of crosses. It’s a regal yet inviting space, where every detail from the plush seating to the rich textiles suggests a storied elegance.

8. Old Spanish Home Archways and Acoustics

Old Spanish Home Archways and Acoustics

Source – haciendachic

The arched niches of this spanish style home showcase a vibrant display of crosses, adjacent to a guitar ready for a serenade. A mix of patterns and colors, the room feels both deeply rooted in tradition and invitingly personal.

Expert tip by TCH –

“Old Mexican houses blend functionality with beauty. The central courtyard, a staple in these homes, serves not only as a source of natural light and air but also as the heart of family gatherings. It’s a testament to the Mexican value of family and community.”

9. Eclectic Charm in a Hacienda Style Vibrant Living Room

Eclectic Charm in a Hacienda Style Vibrant Living Room

Source – haciendachic

In this bright and inviting living room, a plush mustard sofa contrasts strikingly with the hot pink wall panel, embodying the fearless color spirit of Mexico. The space is brought to life with a playful mix of textures and patterns, from the fluffy white rug with bold geometric designs to the turquoise ottoman and vibrantly embroidered floor cushions. This room is a testament to the joyous use of color in old Mexican house interiors, where every element sings with vivacity.

10. Serene Blue Bedroom Oasis

Serene Blue Bedroom Oasis

Source – haciendachic

This tranquil bedroom offers a haven of rest with its serene blue walls, echoing the clear skies of Mexico. The room features an ornate headboard, whimsically paired with bright, eclectic bedding, creating a modern twist on traditional style. Lush plants and a bright, patterned rug add to the space’s sense of comfort and charm, making it a perfect blend of old-world Mexican elegance and contemporary flair.

11. Sunlit Siesta in a Mexican-Inspired Living Room

Sunlit Siesta in a Mexican-Inspired Living Room

Source – haciendachic

This living room basks in natural light, complementing a sand-toned sofa arrayed with cushions that feature a mosaic of Mexican patterns. Teal blue armchairs add a refreshing contrast, reminiscent of the vibrant oceans bordering Mexico. The warm hues of a traditional woven rug ground the space, inviting family gatherings and quiet afternoons alike.

Expert tip by TCH –

“The rich, earthy tones of the terracotta tiles underfoot, the intricate talavera tiles adorning the kitchen and bathrooms, and the bold, hand-painted murals in the living spaces; every element in an old Mexican house tells a story of artisanal craftsmanship and cultural pride”

12. Hacienda Harmony in a Mexican Kitchen

Hacienda Harmony in a Mexican Kitchen

Source – cochranrealestatepv

Here, the zest of old Mexican kitchens is captured with brilliant blue and sunny yellow tiles that frame the stove, creating a centerpiece that is both practical and aesthetically bold. Open wooden shelving displays glassware with rustic charm, and the terracotta tile flooring completes this picture of timeless Mexican domesticity.

13. Boho Chic Bedroom with Mexican Artisan Flair

Boho Chic Bedroom with Mexican Artisan Flair

Source – solunapazdesign

The bedroom is transformed into a festival of colors with a rattan peacock headboard and a serape blanket in the full spectrum of a Mexican sunset. Every corner is dotted with artisanal decor, from the lampshade’s exuberant pattern to the hand-crafted pillows, all setting the stage for a whimsical dreamscape.

Expert tip by TCH –

“Old Mexican house interiors are a harmonious blend of indigenous and Spanish influences, reflecting the complex history of Mexico. The open spaces, use of natural materials, and incorporation of religious and symbolic motifs speak volumes about the Mexican identity and its resilience over centuries.”

14. Mid-Century Meets Mexican Courtyard

Mid-Century Meets Mexican Courtyard

Source – newsfromnowhereland

This space breathes a mid-century Mexican ambience, with sleek wooden slats and brick walls offering a serene, minimalist canvas. The harmony of wood and terracotta creates a sanctuary that opens up to a verdant courtyard, bridging the indoors with the natural beauty of a Mexican garden.

15. Timeless Tranquility with Vibrant Mexican Textiles

Timeless Tranquility with Vibrant Mexican Textiles

Source – lygiaharkinsinteriors

Beneath robust wooden ceiling beams, the walls are washed in a soothing shade of blue, akin to the vast skies above a Mexican landscape. Traditional fabrics draped over furniture and framed as artwork narrate a story of cultural richness, while a bold crimson rug provides a foundation of heritage and comfort.

16. Rustic Elegance in a Modern Mexican Sitting Area

Rustic Elegance in a Modern Mexican Sitting Area

Source – houseofleon

In this room, the juxtaposition of the contemporary and the classic creates a dynamic dialogue. A uniquely shaped mirror echoes the greenery outside, while a stone fireplace anchors the space in tradition. The selection of furniture, with its clean lines and muted colors, speaks to a modern aesthetic deeply rooted in Mexican design.

Expert tip by TCH –

“In my years restoring old Mexican homes, I’ve seen firsthand how these spaces are designed to embrace the natural environment. The thick adobe walls keep the interiors cool during the day and retain warmth at night, demonstrating an early understanding of sustainable living”

17. A Symphony of Color in a Retro Mexican Living Room

A Symphony of Color in a Retro Mexican Living Room

Source – rocketspaces

This living room is a jubilant celebration with its mustard yellow vintage sofa and a canvas of colorful geometrics underfoot. Every element, from the rustic coffee table to the eclectic wall art, sings in harmony to create a space that is as vibrant and soulful as Mexico itself.

18. Contemporary Mexican Elegance in the Bedroom

Contemporary Mexican Elegance in the Bedroom

Source – acentointerior

The bedroom is an ode to modern Mexican elegance, where wood paneling whispers stories of ancient trees. The bedsheets, adorned with colorful pompoms, add a playful touch to the solemnity of the skull artworks above, crafting a space that is as culturally rich as it is stylish.

19. Bohemian Rhapsody in a Mexican Alcove

Bohemian Rhapsody in a Mexican Alcove

Source – decorinspirains

Against the theatrical backdrop of a fuchsia wall, a turquoise door stands open, as if inviting the breeze of a Mexican afternoon. A low-lying sofa, decked in an array of striped and floral cushions, offers a casual repose, while the cacti and woven baskets contribute to an informal bohemian rhapsody.

20. Colonial Charm in a Majestic Mexican Bedroom

Colonial Charm in a Majestic Mexican Bedroom

Source – vendomepress

The bedroom is steeped in the grandeur of colonial Mexico, with a four-poster bed crowned by an ornate red frame. The backdrop is a stunning wall covered in blue and white floral wallpaper, reminiscent of traditional talavera tiles, and golden lamps casting a soft glow, all coming together to create a royal retreat.

21. Retro-Floral Nook with a Mexican Twist

Retro-Floral Nook with a Mexican Twist

Source – clovellycloth

This cozy corner captures the essence of a Mexican cantina with its striking orange wallpaper adorned with a lively floral pattern. Anchored by a navy blue L-shaped bench, the scene is accented by bold, geometric cushions and a tangerine throw, exuding warmth and welcome. The rustic charm is enhanced by a simple white table, a vivid orange shelf holding eclectic trinkets, and an eye-catching piece of driftwood art that speaks to Mexico’s coastal spirit. This space marries the nostalgia of old Mexico with a fresh, modern verve.

22. Sunlit Sanctuary with Festive Florals

Sunlit Sanctuary with Festive Florals

Source – solunapazdesign

This bedroom is a vibrant homage to the bright and airy interiors of a Mexican casita. The centerpiece is a peacock rattan headboard, reminiscent of traditional Mexican craftsmanship, paired with a quilt bursting with colorful floral embroidery. Accentuated by a cheerful ‘love’ neon sign and a Frida Kahlo portrait, the room celebrates Mexican artistry. Whimsical touches, such as the sunny bedside lamp and woven baskets, add to the room’s quaint charm, while a round jute rug anchors the space in organic simplicity.


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A1: Essentials include comfortable seating, adequate shelving or storage for whiskey bottles, proper lighting, and glassware (such as whiskey glasses and decanters). Accessories like a tasting table, a water dispenser for diluting whiskey, and a selection of whiskey-related literature can enhance the experience.

Q2: How can I choose the right location for my whiskey lounge at home?

A2: Look for a space that offers comfort and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Basements, spare rooms, or a corner of a living room can work well. Ensure the area is well-ventilated and has enough space for seating and storage.

Q3: What type of seating is best for a whiskey lounge?

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