30 Beautiful Mudroom Built In Storage Ideas You Need To Try

Mudroom built-in storage solutions are ingeniously designed spaces that serve as a transitional area between the outdoors and the interiors of a home. They effectively organize essentials such as coats, shoes, and bags, streamlining daily routines and minimizing clutter. This strategic integration not only optimizes the functionality of an entryway but also elevates the aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with the home’s overall design.

Incorporating built-in storage into mudrooms involves thoughtful planning and customization to address specific household needs. Whether it’s through bench seating with hidden compartments, wall-mounted hooks, or neatly arranged cubbies and drawers, these storage ideas ensure a well-organized and welcoming entrance. The adaptability and efficiency of mudroom built-ins make them an indispensable feature for maintaining order and enhancing the livability of modern homes.

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1. Elegant Efficiency: Maximised Wall Storage

Elegant Efficiency: Maximised Wall Storage

Image by michaelrobertconstruction

Transforming a mudroom with sleek built-in shelving offers a multifunctional storage solution. The upper shelves, perfect for baskets, streamline clutter control. Below, stylish hooks provide a quick hang-up option for outdoor wear, creating a tidy entryway. The bench serves as a welcoming seat or a place for stowing shoes, complemented by spacious bins underneath for additional, concealed storage.

Expert tip by TCH –

“In designing mudroom storage, the key is to understand the household’s lifestyle. For families with young children, lower cubbies and hooks allow kids to hang up their own coats and backpacks, fostering independence. Durability is also non-negotiable; we prefer materials that can withstand mud, water, and the occasional bump or scrape.”

2. Coastal Cubby: Personalized Storage Nooks

Coastal Cubby: Personalized Storage Nooks

Image by deroseesa

This mudroom features individualised storage compartments, adding both character and organisation. Upper cabinets hide seasonal items, keeping them dust-free and out of sight. A sturdy bench invites sitting, while open space beneath provides room for footwear, which can be neatly arranged or placed in baskets. Coordinated colours give the room a calming, coastal vibe, essential for a serene transition from outside to in.

3. Rustic Charm: Woven Storage Warmth

Rustic Charm: Woven Storage Warmth

Image by prospectrefuge

Utilise vertical space effectively with tall, built-in units that blend seamlessly into the mudroom. Above, natural woven baskets on high shelves offer a touch of rustic charm while storing seldom-used items. The central panel, adorned with hooks, provides accessible hanging space for daily essentials. A wooden bench offers a convenient perch, with a spacious basket below for grab-and-go items, enhancing the room’s warm, inviting atmosphere.

4. Sophisticated Symmetry: Sleek Storage With Seating

Sophisticated Symmetry: Sleek Storage With Seating

Image by thefinelinechi

Strike a balance between functionality and elegance with symmetrical cabinetry and seating. Overhead compartments with fabric bins maintain a clean line and store items out of sight. Beneath, a cushioned bench integrated with drawers maximises seating and storage options. Brass hardware adds a sophisticated touch, while the blue-grey palette and patterned floor tiles impart a contemporary, yet timeless appeal.

Expert tip by TCH –

“When it comes to mudroom built-in storage, versatility is your best friend. Adjustable shelving and hooks mean the space can evolve with your needs, whether that’s accommodating taller boots in the winter or providing more space for beach gear in the summer. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a built-in bench – it’s a game-changer for putting on or taking off shoes, and with the right design, can double as additional storage.”

5. Classic Contrasts: Basket Cubbies & Dark Hues

Classic Contrasts: Basket Cubbies & Dark Hues

Image by acamporainteriors

Incorporate contrast and functionality with dark-toned cabinetry and natural basket cubbies. Strategically placed hooks and a long bench offer ample space for sitting and storage, creating an organised welcome area. Upper cabinets conceal less frequently used items, while the addition of greenery brings life to the space. This design demonstrates a practical yet aesthetically pleasing mudroom solution.

6. Minimalist Elegance: Simplistic Storage Design

Minimalist Elegance: Simplistic Storage Design

Image by blackbrichhomes

Achieve a minimalist look with streamlined built-ins in muted green, providing a subtle pop of colour. The simplicity of the design is key, with unadorned hooks for essentials and a single shelf for additional storage. The clean lines and understated elegance make for a mudroom that’s both functional and stylish, emphasising an uncluttered and serene entry point to the home.

7. Timeless Elegance: Modern Monochrome with a Twist

Timeless Elegance: Modern Monochrome with a Twist

Image by evelyndesigner

Channel minimalist chic with this monochromatic built-in storage, juxtaposing sleek lines with playful textures. The high cabinets keep bulkier items hidden, while open shelving provides easy access. A subtle wooden bench, adorned with a single basket and hooks, emphasises simplicity and function. The contrasting textures of the baskets and plant add warmth and life to the clean aesthetic.

Expert tip by TCH –

“The mudroom is the first line of defense against clutter spreading throughout your home. We always recommend incorporating a mix of open and closed storage solutions. Open storage offers convenience for frequently used items, while closed storage hides away seasonal gear and keeps the area looking tidy. Integration of a washable rug or drip-dry area for wet items is also a practical touch.”

8. Classic Meets Contemporary: Streamlined Mudroom Storage

Classic Meets Contemporary: Streamlined Mudroom Storage

Image by rcdentcustomhomes

This mudroom marries classic design with modern functionality, featuring a long, low-profile bench with ample drawer space. Full-length cabinets offer generous storage, maintaining a clutter-free zone. The room’s symmetry is accentuated by a large mirror, enhancing light and space. A traditional rug lays the foundation for this timeless design, adding colour and pattern to the sleek environment.

9. Cozy Corner: Petite and Practical Mudroom

Cozy Corner: Petite and Practical Mudroom

Image by humphreymunson

A snug nook becomes a practical mudroom space, accented with cushioned seating and chic pillows. Upper shelves hold baskets for out-of-sight storage, while the wall hooks are perfect for daily items. The presence of furry friends hints at a pet-friendly space, blending pet needs within human design.

10. Spacious and Stylish: Grand Mudroom Elegance

Spacious and Stylish: Grand Mudroom Elegance

Image by woodshop.qc

This spacious mudroom setup exudes a stately elegance with a large wooden bench for ample seating. Overhead closed storage keeps essentials tucked away, while open areas feature hooks for hanging items within easy reach. Under-bench cubbies allow for organised shoe storage, and plush pillows invite a moment of relaxation before stepping out.

Expert tip by TCH –

“Sustainability is becoming a priority in home design, including mudroom storage. We’re seeing a trend towards using reclaimed wood or eco-friendly materials for built-ins. Not only do these materials add character and warmth to the space, but they also align with a more sustainable lifestyle. Pairing these materials with energy-efficient lighting elevates the mudroom from a purely functional space to a stylish entry point that makes a statement about the homeowner’s values.”

11. Bright and Airy: Window Bench Storage

Bright and Airy: Window Bench Storage

Image by megmcsherryinteriors

Natural light floods this mudroom, where a cushioned window bench offers a serene spot. Flanked by tall cabinets with coat hooks, the design provides ample vertical storage. Woven baskets above and drawers below ensure a place for every item, making the area both functional and inviting.

12. Modern Farmhouse Flair: Chic and Functional Design

Modern Farmhouse Flair: Chic and Functional Design

Image by anawhitediy

Incorporate farmhouse elegance with this dark-toned mudroom bench and shelving unit. The high contrast of black and natural wood creates a modern yet warm vibe. A statement light fixture casts interesting shadows, adding depth, while shelves and hooks offer practical storage solutions. Cushions and leather pillows bring comfort to this stylishly efficient space.

13. Nautical Nook: Spacious Storage by the Sea

Nautical Nook: Spacious Storage by the Sea

Image by homeforzen

Inspired by ocean hues, this mudroom features tall blue cabinets, providing ample storage for a variety of items. The wooden bench corner, complete with a comfortable pillow, offers a place to enjoy sunlight from the adjacent window. Open shelving is neatly lined with baskets, combining aesthetics with practicality, perfect for a sea-inspired space.

14. Crisp Contrast: Modern Mudroom with Classic Touches

Crisp Contrast: Modern Mudroom with Classic Touches

Image by alexkaehelerdesign

This mudroom showcases a crisp contrast with dark wood tones against bright white walls. Overhead, fabric bins sit in compartmentalised shelving, ideal for seasonal storage. The bench area includes convenient under-seat shoe storage, and hooks are available for coats and scarves. The floor’s classic tile pattern adds a timeless element to the modern design.

15. Simply Elegant: Compact Bench and Storage

Simply Elegant: Compact Bench and Storage

Image by aliciatorosiandesign

Maximise a small space with a chic mudroom bench that combines comfort and utility. A cushioned seat with a decorative pillow invites a moment of rest, while drawers with stylish hardware conceal storage. Overhead, natural baskets in built-in cubbies add a textural contrast and keep accessories organised.

16. Rustic Hideaway: Sliding Door Storage Bench

Rustic Hideaway: Sliding Door Storage Bench

Image by anawhitediy

Create a cosy retreat in your mudroom with this bench and sliding door combination. The blend of white panelling and natural wood offers a rustic yet refined feel. Above, simple shelving provides storage without overwhelming the space, while the ladder adds a unique functional accent. The comfortable cushioned bench with drawer storage underneath makes for a charming and practical entryway.

Expert tip by TCH –

“One often overlooked aspect of mudroom storage is security. For families who might store sports equipment, bikes, or even outdoor gear in their mudroom, incorporating lockable cabinets or a small safe for valuables can add an extra layer of protection. It’s about creating a space that’s not just organized, but also safe for all family members.”

17. Botanical Beauty: Fresh and Organized Entryway

Botanical Beauty: Fresh and Organized Entryway

Image by lighthouse_cabintery

Infuse life into your mudroom with this botanical-themed built-in. The upper cubbies, adorned with lush greenery, breathe freshness into the space. Functional hooks and a bench lined with cosy pillows provide a welcoming spot to unwind. Below, handsome baskets tuck away footwear, keeping the area orderly and stylish.

18. Under Stair Charm: Cozy Nook Storage Solution

Under Stair Charm: Cozy Nook Storage Solution

Image by bramleyandbear

Optimise an under stair space with this charming mudroom design. The vertical beadboard backdrop adds depth and texture, complemented by a variety of storage baskets. Soft pillows against the wall invite a moment of relaxation in this small but well-appointed nook, making clever use of an often-overlooked space.

19. Pet-Friendly Perch: Mudroom with Canine Comfort

Pet-Friendly Perch: Mudroom with Canine Comfort

Image by southernlivingmag

This inviting mudroom combines practicality with pet-friendly features. A cushioned bench with a playful pattern offers seating, while built-in drawers provide discrete storage. Wall-mounted hooks keep leashes and bags within easy reach. The inclusion of a dog bowl and a robotic vacuum suggest a space that caters to both human and pet needs, making it a true family entryway.

20. Classic Charm with Ample Shelving

Classic Charm with Ample Shelving

Image by sherwinwilliams

The photo presents a sophisticated, navy-blue shelving unit with a classic appeal for laundry room organisation. Additionally, the beadboard backing adds a touch of timeless elegance, complemented by the cabinetry’s rattan accents. Drawer storage beneath the bench allows for hidden yet accessible sorting of laundry essentials. To complete the setup, plush pillows introduce a comfort factor, suggesting a cozy nook for relaxation amid daily chores.

21. Minimalist Haven: Streamlined Mudroom Essentials

Minimalist Haven: Streamlined Mudroom Essentials

Image by mif_design

This mudroom corner pairs functionality with minimalist design, featuring a wooden bench and neatly placed woven baskets for storage. The window invites natural light, creating an airy feel, while the simple colour palette and clean lines ensure that the space remains uncluttered and serene, echoing the calmness of the outdoors.

22. Textured Elegance: Stylish Mudroom Bench and Storage

Textured Elegance: Stylish Mudroom Bench and Storage

Image by kmitchelldesignco

A muted colour scheme allows the texture in this mudroom to shine, from the striped wallpaper to the plush pillows. Below the bench, sleek drawers with golden hardware offer storage with style. The hanging basket and casual arrangement of pillows suggest a space that is both elegant and lived-in, marrying form with everyday functionality.

23. Garden-Inspired Grandeur: Lush Mudroom Space

Garden-Inspired Grandeur: Lush Mudroom Space

Image by jkath_designbuild

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with this garden-inspired mudroom. A floral wallpaper serves as a stunning backdrop, creating a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere. The bench area, complete with cosy pillows, looks out to nature through a large window, while wicker baskets and wall hooks provide ample storage for outdoor essentials, marrying aesthetics with practicality.

24. Dual-Purpose Bench Storage

Dual-Purpose Bench Storage

Image bymykcvalleylife

The image showcases a cosy, dual-purpose storage solution that seamlessly blends functionality with style. The bench offers a comfortable seating area, cushioned and adorned with chic, patterned pillows. Below, the open shelving efficiently houses footwear, making it perfect for multi-tasking laundry rooms. Transitioning above, the hooks mounted on a wooden beam provide handy hanging options for items to air dry or for temporary storage.

25. Classic Charm: Timeless Mudroom Design

Classic Charm: Timeless Mudroom Design

Image by highstreetmarket

This mudroom combines traditional elements with clean, modern lines for a look that is both classic and functional. The beadboard wall, painted in a soft gray, offers a backdrop for a simple wooden bench. Overhead cabinets provide discreet storage, and a row of hooks keeps everyday items easily accessible. The dark floor tiles add depth and are complemented by the natural texture of the baskets below, encapsulating timeless elegance.

26. Sophisticated Simplicity: Sleek Mudroom Design

Sophisticated Simplicity: Sleek Mudroom Design

Image by mindygayerdesign

This mudroom design epitomises serene elegance with a spacious cushioned bench and neutral tones. The clean lines of the drawers and the upper shelf adorned with minimalist decor underscore a sense of calm and order. The rustic stool adds a touch of warmth, making the space welcoming and functional.

27. Navy Nook: Bold and Organized Entryway

Navy Nook: Bold and Organized Entryway

Image by bothmindsdesign

The striking navy hue of this mudroom unit gives a bold backdrop to the golden accents and rich textures. With a built-in bench, upper shelving, and drawers, the unit provides a cohesive storage solution. The hooks are practical for hanging coats, while the drawers below ensure that even the smallest items have a place, showcasing how vibrant colours and smart design can transform a space.

28. Cozy Corner: Charming Mudroom Alcove

Cozy Corner: Charming Mudroom Alcove

Image by salvesangraham

Nestled between closets, the cushioned alcove in this mudroom provides a quaint seating area. The drawers below offer storage, while the patterned cushions and curtains add a pop of colour and pattern, making the space feel cosy and inviting. Above, the elegant light fixture gives a touch of sophistication, balancing the playful and the polished.

29. Nautical Whimsy: Bright and Playful Mudroom

Nautical Whimsy: Bright and Playful Mudroom

Image by sarafitzstudio

This mudroom’s playful nautical theme brings a spirited energy to the entryway. The bright coral wallpaper adorned with marine motifs complements the blues of the cushions, creating an oceanic vibe. Spacious under-bench storage keeps the area clutter-free, while the classic hat hooks add a functional yet decorative touch, capturing the essence of seaside charm.

30. Sophisticated Simplicity: Sleek Mudroom Design

Sophisticated Simplicity: Sleek Mudroom Design

Image by lindyegalloway

The dark tones of this mudroom create a sophisticated ambiance, with beadboard panelling adding texture and depth. Functional yet stylish, the open shelving and hooks are perfect for everyday items, while the drawers provide discreet storage. A bench offers a convenient spot to sit and don shoes, and the bright flowers introduce a touch of freshness to the chic, muted palette.


Q1: What are the benefits of built-in storage in a mudroom?

A1: Built-in storage maximizes space efficiency, offers customizable solutions to fit your specific needs, and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your mudroom. It can help keep the area organized and tidy, making it easier to manage outdoor gear, shoes, and clothing.

Q2: How do I determine the best layout for built-in storage in my mudroom?

A2: Consider your family’s storage needs and the dimensions of your mudroom. Plan for a mix of storage types such as hooks, benches with storage underneath, cabinets, and open shelving. Ensure there’s enough space for foot traffic and that the storage solutions are accessible to all family members, including kids.

Q3: What materials are best for mudroom built-in storage?

A3: Durable materials that can withstand moisture and dirt are ideal. Options include solid wood treated with a protective finish, laminates, and metal for hooks and hardware. Choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Q4: How can I incorporate seating into my mudroom’s built-in storage?

A4: A built-in bench is a popular and practical addition to mudroom storage. It provides a place to sit while putting on or taking off shoes and can include storage underneath in the form of drawers or cubbies.

Q5: What storage solutions are recommended for small mudrooms?

A5: For smaller spaces, prioritize vertical storage solutions like wall-mounted hooks, tall narrow cabinets, and overhead shelving. Consider a fold-down bench to save space. Use the back of the door for additional hanging storage if possible.

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