25 Innovative Garage Overhead Storage Ideas That You Will Love

Are you tired of playing “Tetris” with your garage clutter? Well, fear not, fellow storage enthusiasts! We’ve scoured the vast expanse of the interweb to bring you the ultimate compendium of innovative garage overhead storage ideas that will have you high-fiving your ceiling in sheer joy.

From ingenious pulley systems defying gravity to space-saving gadgets that would make NASA proud, we’ve covered it all. So, buckle up, dear readers, as we embark on a whimsical journey through garage organization, where creativity and practicality collide!

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1. Conveyer Belt Overhead Storage Shelves

Image and tutorial by South House Designs

Introducing the granddaddy of all garage storage solutions: the Conveyor Belt Overhead Storage Shelves! This ingenious contraption will make your garage feel like a bustling warehouse, minus the forklifts and annoying coworkers. Need your favorite fishing gear? Just press a button and watch it gracefully descend from the heavens above. It’s like having your personal storage genie!

2. DIY Over Head Cord Rack

Image and tutorial by Family Handyman

Say goodbye to the frustrating tangles and endless searching for the right cord. With a simple and practical design, this cord rack will keep your garage tidy. Easy to install and customize, it allows storing your cords overhead, freeing up valuable floor space.

3. Overhead Garage Storage System Under $25

Image and tutorial by Ana White

Need an affordable solution to declutter your garage? Look no further! Introducing “Overhead Garage Storage Under $25” – the holy grail for budget-conscious organizers. Prepare to bid farewell to those pricey storage systems and embrace the thrifty charm of overhead storage.

4. Hanging Shelves Garage Storage To Store Kid’s Toys

Image and tutorial by Kenarry

These magical overhead garage storage racks save not only precious floor space but also provide easy access to all their favorite toys. With sturdy hooks and durable materials, you can hang these shelves anywhere in your garage, creating a dedicated toy haven.

5. Storage In Ceiling For Bikes

Image and tutorial Gearage

Are your bikes hogging all the precious floor space in your garage? It’s time to elevate your storage game with an overhead storage rack for bikes! This ingenious solution allows you to reclaim your garage floor while keeping your trusty steeds safe and sound.

6. Storage Above Garage Door

Image and tutorial by Her Tool Belt

With a stroke of architectural genius, this overhead storage system takes advantage of the often-neglected airspace, transforming it into a sanctuary for seldom-used items. Say goodbye to the clutter that once plagued your garage floor, and say hello to a new realm of orderliness.

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Expert tip by TCH- Maximize weight capacity: When considering overhead storage ideas, ensure that the chosen system can handle the weight of your items. Opt for sturdy materials like heavy-duty metal brackets or reinforced shelving to support your belongings without sagging or compromising structural integrity safely.

7. Plywood Shelving Garage Ceiling Rack

Image and tutorial by Crafted Workshop

Crafted with the finest plywood and a touch of wizardry, this overhead garage storage rack magically transforms your garage ceiling into a sanctuary of organization. It boasts sturdy shelves that can hold everything from bulky boxes to your beloved collection of vintage Bobbleheads.

8. Cheap And Easy DIY Lumber Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

Image and tutorial by The Ugly Duckling House

Looking to tame the wild jungle of lumber in your garage storage space without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Cheap and Easy DIY Garage Overhead Lumber Storage Rack! With just a few simple materials and a sprinkle of DIY magic, you’ll be able to suspend your lumber overhead, freeing up valuable floor space and giving your garage a touch of rustic charm.

9. Heavy Duty Shelves For Heavy Items

Image by acsrarizona

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find a spot in garage space for your massive power tools, heavy storage boxes, or that collection of anvils you’ve been hoarding (we won’t judge). These bad boys are designed to handle the bulkiest of items, effortlessly lifting them off the ground and reclaiming precious floor space.

10. Adjustable Overhead Garage Ceiling Racks

Image by suckstobebroke

These incredible contraptions are like the Swiss Army knives of organizing, providing a magical solution to tame the chaos above your head. With their customizable design, they effortlessly adapt to your ever-changing storage needs in unused space, accommodating everything from bulky sports equipment to seasonal decorations. Imagine reclaiming that valuable floor space and waving goodbye to clutter-induced anxiety.

11. Ceiling Mounted Shelves For Enormous Items

Image by thesaltedstripe

Are you tired of staring at that gigantic inflatable dinosaur or your collection of vintage surfboards taking up valuable floor space in your garage? Fear not, for the solution hangs above you! Introducing ceiling-mounted shelves for enormous items, the superhero of storage solutions. These ingenious contraptions defy gravity, providing a home for your mammoth-sized belongings while keeping your garage floor free for more important things, like perfecting your ping-pong skills.

Expert tips by TCH- Plan for accessibility. Prioritize easy access to your stored items. Consider installing sliding platforms or pulley systems that allows you to lower and raise items with minimal effort. Organize your storage in a way that frequently used items are easily reachable while less frequently used items can be placed higher up.

12. Elevated Sports Gear Storage

Image by garagesmart

Tired of your sports gear dominating every square inch of your garage? Say hello to the game-changing solution: Elevated Sports Gear Storage! With sturdy hooks, racks, and cleverly designed shelves suspended from above, your bikes, skis, surfboards, and even that vintage pogo stick can now hang gracefully in mid-air, defying gravity and showcasing your athletic prowess.

13. Overhead Garage Storage DIY Wooden Shelving

Image by youngtomselleck

Bid farewell to floor clutter as you hoist your belongings to new heights, making the most of your vertical space. Whether you’re stashing away seasonal items or showcasing your collection of oddities, this wooden shelving is a stylish and functional addition to any garage. Get ready to level up your storage game in true DIY fashion!

14. Sliding DIY Garage Overhead Storage

Image and tutorial by Family Handy Man

Introducing the Sliding DIY Garage Overhead Storage, the solution that combines efficiency and DIY fun in one fell swoop. Say goodbye to the frustration of digging through stacks of boxes and tangled messes of tools. This system features sliding plastic totes that effortlessly glide along sturdy rails, maximizing your vertical space with ease.

15. Elevated Surf Board Storage

Image by charlesandhudson

Introducing the ingenious solution to your storage woes: elevated surfboard storage in the garage. With easy-to-install racks and sturdy overhead supports, your surfboards will be safely nestled above, ready for your next epic wave-chasing adventure.

16. Hanging Plastic Bins From the Ceiling In Garage

Image by the_sorted_details

Tired of your garage resembling a chaotic maze of misplaced tools and forgotten trinkets? These versatile bins, suspended from above like acrobats in a circus, offer a whimsical and efficient way to store your items. From screws and nails to sports equipment and seasonal decorations, these bins will keep your belongings neatly organized and out of harm’s way.

17. Elevated Bicycle Storage In the Garage

Image by pacificgaragesolutionsbc

Introducing elevated bicycle storage, the revolutionary solution that will take your garage organization to new heights—literally! With a mix of pulleys, hooks, and a touch of magic, you can say goodbye to tangled handlebars and hello to a clutter-free garage.

18. Over Head Fishing Poles Storage

Image by giordano_construction_llc

No more tripping over tangled lines or searching frantically for the right rod. With overhead fishing pole storage, you’ll have a sleek, space-saving solution that showcases your beloved gear while giving your garage that angler’s touch.

19. Bike Suspensions From Ceiling Garage

Image by finesthandymanwaxhaw

Say goodbye to clunky floor racks and embrace a gravity-defying storage method that will leave your friends in awe. With a secure and adjustable suspension system, your bikes will be snugly nestled against the ceiling, out of harm’s way, yet ready for action at a moment’s notice.

20. Elevated Powertool Storage

Image by garagesmart

Say hello to elevated Powertool storage, the superhero solution for your cluttered space! This fantastic storage system lifts your special tools off the floor and into the skies, reclaiming precious real estate while ensuring easy access whenever duty calls.

Expert tip by TCH- Safety first. Always prioritize safety when implementing overhead storage ideas. Be cautious of overhead clearance and ensure that stored items do not obstruct doorways or pose a risk of falling. Securely fasten the storage system to the ceiling joists or beams, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to prevent accidents or damage to your garage and belongings.

21. Tilted Surfboard Storage

Image by rackaboard

This fantastic creation will revolutionize the way you store your surfboards in the garage. No longer will your precious boards be forced to lay flat on the ground, gathering dust and longing for the ocean. With a clever tilt mechanism, this storage solution allows your surfboards to be gracefully suspended above as if they’re catching an endless wave in the sky.

22. Overboard Camping Storage In The Above Garage Door Storage

Image by missjunkin

With the “Overboard Camping Storage in Garage,” you’ll effortlessly locate your camping gear, saving precious time and avoiding unnecessary frustration. It’s time to reclaim your garage and embark on epic outdoor adventures with ease and a touch of organizational bliss.

23. Travel Suitcases On The Ceiling Mounted Shelves

Image by yourgarageorganizer

By utilizing every inch of vertical space, these shelves create a striking display while keeping your precious suitcases safe and sound. No more shuffling through piles of luggage or cramming them in the corner like forgotten relics. With this gravity-defying feat, your garage becomes a stylish sanctuary for both adventure and organization.

24. Wired Baskets For Overhead Storage

Image by thegarageinteriordesigncompany

Wired baskets for overhead storage, your knight in shining wire armor! These versatile and stylish storage solutions are here to save the day by turning your garage ceiling into a glorious haven of organization.

25. Install a Track System For head Storage

Image by freshstartorganizer

This nifty invention will turn your ceiling into a superhero, swooping down to save the day and banish clutter forever. With the Track System, you can effortlessly suspend your belongings overhead, reclaiming precious floor space and unlocking a world of organization.


Q. How do you store above a garage?

One great way to store above a garage is overhead storage systems. These systems typically involve installing racks, shelves, or hanging platforms on the ceiling of your garage. Utilizing this often-neglected space allows you to free up valuable floor space while keeping your items easily accessible. Just make sure to plan your storage layout strategically and use sturdy materials that can handle the weight of your belongings.

Q. What is the average cost for overhead garage storage?

The cost of overhead garage storage can vary depending on several things, including the size of your garage, the type of storage system you choose, and any additional features or customization options. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for overhead garage storage solutions. It’s always recommended to research different options, compare prices, and consider the quality and durability of the system before making a purchase.

Q. How do I cover overhead storage in my garage?

Covering overhead storage in your garage can be done in a few ways. One option is to use large sheets of fabric or netting to create a barrier between the storage area and the rest of the garage. This can help prevent dust accumulation and keep your stored items protected. Another option is to install sliding or hinged doors designed explicitly for overhead storage systems. These doors can be closed when not used, providing a clean and tidy look to your garage while keeping the stored items out of sight.

Q. How can I make cheap garage storage?

Creating cheap garage storage doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas:

  • Repurpose household items: Look around your home for unused shelves, bins, or crates that can be repurposed as storage in your garage.
  • DIY shelving: Build simple wooden shelves using inexpensive materials like plywood and cinder blocks, or utilize sturdy metal brackets and planks.
  • Utilize wall space: Install hooks, pegboards, or wall-mounted organizers to hang tools, sports equipment, and other items.
  • Get creative with containers: Use recycled jars, cans, or plastic bins to sort and store smaller items.
  • Optimize vertical space: Use overhead storage by installing DIY pulley systems or hanging platforms.

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