25 Amazing Double Vanity Mirrors for Bathroom

Discover style and functionality with this compilation of 25 Amazing Double Vanity Mirrors for Bathrooms.

The mirrors are a vital component of the double vanity setup. Instead of a single large mirror, two separate mirrors are positioned above their respective sink area. Mirror serve a functional purpose while contributing to the visual appeal of the space. They can be framed or frameless, and their size and shape should be proportional to the vanity and the overall bathroom design.

Get inspired to transform your bathroom into a haven of convenience and elegance.

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1. Modern And Sleek Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Double Vanity

Image by architeka.co

Embracing minimalism, this mirror exemplify clean lines and understated elegance. Frameless designs offer a sense of spaciousness, ideal for smaller bathrooms, while metallic-framed options infuse a touch of luxury.

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2. Wooden Framed Double Vanity Mirrors For Bathroom

Image by brookewagnerdesign

Wooden framed double vanity rectangular mirror is a timeless choice that brings warmth and character to any bathroom. The natural textures and rich wood tones create a sense of comfort and connection with nature. They add symmetry and balance when paired with double vanity, elevating the overall visual appeal.

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3. Bathroom Mirrors For Double Vanity On A Brick Backsplash

Image by dixemnhadi

Integrating bathroom mirror for a double vanity on a brick backsplash is a dynamic design juxtaposing rustic charm with modern functionality. The textured backdrop of exposed brick adds depth and character, creating an intriguing visual contrast against the mirror’s sleek surfaces.

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Expert tip by TCH: Double mirrors are a canvas to express your bathroom’s personality. Embrace framed or frameless mirror that resonate with your style – be it classic, modern, rustic, or eclectic. Use mirror as an opportunity to amplify the room’s color scheme, texture, or architectural elements. Their presence can elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics, reflecting not only your appearance but also your unique design sensibilities.

4. Bathroom Double Vanity Mirrors With Marble Sinks

Image by tarrasdesignhouse

Integrating marble sinks and double vanity framed mirror in a bathroom design can be seen as a thoughtful play on texture and material. Marble’s natural beauty resonates with the mirror’s reflective properties, creating a sensory experience that engages sight and touch.

5. Double Vanity Mirror Ideas With Floating Sink And Grey Built-Ins

Image by amystormandco

The grey built-ins, whether in a sleek matte finish or a textured wood grain, bring depth and sophistication to the design. To amplify the visual impact, consider oversized rectangular mirror with minimalistic frames. This juxtaposition of the floating elements and grounded built-ins strikes a harmonious balance between contemporary aesthetics and functional storage.

6. Bathroom Mirror For Double Vanity With Grey Bathroom

Image by homes_society

Incorporating mirror into a bathroom with a grey color scheme is a design opportunity to create a balanced and sophisticated ambiance. Grey tones offer a neutral backdrop, allowing mirror to play a pivotal role in adding depth and character.

7. Double Mirrors For Bathroom With Wooden And Gold Accents

Image by nathanjames

Combining wooden and gold accents in double vanity circular mirror for bathrooms creates a stunning juxtaposition of warmth and luxury. The natural texture of wood brings a sense of earthiness, while the gold accents infuse a touch of luxury and glamour.

8. Double Sink Vanity Mirror With Wall Mount Lamps

Image by buildtxsolutions and ch_design.studio

This combination creates a balanced and flattering wall space lighting setup akin to professional dressing room lighting. Opt for lamps with adjustable arms or dimming features to customize the lighting intensity according to your needs.

9. Double Vanity Bathroom Mirror Ideas With White Tile Backsplash

Image by studio.lux.interiors

Vanity mirrors are more than just practical additions; they’re design opportunities to create a balanced and harmonious space. Opt for a mirror that reflect the bathroom’s overall aesthetic while catering to individual preferences. Frameless mirror can open up smaller bathrooms, while ornate frames add a touch of luxury to spacious ones. Consider the height and angle for optimal functionality.

10. Best Bathroom Mirrors For Double sinks And Grey Cabinets

Image by mhlophe_industries

When pairing bathroom mirror with double sinks and grey cabinets, balancing functionality and aesthetics is essential. Opt for a mirror that echo the sleekness of grey cabinets while enhancing the overall design.

Expert tip by TCH: Integrate lighting thoughtfully with your double vanities. Consider installing vertical sconces on either side of each mirror for even illumination. This eliminates shadows and provides optimal lighting for grooming tasks. If space is limited, consider mirrors with built-in LED backlighting. This adds an ambient glow while ensuring your reflection is well-lit, making daily routines a breeze.

11. Large Bathroom Mirror For Double Vanity With Blue Hardware

Image by jenniferbunsa

The contrast between the mirror’s expansiveness and the vivid hardware’s subtlety strikes the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics, delivering a modern and inviting atmosphere to your bathroom.

12. Master Bathroom Mirror Ideas With Pull Out Drawers

Image by just_my_design_state

Integrating pull-out drawers into master bathroom mirrors is a game-changer in optimizing storage efficiency. These mirrors cater to the practical needs of modern homeowners, allowing them to store essential toiletries and cosmetics discreetly.

13. Traditional Bathroom Mirrors For Double Sinks

Image by tuftandtrim

Traditional bathroom mirror for double sinks add a timeless charm that resonates with classic elegance. Ornate frames and rich finishes like mahogany or brushed brass lend a touch of sophistication, infusing warmth into the space.

14. Bathroom Vanity Mirror Ideas With Dark Wood Cabinets

Image by erinzubotdesign

The rich tones of the dark wood cabinets can be beautifully contrasted with mirror featuring lighter frames or finishes to balance the overall visual impact. A popular choice is to opt for a mirror with ornate or intricate detailing that adds depth and texture to the space.

Expert tip by TCH: When choosing vanity mirrors, proportion is paramount. Opt for a mirror that is approximately 70-80% of the width of your vanity. This ensures a harmonious visual balance, avoiding the mirror overpowering or appearing too small in comparison. Keeping the mirror within this range creates a pleasing symmetry while maintaining functional coverage.

15. Double Sink Vanity Mirror Ideas With White Cabinets

Image by ourruralnest

The neutral canvas of white cabinets allows for creative single mirror space designs to shine—frameless mirror emphasize a modern aesthetic, while ornate frames infuse classic elegance. Consider incorporating ambient lighting fixtures around the mirror to enhance the visual appeal.

16. Double Sink Mirror Ideas With Grey Cabinets And Gold Hardware

Image by westofmain

Grey cabinets provide a neutral canvas that balances the space. At the same time, introducing gold hardware adds a touch of luxury and warmth. To harmonize this combination, opt for large, frameless mirrors that reflect natural light and amplify the feeling of space.

17. Bathroom Mirrors Ideas With White Cabinets

Image by kellycarondesigns

This pairing creates a fresh, airy ambiance, making even compact bathrooms feel more spacious. The reflective nature of a mirror amplifies the sense of openness, while the white cabinetry maintains a clean, classic backdrop.

18. Double Bathroom Mirror With Beige Sink And Brass Hardware

Image by just_my_design_state

The beige sinks, with their neutral and calming tones, create a serene foundation. At the same time, the brass hardware adds a luxurious touch with its vintage-inspired allure. The double square mirror space arrangement enhances practicality and imparts a sense of symmetry and balance to the space.

19. Double Vanity Mirrors With Beige Cabinets And Black Hardware

Image by frengpartyof6

Incorporating beige cabinets and black hardware within a double vanity mirror setup is a strategic design move. The beige cabinets offer a neutral foundation, while the black hardware introduces visual contrast and a sense of modernity.

20. Dark Wood Floating Cabinets And Double Mirror Vanity

Image by kerrieann_jones_stylist

While the dark wood adds drama, ensure ample lighting to prevent the space from feeling too heavy. Opt for well-placed sconces or pendant lights to illuminate the area effectively.

21. Double Sink Mirror With Green Walls

Image by westofmain

Layered lighting around mirror ensures accurate reflection for grooming tasks. Remember, these mirrors enhance functionality and contribute significantly to the bathroom’s visual appeal, making them an essential part of any well-designed space.

22. Double Vanities With Arch Shaped Mirrors

Image by indie.and.co

Double vanities with arch-shaped mirror is a brilliant way to introduce architectural interest and elegance to your bathroom. The arches add a touch of uniqueness and create a focal point that will draw your eye. These mirrors soften the overall aesthetic, balancing the clean lines of modern vanities.

23. Double Mirrors With Black Frame

Image by christal.gines.interiors

The sleekness of the black frame beautifully complements modern design elements. It effortlessly ties in with matte black fixtures, faucets, and hardware that have become increasingly popular in bathroom aesthetics.

24. Marble Sink And Oval Mirrors

Image by banda.property

Opting for a marble sink and oval mirror is smart for those seeking a bathroom upgrade. Marble’s durability and unique veining patterns add a sense of luxury to the space. Oval mirrors, with their softer edges, soften the overall aesthetic while providing functional reflection.

25. Light Wood Cabinets And Marble Sinks With Mirrors

Image by japandi.interiors

The light wood cabinets infuse a sense of organic charm, creating a welcoming atmosphere in any bathroom. Paired with the opulence of marble sinks, the contrast strikes a harmonious balance between rustic and refined elements.


How do I choose a mirror for a double-sink vanity?

Selecting a mirror for a double-sink vanity involves considering both aesthetics and functionality. Opt for mirror that is proportional to the vanity width and height. Frame styles should complement your bathroom’s modern, traditional, or transitional decor. Ensure the mirror’s height allows for easy viewing for all users. Additionally, consider integrated lighting for grooming tasks. Reflect on the overall design cohesion and personal preferences to make a well-informed choice.

What size mirrors for double vanity 72?

For a double vanity that’s 72 inches wide, consider mirrors around 24 to 36 inches wide each. The mirrors should span a significant portion of the vanity’s width to maintain visual balance. Keep in mind that the height can vary depending on your bathroom’s ceiling height, but a typical range is around 30 to 40 inches. Remember, these are general guidelines; adjusting based on your specific bathroom layout and preferences is essential.

Can you have 2 mirrors in a bathroom?

Having two mirrors in a bathroom is a popular and functional choice, especially in spaces with double-sink vanities. Dual mirrors provide convenience for multiple users. Position them above each sink area, creating symmetry and balanced aesthetics. Ensure the mirrors don’t overwhelm the space – their size should suit the vanity and the room’s proportions. Keep in mind that having two mirrors also offers an opportunity to enhance the bathroom’s design and lighting scheme.

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