35 Fantastic Corner Shower Ideas You Will Love

Get ready to dive into the world of corner showers – where awkward bathroom spaces meet their match! In this article, we’re unleashing 35 ridiculously fantastic corner shower ideas that’ll make you head over heels – shampoo bottle in hand. 

One of the primary advantages of a corner shower is its ability to maximize space. Bathrooms come in various sizes, and utilizing a corner for the shower can free up more central space for other fixtures or design elements.

They can add a unique and visually appealing element to your interiors. They break away from the traditional linear shower designs, creating an attractive focal point that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to shower curtains that stick to you like clingy exes, join us on this amazing journey through corner shower innovations that will make you embrace corners like never before!

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1. Gold Frame Glass Divider For Small Bathroom Corner Shower

Image by stevecordony

The ingenious design of a glass corner shower wall with a gold frame glass divider immediately catches the eye. The transparent glass panels amplify this effect, giving the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. The added allure of a gold frame infuses elegance into the design, turning your corner shower into a visual masterpiece that enhances the overall aesthetics of your space.

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2. Tile Corner Shower Ideas With Shower Curb

Image by lifestylem_interiordesign

Including a shower curb ensures that water remains within the shower area, preventing potential leaks and maintaining the overall dryness of your bathroom. This functional addition can save you from unnecessary maintenance headaches down the line.

3. White Tile Corner Shower For A Small Bathroom

Image by decofromablondie

Small bathrooms demand creativity, and a white tile corner shower takes center stage. Nestling neatly into the corner liberates valuable floor space, opening up the room for other essential fixtures or design elements. This strategic placement creates an illusion of a larger area, contributing to an airier and more welcoming atmosphere.

4. Subway Tile Bathroom With Corner Shower With Glass Divider

Image by housebeautifuluk

Subway tiles are the epitome of timeless elegance. Their clean lines and neutral color palette act as the perfect backdrop for various design styles. From classic to contemporary, subway tiles provide a canvas to create your bathroom masterpiece.

5. Dark Grey Corner Shower Tile

Image by interiorstyled

Dark grey tiles exude a sense of contemporary elegance that will elevate the overall ambiance of your bathroom. The deep, rich tones add depth and a touch of drama, creating a visually striking focal point in your corner shower. Paired with the right lighting, these tiles can create an atmosphere that feels luxurious and welcoming.

6. Minimalist Small Corner Shower Ideas

Image by thepannellhome

The corner shower is a strategic choice for space-conscious individuals. By utilizing an often underutilized corner, you open up the central area of your bathroom, giving it an airy and uncluttered feel. This efficient use of space is especially advantageous in smaller bathrooms.

7. Neutral Bathroom With Tiled Corner Shower

Image by luxy__homes

Neutral color schemes have a timeless appeal and are renowned for their ability to evoke a sense of calm and sophistication. Imagine entering a bathroom adorned with shades of soft beige, warm greys, and gentle whites. These hues create an atmosphere of relaxation, allowing you to unwind after a long day and start your mornings peacefully.

Expert tip by TCH: Choose large-format tiles for your corner shower walls. This not only reduces grout lines, making cleaning easier but also gives a sense of continuity, creating a sleek and modern backdrop that complements the overall design of your bathroom.

8. Half Wall Paneling For Corner Shower Bathroom Ideas

Image by lauraandthegs

Half-wall paneling introduces a layer of texture and visual interest to your bathroom. Whether you opt for classic beadboard, sleek vertical panels, or intricate geometric designs, the panels draw the eye and create depth, making your corner shower area a focal point.

9. Grey Hexagonal Corner Shower Tile Ideas

Image by aarman.decor

Hexagonal tiles naturally draw the eye with their distinct pattern. When used in a corner shower, they can completely transform the space, adding depth and visual interest to an otherwise plain corner. The angular edges create a mesmerizing pattern that uniquely captures and reflects light.

10. Corner Showers Designs With Grey Flooring

Image by lhkinteriors

Corner showers are a versatile solution for optimizing bathroom space. They allow you to create a more open and uncluttered bathroom layout, making the room feel larger. Additionally, their unique design can add a touch of elegance to the space. Consider transparent or light-colored materials when choosing a corner shower to maintain an airy atmosphere.

11. Corner Walk In Shower Ideas With Glass Doors

Image by mhlophe_design

Glass doors create an airy feel within the bathroom. They allow natural light to flow freely, making the space brighter and more inviting. The transparency of glass doors also creates a seamless visual flow, making the bathroom appear larger than it is.

12. Dark Grey Bathrooms With Corner Showers

Image by bedrosiantiles

Corner showers are a practical choice for bathrooms of all sizes. Their placement in a corner helps to create a more efficient layout and improves the overall functionality of the space. When designing with corner showers, I recommend seamless glass enclosures to maintain a clean and cohesive look while allowing natural light to flow through.

13. White Corner Shower Small Bathroom With Gold Accents

Image by mhlophe_interiors

The marriage of white and gold in your corner shower creates a visually pleasing contrast. The purity of white enhances the feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness, while the warmth of gold adds depth and sophistication. This balanced combination transforms your small bathroom into an elegant oasis that radiates tranquility and charm.

14. Green Tiles Corner Shower Bathroom

Image by idealhomeuk

For those who appreciate minimalist design, a green tile corner shower can be the bathroom’s focal point. The simplicity of the corner shower’s form, combined with the calming effect of green tiles, embodies the essence of minimalist aesthetics.

15. Grey Corner Shower Remodel With Black Accents

Image by stylerior

 If you’re aiming for a modern and sophisticated look that maximizes your space, a grey corner shower with black accents might be the perfect choice. This contemporary combination not only creates a visually appealing focal point but also offers a host of other benefits.

16. Corner Shower For Small Bathroom With Light Wood Floors

Image by ash.house.33

From a remodeling standpoint, corner showers are a go-to option for updating bathrooms. They offer the opportunity to revamp the space with modern materials and fixtures. When remodeling, consider incorporating built-in toiletry niches and stylish mosaic tiles to add texture and personality.

17. Walk In Corner Shower Ideas With Brass Hardware

Image by harvey_george_uk

The walk-in corner shower with brass hardware effortlessly becomes a visual focal point of your bathroom. The unique positioning draws attention and becomes a statement piece, elevating the overall design. It’s not just a functional element; it’s a piece of art that enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Expert tip by TCH: When designing your corner shower, consider built-in shelving or niches. These functional additions declutter your space and provide a convenient spot to store shower essentials without compromising the aesthetic appeal.

18. Brown Tile Shower Corner

Image by katie.leclercq

Brown tiles evoke a sense of natural beauty, bringing earthy tones into your bathroom. Whether you choose rich chocolate hues or lighter caramel shades, brown tiles exude a timeless elegance that complements various design aesthetics.

19. Pink Tiled Luxury Corner Shower

Image by fireclaytile

Step into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with the Pink Tiled Luxury Corner Shower. The corner placement creates a cozy, intimate ambiance that invites you to unwind. Imagine indulging in a serene spa-like atmosphere right within the comfort of your home.

20. Corner Showers Ideas With Marble Shower Curb

Image by juleeireland

Marble has long been associated with luxury and sophistication. Introducing a marble shower curb to your corner shower infuses a timeless elegance that elevates the entire space. The natural veining and the color variations of marble add a touch of visual interest, making every shower experience a lavish affair.

21. Neutral Color Hexagonal Pattern Tiles For Small Bathroom With Corner Shower

Image by bathrooms_of_insta

Small bathroom design often suffer from a lack of space, making them feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, you can instantly create an illusion of a larger area by installing a corner shower and adorning the white floor with hexagonal pattern tiles in soft, neutral tones. The geometric layout of hexagons draws the eye outward, making the bathroom seem more open and inviting.

22. Grey Tiles Corner Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Image by emmalouisehomedesign

Grey tiles, especially in lighter shades, can help visually expand the perceived size of your bathroom. When paired with a corner shower, the strategic use of color and layout can create an illusion of more space, making your small bathroom feel less confined.

23. Hexagonal patterned Subway Tile Shower

Image by house_on_the_crescent

Corner showers provide endless possibilities for personalization. For a luxurious experience, consider installing rain showerheads, body jets, and even built-in Bluetooth speakers. The corner placement also allows for creative tile patterns and color schemes, adding an artistic touch to the bathroom.

24. Classic Black Walk-In Corner Shower

Image by designbysmallbathroom and bathroomdesigning

The allure of the classic black color palette is undeniable. It exudes a sense of modernity while paying homage to traditional aesthetics. The walk-in corner shower, cloaked in this sophisticated hue, instantly becomes the bathroom’s focal point. Its presence commands attention and adds a touch of drama to the space.

25. Corner Showers For Small Bathrooms With Gold Hardware And Wooden Vanity And Marble Countertops

Image by theinteriordesignassistantuk

Introducing gold hardware and shower heads to your corner shower brings an element of luxury and refinement. The warm, reflective tones of gold beautifully contrast with the clean lines of modern design. Whether it’s the showerhead, handles, or fixtures, these subtle touches of gold can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a sense of luxury in the bathroom.

Expert tip by TCH: Incorporate clear glass panels for your corner shower enclosure. The transparency creates an open and spacious feel and allows uninterrupted visual flow, making your bathroom appear larger than it actually is.

26. Small Corner Bathroom Shower With White Walls

Image by thepannelhome

White walls have long been celebrated for their ability to create an open and airy ambiance. In a small corner bathroom, white walls work their magic by reflecting light and giving the illusion of a more expansive space. The result? A shower area that feels inviting and serene. 

27. Modern Corner Showers With Green Flooring

Image by stefmturner

Modern corner showers with glass door are more than just a practical fixture; they’re a statement piece that blends seamlessly with cutting-edge interior designs. The strategic placement in a corner optimizes space, making even compact bathrooms feel more open and spacious. 

28. Large Corner Shower With Bench

Image by bedrosiantiles

Integrating a bench within the shower area of contemporary bathrooms creates a seamless and cohesive look. It eliminates the need for additional seating, saving space and maintaining the clean lines of the bathroom. The bench becomes a functional and stylish part of the shower enclosure.

29. Small Bathroom With Blue Subway Tiles

Image by carlaelilliman

Blue subway tiles have a unique ability to create an illusion of space. Their elongated shape and vibrant color can visually stretch the walls, making the room feel larger and more open. If you’re dealing with a compact bathroom, incorporating these tiles can be a clever strategy to give the area a more expansive look.

30. White And Blue Tiles For Corner Shower Design

Image by bathrooms_of_intsa

The interplay between white and blue tiles adds depth and visual interest to your corner shower with frosted glass. Consider alternating patterns or arranging the tiles in a mosaic design to create a captivating focal point that draws the eye and complements your bathroom’s overall aesthetics.

31. Glass walls Corner Shower With Black Hardware

Image by betterhomesandgardens

The marriage of glass walls and black hardware is a symphony of contrasts. The transparency of the glass can create an illusion of spaciousness, making even the most compact bathrooms appear larger and more inviting. Pair this with sleek black hardware, and you have a design masterpiece that effortlessly combines timeless elegance with contemporary flair.

32. White Shower With Brass Hardware

Image by harvey_george_uk

The white shower with brass hardware combines the clean, crisp lines of a white shower space with the rich, glistening allure of brass fixtures. The result is a harmonious fusion of classic simplicity and glamorous accentuation, creating a balanced yet striking aesthetic.

33. Small Shower With Black Accents

Image by canaromotoronto

In a small shower, utilizing black accents can create a sense of depth and dimension. When paired with lighter tones like white or pale gray, the contrast draws the eye and tricks it into perceiving a more spacious area. Incorporating black tiles as a border or a geometric pattern on the shower walls can achieve this stunning effect.

34. Neutral Colow Shower With Marble Bench And Curb

Image by laken.design

A marble curb in your shower enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides a functional transition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. It prevents water from spilling out and adds a layer of elegance to your shower’s design.

35. Modern Light Grey Shower

Image by stylerior

The allure of a modern light grey acrylic walls of neo angle showers lies in its understated elegance. The soft, neutral tones of light grey create a serene and calming atmosphere, perfect for turning your daily shower routine into a tranquil escape. 


Are corner showers more expensive? 

Corner showers can vary in price depending on materials, design complexity, and additional features. Generally, corner showers might have similar price ranges to other showers, with costs influenced by your choices in fixtures, enclosures, and customization.

What are the benefits of a corner shower? 

Corner showers offer several benefits, including efficient space utilization, a visually appealing focal point, improved traffic flow in the bathroom, the potential for unique design elements, and the ability to enhance natural light penetration. They can also provide a cozy and comfortable showering experience.

Do corner showers save space? 

Yes, corner showers are known for their space-saving design. By utilizing the corner of the bathroom, they optimize available floor space and open up the central area. This is especially advantageous in smaller bathrooms, where maximizing space is crucial.

What is the price to install a corner shower? 

The cost to install a corner shower can vary widely depending on factors such as size, materials, fixtures, and labor costs in your area. On average, basic corner shower kits might start around a few hundred dollars, while more elaborate custom designs with high-end materials can reach the thousands. It’s recommended to obtain quotes from contractors or suppliers to get a more accurate idea of the cost for your specific project.

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