Quicklines is an AI-driven tool tailored for scaling cold email campaigns. Its capabilities extend to deep social scraping, predominantly from LinkedIn, and AI-assisted generation of genuine first-line sentences. These functionalities empower users to craft more personalized, compelling cold emails, leading to improved engagement and higher response rates.

Features & Benefits:

  • Social Scraping: Quicklines leverages data from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile, extracting details like name, job title, company, skills, and achievements.
  • AI-Powered First Line Generation: Based on the scraped data, the AI crafts natural and relatable initial lines for emails, making the outreach seem tailored and not generic.
  • Efficiency and Affordability: Quicklines is notably efficient, operating 40 times faster and being 6 times cheaper than manual processes.
  • Credits & Pricing: A one-time fee of $59 gives users lifetime access, accompanied by a monthly provision of 300 credits. Unused credits roll over to subsequent months.
  • Successful Outreach: Over 1,000 businesses have benefitted from heightened interest in their cold outreach campaigns. Ready-to-use first lines boast a success rate of over 90%.
  • Educational Content: Quicklines also provides a complimentary cold email course, aiding users in crafting better cold emails and strategizing more effectively.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Beyond its standard features, Quicklines offers solutions tailored for enterprises.
  • Integration & Compatibility: Quicklines can integrate with various sales engagement platforms and is versatile, supporting all existing platforms.
  • User Base: Primarily, sales teams find the most utility from Quicklines.


  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Reduces the time and financial resources expended on first-line writing.
  • Increased Engagement: Tailored emails lead to better engagement, improving response and conversion rates.
  • Simplified Operations: Offers a more streamlined alternative to using spreadsheets or hiring virtual assistants.


  • Dependence on LinkedIn: Effective use requires LinkedIn URLs of prospects, which might not always be handy or accurate.
  • AI Limitations: There might be instances where the AI falls short in crafting lines for particular prospects or offers, depending on data availability.
  • Budget & Needs Mismatch: Those needing more than 300 credits monthly or seeking additional features might find Quicklines lacking.


 Quicklines serves as an innovative solution for businesses looking to bolster their cold outreach endeavors. By automating personalization and leveraging AI, it promises improved engagement and results. Sales teams, in particular, stand to gain significantly from integrating Quicklines into their outreach strategies. While there are limitations, especially concerning data dependencies, the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a worthy investment for most.

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