In this time of information overload, the best way to connect with your customers isn’t probably your ordinary weekly email newsletter. 

With almost every other business sending 2-3 email newsletters per month and overcrowding inboxes, your message is most likely to be lost or forgotten. This is not to say that email newsletters no longer work. I personally love email newsletters and consider it one of the best digital marketing channels. I just think that there’s an immense opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers the traditional way – the offline way.

Hence, one of the services that I provide for businesses is Postcard Marketing. Yes, you read it right. And if on reading about Postcards, your mind went like – But that’s not scalable! I get you and you’re right. If you’re a big business, then surely, sending postcards to ‘all’ your customers doesn’t make sense. But, how about sending handwritten postcards to your top 100 most regular customers? 

And if you’re a small business, then Postcard Marketing perfectly aligns with Paul Graham’s famous advice – Do things that don’t scale, which according to me is the way to go for small businesses.

So, how exactly do I help you?

I start with understanding your business requirements and suggest a Postcard Marketing campaign for you. I take care of everything from designing and printing postcards, writing notes (handwritten or printed) and shipping it out to your customers (we use trackable shipping service). In case sharing the customers’ addresses is a concern for you, I get the postcards delivered to your office address and you can take care of the shipping process.

Apart from Postcard Marketing, I also offer graphic design and branding services to businesses. Drop me an email with your business requirements at