40 Amazing Earth Day Craft Ideas For Kids & Adults

Earth day has been celebrated every year on April 20 since 1970 worldwide to create an awareness of all the dangers we need to protect the Earth from.  Many activities are done, like campaigns and creating different arts and crafts to raise awareness. People of any age can make these creative crafts with minimal material. … Read more

40+ Best Unicorn Crafts That Are Super Fun To Make

Who can resist unicorns? Nowadays, this magical animal is being touted as a symbol of embracing individuality and living a life as colourful as a rainbow. Unicorns have a special meaning to most families and their closest friends. Unicorn crafts are trending among kids, teens, and adults alike, with kids and teens, in particular, embracing … Read more

30 Easy DIY Monster Crafts That Are Super Fun To Make

Even though at one point in time, the mention of monsters was enough to make children cry, times seem to be changing. Monster crafts and everything monster-themed is really sweeping the trends currently. Monsters can be really helpful in helping kids understand their fears and emotions. Also, they can be funny-looking once they get over … Read more

31 Cute and Easy DIY Fox Crafts For Kids To Enjoy

Most children love doing fall-themed crafts and art projects when autumn starts to roll in. And for some reason one of the most popular fall crafts are fox crafts for kids. These woodland creatures are smart, they are cunning and they have a lot of characteristics that are interesting to learn. Just like the lovable … Read more