Zaplingo: Your AI-Powered English Tutor on WhatsApp

Zaplingo, a creation by GitDuck, Inc., is a groundbreaking AI-enabled English tutor available on platforms like WhatsApp. With a focus on providing a low-pressure, user-friendly environment, it empowers learners to hone their English speaking skills at their convenience.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 Availability: Zaplingo’s round-the-clock presence ensures that users can tailor their learning experience according to their schedules.
  • Audio Messaging: The platform allows learners to send audio messages, enabling them to practice pronunciation and promptly receive valuable feedback.
  • Real-life Conversation Practice: Zaplingo promotes conversational fluency by offering real-world conversation simulations. This unique feature accelerates confidence and competence in spoken English.
  • Clear Grammar Explanations: Zaplingo stands out with its ability to simplify complex grammar concepts. Learners receive direct, comprehensible grammar guidance, easing its application in real-life contexts.
  • Native Language Support: To bridge the understanding gap, users can request explanations in their mother tongue. This customized approach enhances comprehension and boosts confidence.
  • Free Basic Version: Zaplingo believes in making quality education accessible. Thus, its basic version is free for all, making quality English tutoring available to everyone.
  • Zaplingo Unlimited: For those wanting an intensified learning experience, Zaplingo offers an “Unlimited” version, providing unlimited access to its premium features for optimal language acquisition. The cost is minimal, especially when compared to traditional private tutoring rates.

How to Begin?

  • Register: Simply sign up on Zaplingo’s platform.
  • Engage: Dive into real-life conversations, practice pronunciation via audio messages, and delve deep into grammar.
  • Upgrade for Speed: To expedite the learning journey, users can opt for Zaplingo Unlimited for an all-inclusive experience.


 In a digitally driven world, Zaplingo emerges as a revolutionary tool for English learners, bridging the gap between technology and language acquisition. Its wide array of features, combined with the ease of access through WhatsApp, makes it a top choice for those looking to master the English language in a supportive, personalized environment. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Zaplingo’s dynamic platform ensures you’re not just learning English but mastering it.

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