Verb is a groundbreaking AI-powered writing application that redefines the writing experience for novelists, offering a seamless blend of creativity and efficiency. 

Tailored to the unique needs of authors, Verb harnesses the latest AI technology to provide an interactive and writer-centric platform.

Designed to alleviate the challenges of storytelling, Verb is not just a text generator. It’s a comprehensive tool that guides authors through every phase of their writing journey. 

From conception to execution, Verb assists in planning, writing, critiquing, obtaining feedback, and revising, ensuring a holistic approach to the craft.

Verb’s interface mimics the expertise of skilled editors, allowing authors to transform ideas into well-crafted words with enhanced pleasure and minimized effort. Founded in 2022 by a team of industry veterans, engineers, and tech leaders, Verb stands as a testament to cutting-edge AI innovation in the realm of narrative writing.

With its roots in empowering the author community, Verb offers a story-centered approach that integrates seamlessly into the creative process. Much like designers, musicians, podcasters, and filmmakers have their specialized tools, Verb fills the void for writers, providing technology tailored specifically to their craft.

Verb’s continuous evolution is a testament to its commitment to improvement, inviting storytellers from across the globe to contribute to its enhancement. Early access through the limited beta version and a vibrant Discord community create an environment where writers can flourish.

To facilitate the best experience, Verb employs cookies, ensuring smooth functionality and insights into user interactions. 

By embracing AI-driven ingenuity and fostering a writer-led community, Verb empowers novelists to create their best work with joy and efficiency, marking a new era in the world of writing tools.

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