Taplio is an AI-driven automation tool tailored for LinkedIn, aiming to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketers, salespeople, and content creators in enhancing their online presence and personal branding. Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Paris, France, Taplio’s team consists of 2-10 employees.

Key Features and Functionalities

1. AI-Driven Content Creation and Inspiration

  • Post Ideas Generation: Taplio’s AI algorithms can write engaging post ideas.
  • AI-Generated Posts: Quickly create content using AI features.
  • 3M+ Viral Post Library: Access to a substantial library for inspiration.
  • Latest Industry News: Keeps users informed about relevant trends and news.

2. Post Scheduling and Automation

  • Post Scheduling: Enables content posting at optimal times.
  • High-Fidelity Previews: Preview how posts will appear once published.
  • Queue and Draft Management: Allows easy reordering and handling of content.
  • Automation: Maximizes the content reach and engagement.

3. Lead Generation and Relationship Building

  • Transforming Interactions: Convert likes, comments, and shares into relationships.
  • Import Contacts: Easily pull contacts from posts, Sales Navigator, and content interactions.
  • Engage with Specific People: Enables targeted engagement with potential customers.

4. Analytics and Performance Monitoring

  • LinkedIn Analytics: Offers an understandable view of individual and team KPIs.
  • Taplio Stats Chrome Extension: A free extension to get post ideas and monitor analytics directly on LinkedIn.com.
  • Performance Overview: Quick glance at performance and best-performing posts.

5. Resources and Support

  • Free Usage: Taplio is free to use and provides a variety of resources and blogs.
  • Support for Creators: Exists to guide and ease a creator’s journey on LinkedIn.

Industry Impact and Usage

With more than 2600 users, Taplio generates over 7 million views each month, specializing in social media, LinkedIn, personal branding, artificial intelligence, content creation, and audience building. 

It positions itself as a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to grow their network, build relationships, and increase visibility on LinkedIn, all within just 10 minutes a day.


Taplio offers a robust suite of features focused on content creation, engagement, lead generation, and analytics. By utilizing AI technology, it streamlines various aspects of LinkedIn marketing, making it an essential tool for individuals and businesses aiming to grow their brand on the platform. 
Its accessibility, ease of use, and integration with a Chrome extension add to its appeal, encouraging more LinkedIn users to leverage the power of their personal brands. More information is available on Taplio’s website.

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