Smol Developer

Smol Developer: A Comprehensive Overview

Smol Developer is an innovative AI tool designed to function as a personal developer. Powered by the Smol AI Developer agent, it allows users to delegate tasks by merely providing instructions. Once the instructions are given, the AI agent then undertakes the work, ensuring that development processes are streamlined and efficient. This tool is compatible with the E2B platform and is also available on GitHub, a testament to its popularity within the developer community.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Personal Developer: Smol Developer leverages the smol-ai/developer agent, automating tasks based on provided instructions.
  • GitHub Integration: Available on GitHub, users can star the Smol Developer for future reference, underlining its rising prominence.
  • Suite of Development Tools: The Smol-Ai developer suite provides tools for developers to create, manage, and store code securely. It also facilitates collaboration, offering a library of code snippets and a secure environment for code sharing.
  • Diverse Application: From software developers to data scientists and business analysts, Smol-Ai serves a wide range of professionals. It aids in creating and managing projects, developing machine learning models, and analyzing data visualizations.

Use Cases

  • Software developers can utilize GitHub’s Smol-Ai for project management, collaboration, code sharing, and tracking changes.
  • Data scientists can deploy machine learning models swiftly with Smol-Ai.
  • Business analysts can efficiently create and analyze data visualizations using the platform.

Pros and Cons:


  • Comprehensive suite of tools for code creation and management.
  • Secure storage and sharing of code.
  • Time-saving code snippets library.


  • Limited support for languages other than Python and JavaScript.
  • Debugging of complex code can be challenging due to lack of tools.

Pricing and Suitability:

 Smol Developer caters primarily to enterprise usage, offering higher usage limits, advanced security options, and other enterprise-specific features. For pricing and detailed features, interested users are advised to contact the team directly.


 For those interested in trying out the tool, a detailed installation guide is provided, from cloning the repository from GitHub to setting up and running the project.

Human-Centric Code Generation Workflow: 

An innovative feature of Smol Developer is its human-centric code generation workflow. This process employs prompts to communicate with the AI, with the human developer at its core. It’s a dynamic method, emphasizing manual code review, error handling, and optional AI assistance. This evolution in programming allows developers to lean on AI-powered tools for codebase development, ensuring that they remain involved technically.

Smol Debugger and Smol PM: 

Apart from the main developer tool, there are additional utilities like the Smol Debugger, which aids in debugging by using the entire contents of the generated directory. Then there’s Smol PM (Product Manager), a tool that essentially reverses the Smol Dev process. It produces a prompt based on the existing codebase, allowing for unique insights and applications.


 Smol Developer is revolutionizing the way developers approach their tasks. By combining human intuition with AI efficiency, it offers a platform that streamlines processes without compromising on the quality or security of the output. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, Smol Developer has features and tools tailored to your needs. Your feedback and experiences with the tool are eagerly awaited, so do share in the comment section below.

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