SlidesAI is a game-changing AI-driven text-to-presentation tool that simplifies the creation of professional and captivating slides. Designed to alleviate the tedium of manual slide construction, this tool empowers users to effortlessly generate presentations in mere minutes.

Installation from the Google Workspace Marketplace is free and straightforward. Users input their desired content by either typing directly into the text box or pasting from other sources. 

Customization is a breeze, with options to select from pre-designed color and font presets or create personalized ones.

SlidesAI offers three distinct pricing tiers: BASIC, PRO, and PREMIUM. The BASIC plan, free of charge, permits up to three presentations with a maximum of 2500 characters per input. The PRO plan accommodates educators and students, enabling up to 10 presentations with a maximum of 6000 characters. The PREMIUM plan is tailored for professionals, allowing unlimited presentations with a maximum of 12000 characters.

Spanish and Japanese are currently supported languages, with Italian integration on the horizon. Account creation is seamless, as using SlidesAI within a Google Slide Presentation automatically generates an account. Although exclusive to Google Slides for now, integration with Microsoft PowerPoint is underway.

Customer support is easily accessible through the chat widget on the webpage, promising prompt assistance. SlidesAI’s commitment to privacy is evident, requiring minimal permissions for operation.

In a world where time is of the essence, SlidesAI emerges as a remarkable tool, enabling users to focus on delivering impactful presentations without the hassle of manual slide creation.

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