Skybox Lab, an AI-driven tool developed by Blockade Labs, is designed to generate panoramic views from images. The tool aims to produce 360-degree panoramic backgrounds suitable for various applications, ranging from games to architectural visualizations.


  • Style Variety: Users can select from a myriad of styles like Fantasy Landscape, Anime Art Style, Digital Painting, and SciFi. The tool also boasts advanced customization, allowing users to create personalized “style words.”
  • High-Resolution Outputs: Skybox Lab produces skyboxes with a resolution of 1536px by 3278px. However, efforts are ongoing to further enhance the resolution.
  • Sketch Mode: An innovative feature that transforms rough doodles into detailed skyboxes. This mode can convert a simple sketch of the Himalayas into a fantasy mountainscape or a TRON-inspired sci-fi corridor.
  • User Accounts: With the release of Skybox AI 0.5, users can register for a free account. This facilitates easy access to past skybox creations, ensuring users can revisit, re-download, or modify their designs.
  • AI Model V2: The latest update, Skybox AI 0.5.2, introduced the AI Model V2. This upgrade significantly boosts the visual fidelity of the generated images, delivering richer details, superior volumetric lighting, and an enhanced understanding of creative prompts.


  • The tool is available for free in its early access phase, with some restrictions.
  • Free accounts offer 15 skybox generations per month, but these come with watermarks.
  • Basic accounts, priced at $120/year, provide advanced features and allow for 1,200 skybox generations yearly.
  • Pro accounts, costing $240/year, permit 3,000 skybox generations annually with full commercial licensing. The top-tier Technowizard account, available for $578/year, allows for unlimited skybox generations.

Special Offers: 

Users can avail of a special discount using the coupon code: BLOCKADE15MW.

System Requirements and Accessibility: Skybox Lab AI is browser-based, compatible with standard modern web browsers. While it’s optimal for desktop machines or large tablets, some features might be exclusive to these platforms.

Feedback and Community: To further enhance the user experience, Blockade Labs encourages users to join a dedicated Discord channel. Here, they can share feedback and get early access to novel features. Additionally, users can save their skyboxes locally or share links to their creations.


Skybox Lab, with its innovative features and advanced AI capabilities, provides users with an unparalleled tool to transform their visual ideas into panoramic realities. Whether you’re into game development, architectural visualization, or digital art, Skybox Lab is tailored to meet your panoramic needs.

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