SciSpace: A Comprehensive AI-Powered Research Platform

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, SciSpace is an AI-driven platform designed to streamline the exploration, understanding, and publishing of research papers. As a software development company, SciSpace focuses on creating SaaS platforms tailored to academic and scientific research.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Database: SciSpace boasts a vast database of over 270 million research papers, authors, topics, journals, and conferences.
  • AI Copilot: The AI research assistant allows users to effortlessly decode any research paper. With this feature, users can highlight puzzling text, mathematics, or tables and receive concise explanations, significantly reducing manual reading time.
  • Publishing Tools: SciSpace offers a plethora of tools including a plagiarism checker, journal submission feature, XML converters, and a gallery containing over 40,000 journal templates.
  • Personalized Recommendations: The platform suggests popular papers, topics, and conferences tailored to individual preferences.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Designed for researchers, publishers, and institutions, SciSpace facilitates collaborative workspaces, automates repetitive tasks, and expedites the discovery of relevant information.
  • Free Access: Through the SciSpace website, users can access more than 270 million articles, 49K+ journals, 4.5K+ conferences, and 27K+ institutions. Plus, the full-text PDFs of over 50 million papers are freely downloadable.

Evolution and Vision: 

While SciSpace began its journey as a mere research formatting tool, it has since evolved into a comprehensive research platform encompassing tools for seamless discovery, exploration, understanding, and writing of research. Recognizing the existing silos in scientific research and the barriers hindering the free flow of knowledge, SciSpace rebranded in 2022, aligning with a mission to foster collaboration and accessibility in science.

Impact and Benefits: 

SciSpace is committed to accelerating scientific breakthroughs by simplifying access to relevant scientific literature. By leveraging AI services, the platform ensures users get instant answers and straightforward explanations, saving invaluable time. The platform’s overarching aim is to democratize scientific discovery and learning by presenting a network of interconnected, relevant papers.


SciSpace is not just a software development company; it’s a pivotal contributor to scientific collaboration and accessibility. By offering a platform armed with advanced AI services, it allows seamless decoding and understanding of complex research papers, thereby elevating the capabilities of the global scientific community. Through SciSpace, the world of scientific research is on a trajectory towards increased collaboration, efficiency, and knowledge accessibility.

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