Runway Gen 2

Gen-2 by Runway stands as a versatile multi-modal AI system that crafts inventive videos through diverse inputs like text, images, or video clips. This tool crafts videos by amalgamating style and composition from an image or text input onto the framework of a source video or generating videos solely from textual cues.

Creating videos that appear authentically filmed without actual filming, Gen-2 presents eight distinctive modes for diverse video generation:

  • Text to Video: Generates videos in any style using text prompts.
  • Text+Image to Video: Utilizes both image and text prompts for video creation.
  • Image-Driven Video: Crafts videos from a driving image.
  • Style Transfer: Applies the style of an image or prompt to each video frame.
  • Storyboard: Transforms mockups into stylized and animated video renders.
  • Mask: Isolates subjects within videos, modifying them via text prompts.
  • Render: Converts untextured renders into lifelike outputs using input images or prompts.
  • Customization: Empowers users to tailor the model for enhanced results.

Gen-2 excels over existing techniques in image-to-image and video-to-video translation, proving indispensable in industries such as video production and creative pursuits.

Runway augments Gen-2’s prowess with a suite of 30+ AI Magic Tools and a comprehensive timeline video editor. Functions include Green Screen background removal, customized LUT creation, subtitles addition, and transcript export, all within the same app. 

Runway’s commitment to research ensures users remain at the vanguard of generative AI innovations, offering access to cutting-edge models like Gen-1 and Gen-2.

This cloud-based platform facilitates global collaboration, real-time work pickup, and centralized asset management. Accessible via web browsers, Runway eliminates the need for software downloads and local storage, streamlining creative processes.

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