Quantified Sales Simulator Overview

The Quantified Sales Simulator is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool that redefines the traditional sales coaching approach. Through this simulator, sales representatives are equipped with a unique environment to practice and hone their sales techniques by navigating real-world sales scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Realistic AI-Powered Role Plays: Sales Simulator employs conversational avatars that replicate the experience of a video call. This hyper-realistic interaction means users practice 6 times more, enhancing their proficiency.
  • Data-Driven Performance Evaluation: Leveraging AI algorithms, the tool assesses over 1,400 behaviors per conversation, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of sales techniques, including rapport building, product knowledge, messaging, and sales processes.
  • Dynamic AI Coaching: AI-driven feedback offers personalized insights, guiding both representatives and managers towards success. Teams using Quantified achieve a 42% faster ramp time and a 19% increase in win rates.
  • Certification and Reporting: The platform facilitates a thorough understanding of individual, team, and organizational progress. By benchmarking performance metrics, managers can confidently certify the readiness of their sales representatives.
  • Financial-Services_Message Optimization: The simulator captures data from role plays and recorded practice videos, using its AI capabilities to analyze every nuance of visual and verbal communication, rooted in a decade of research.
  • Empowerment through Real Practice: Unlike passive training methods, the Sales Simulator emphasizes active learning through role-playing, ensuring representatives develop skills in a practical setting.


  • Risk-Free Learning Environment: Sales representatives can safely navigate challenging situations, allowing them to adapt and improve without real-world consequences.
  • Objective Feedback: By eliminating human biases, AI provides a consistent and objective evaluation, emphasizing areas of improvement.
  • Accelerated Learning Curve: Quantified’s approach facilitates representatives to become quota-capable more rapidly.
  • Customized Training: Sales managers can tailor training programs based on analytics, ensuring targeted development.
  • Engaging Learning Journey: The incorporation of goal-setting, gamification, and certification keeps users engaged, translating to increased practice and better results.

Why Choose Quantified?

  • Effective Learning by Doing: Just as one learns to cycle by cycling, Quantified believes in learning sales by actually practicing sales scenarios.
  • Boosted Win Rates: Teams employing the Sales Simulator observe a notable increase in their win rates by 19%.
  • Consistent Training: The tool is trained using company-specific messaging, materials, and best practices, ensuring consistent training across all representatives.
  • Increased Practice Sessions: With an ever-available virtual practice partner, representatives amplify their practice sessions six-fold.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: While standard platforms provide basic metrics, Quantified dives deeper, analyzing whether reps are adhering to the message, being persuasive, and progressing the sale.


The Quantified Sales Simulator stands out as a transformative solution in the realm of sales coaching. By merging AI capabilities with practical role-playing, it not only accelerates the learning curve but also instills confidence and competence in sales representatives, ensuring optimal real-world performance.

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