Revolutionizing Study Management with AI

Prepar stands out as a cutting-edge, AI-integrated study management tool geared towards enhancing productivity and study efficiency. Tailored for individuals preparing for public exams, this tool ensures students stay on track with their study schedules, tasks, and reviews, fostering a comprehensive and optimized learning experience.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Study Lists: By utilizing AI-driven algorithms, Prepar crafts individualized study lists, allowing users to maintain focus and efficiently manage their revision periods.
  • Intelligent Reminders: Prepar notifies users to revisit specific topics, thereby ensuring consistent revision. It also highlights areas demanding more attention to improve overall performance.
  • AI-Enhanced Learning: The innovative AI functionality not only generates daily practice questions but can also summarize recent lessons, explain intricate topics in layman terms, or even craft questions tailored to the ongoing subject of study.
  • Revision Control: Prepar’s intricate system determines the optimal time for reviewing topics. Users benefit from a detailed, personalized review guide, making their study sessions more productive.
  • Goal Setting & Tracking: Users can set their weekly study goals in terms of time and questions. Detailed progress monitoring eradicates procrastination, ensuring steady achievement of study objectives.
  • Collaborative Learning: The platform fosters a community learning experience. Users can initiate or join study groups to exchange insights and collaboratively track the academic journey of all group members.
  • Additional Resources: Apart from its primary features, Prepar offers an informative blog and tutorials, ensuring users are thoroughly equipped for their exams.

Pricing & Packages: 

Prepar provides a 15-day free trial across all its plans. Users can select from monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription models. Notably, the Quarterly and Annual plans offer substantial discounts, making it economically attractive. 

Regardless of the chosen plan, users access features like automatic revision control, performance charts, mock exams, weekly summaries, and study groups.


Prepar emerges as a holistic solution for students aiming for excellence in their exams. By seamlessly merging AI’s capabilities with traditional study management functionalities, Prepar ensures that students remain motivated, disciplined, and consistently productive. 

Whether you’re setting weekly goals, joining study groups, or leveraging AI for targeted questions, Prepar serves as the ultimate educational companion.

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