The AI-Powered Prank Call Tool

PrankGPT is a unique AI-driven tool designed for making light-hearted prank phone calls. Using advanced AI voices, the tool offers an engaging and entertaining experience, allowing users to input a phone number, select a voice, and provide a prompt for the AI’s conversation.

Key Features:

  • Realistic AI Voices: With voice options provided by Rime Labs and Google Cloud, the tool ensures lifelike prank phone calls.
  • User Experience: PrankGPT boasts a user-friendly interface compatible with internet-accessible devices, ensuring easy navigation and convenience.
  • Voice Variety: Offers distinct voices such as Marv, the evil prankbot, and Zephyr, the gen Z queen, adding flair and amusement to the pranks.
  • Powered by Vocode: Built with the open-source library Vocode, PrankGPT ensures high-quality voice-based interactions.
  • Entertainment Focus: The tool is designed purely for entertainment, ensuring fun-filled interactions without malintent.

Usage Considerations:

  • Ethical Use: PrankGPT is strictly intended for entertainment. Malicious uses, including phishing or spamming, are highly discouraged.
  • Privacy: Users should always ensure the person being called is in on the prank, respecting their privacy and well-being.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Entertainment: Create memorable moments by pranking friends and family in good spirit.
  • Storytelling: Use the AI voices to craft humorous narratives, adding a creative touch to the prank calls.

Summary :

 PrankGPT provides an innovative and amusing platform for those seeking a light-hearted prank experience. While it harnesses the power of AI to generate captivating conversations, it’s crucial for users to always use the tool responsibly and ethically. With PrankGPT, pranking just got a techy upgrade!

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