Pebblely stands as an AI-powered image curation platform tailored to aid users in discovering suitable images for their projects. Its library comprises meticulously curated images, all hand-picked by a team of experts.

The platform facilitates swift image retrieval through its automated search tool, aligning with user criteria. Users can also opt for a free account granting access to 40 images. Pebblely effectively streamlines image selection, saving users from laboriously sifting through extensive collections.

Pebblely provides a personalized dashboard, offering users insights into their searches for enhanced image discovery. Additionally, the platform boasts an innovative application in generating product images. 

Utilizing AI, Pebblely empowers users to effortlessly create captivating product visuals. A simple process of selecting a product, describing the desired background, and activating the AI yields unlimited variations.

Background removal from existing product images and AI-generated photorealistic backgrounds are standout features. Users can select from 17 preset themes or provide custom background descriptions. Pebblely allows inclusion of multiple products for diverse image outputs, enabling efficient asset creation.

Pricing options include a free plan offering 40 images monthly, along with Pebblely Basic at $19/month or $179/year for up to 1,000 images/month, and Pebblely Pro at $39/month or $379/year, enabling unlimited image generation. All charges are in USD, with recurring and usage-based fees billed every 30 days.

In essence, Pebblely presents an advanced solution for image curation, marrying AI technology with a user-friendly interface. It serves as a valuable asset for individuals seeking time-efficient, high-quality imagery for projects of varying scales.

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