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Nolan is an advanced AI-driven script writing software that stands as a pivotal tool for both professional and amateur screenwriters. Its primary function is to simplify the screenwriting process, making the creation of movie scripts more efficient and fluid. Here’s an overview of what Nolan brings to the table.

Key Features:

  • Offline Capability: One of Nolan’s prime features is its ability to function offline. This allows screenwriters to work from any location, ensuring that they remain connected to their creative flow irrespective of internet connectivity.
  • AI-Copilot: Nolan integrates AI-powered features that amplify the screenwriting experience. The AI-copilot function provides screenwriters with AI-generated imagery, GPT-powered editing features, and pertinent suggestions to enrich the content without overshadowing the writer’s individual creativity.
  • Ask Nolan & Script Smart: ‘Ask Nolan’ is a powerful editing tool where users can seek suggestions and correct any textual issues. In tandem with ‘Ask Nolan’, the ‘Script Smart’ feature automates the formatting of the text into industry-standard screenplay format. This combination allows writers to channel their focus on the core content, making the overall writing process more streamlined.
  • Change Accent: Adding authenticity to characters, Nolan offers the ‘Change Accent’ feature, enabling writers to bestow unique and distinct accents upon their characters.
  • See History: The software is equipped with a per-row script history list. This feature allows writers to observe the evolution of their scripts, tracking changes and edits made to each segment of the script.
  • User-friendly Interface & Advanced Formatting: Nolan’s design emphasizes user-friendliness. Beyond the sleek interface, it provides advanced formatting options, including features like character and scene breakdowns, revision tracking, and collaboration tools.

Why NolanAI?

NolanAI’s integration of an AI copilot offers unparalleled guidance and inspiration, catering to both novices and industry experts. This AI-driven companion facilitates fresh perspectives, character development, innovative plot angles, and refined dialogue.

Future Prospects: The team behind NolanAI is ardently committed to enhancing the software. Future versions plan to introduce features like tracking storylines, detecting plot holes, summarizing stories, and much more.


NolanAI stands out not just for its features but also its affordability – it’s entirely free!


NolanAI is the intersection of technology, information, and media, tailored specifically for the scriptwriting industry. It promises an enriched script writing experience, where the amalgamation of AI technology and human creativity yields cinematic masterpieces.

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