Connecting Professionals, Powered by AI

Primary Use

NetworkAI, developed by Wonsulting, is an automated AI networking solution aimed at turbocharging your professional connections. 

Through cutting-edge machine learning, NetworkAI crafts personalized, human-like LinkedIn introduction messages, tailored to your desired role, current position, and target company. This tool offers an intelligent approach to growing and nurturing your network, while also offering valuable resources for networking success.

Key Features:

  • AI-generated LinkedIn introduction messages
  • Insights for tracking results and favorites
  • Access to templates, courses, and success stories
  • Three payment options with varying token levels
  • Free trial with 10 tokens


  • Efficiently expand your professional network
  • Engage in meaningful conversations effortlessly
  • Save time and effort in managing connections
  • Enhance the quality of professional relationships
  • Optimize personal branding and networking strategies
  • Monitor networking progress with analytics

Use Cases:

  • Receive AI-recommended connections
  • Generate engaging conversation starters
  • Seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn
  • Tailor networking strategies for success
  • Evaluate connection quality and conversations
  • Analyze performance using insightful metrics

Set-Up Time:

  • Typically takes 5 to 10 minutes, depending on familiarity with LinkedIn and networking goals.

Productivity Gain:

  • NetworkAI drastically enhances networking productivity, potentially providing up to a 100x improvement based on your specific networking challenges and objectives.

In summary, NetworkAI is a powerful AI-driven tool for professionals seeking to expand their LinkedIn network, improve connections, and optimize their networking endeavors. It’s a valuable resource for those striving to make meaningful connections and advance in the professional realm.

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