The Ad-Free, Private Search Engine

Neeva is an innovative, privacy-centric search engine that delivers ad-free results, ensuring users a search experience devoid of ads, affiliate links, or trackers. Developed by ex-Google executives, its mission is to prioritize user privacy by never selling or sharing data with third parties.

Key Features:

  • Device Compatibility: Neeva is versatile and user-friendly, available across devices. It offers browser extensions for popular platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Safari. Additionally, mobile apps ensure consistent access for both iOS and Android users.
  • Membership Options:
    • Free Basic Membership: This plan offers full-featured services, enabling members to search the web, access personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox, set shopping and news preferences, and maintain seamless search consistency across multiple devices.
    • Premium Membership: For users seeking an enhanced experience, the premium option provides unlimited searches and elite privacy tools. Features like the Premium Password Manager and VPN are added benefits of this membership. At the heart of Neeva’s promise is its commitment to user privacy. Even premium users can rest assured that their data will remain confidential, with options available for anonymous searches.

  • NeevaAI Integration: 
  • Elevating the user experience, Neeva has incorporated NeevaAI, an advanced tool that blends the capabilities of sophisticated language models like ChatGPT with Neeva’s precise search results. The AI tool rigorously evaluates countless pages to present a consolidated, accurate answer accompanied by source links. This feature, which offers machine-learning summarizations of top search results, addresses the concerns of publishers about diminishing referral traffic and revenue. NeevaAI promotes transparent attribution by directly linking to sources.
  • Global Availability: After its beta launch in the US in December 2022, NeevaAI has expanded its reach. It is now accessible to Free Basic and Premium users worldwide, covering countries like the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Spain.

Distinctive Element: What differentiates NeevaAI from other large language models like ChatGPT is its emphasis on accuracy and currency. While models like ChatGPT can offer detailed explanations, they may fall short in providing up-to-date data from credible sources. NeevaAI bridges this gap by emphasizing source relevance and reliability, ensuring users receive the most current and trustworthy information.


Neeva is not just another search engine. It redefines the search experience by marrying privacy with efficiency, ensuring users receive trustworthy, ad-free results while their personal data remains protected.

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