MyEssayGrader, also known as EssayGrader, is an AI-powered tool designed to transform the essay grading process for teachers and students alike. This technology serves as a virtual assistant to provide specific, accurate, and rapid feedback for essays, making it a useful addition to both teaching and learning environments. Here’s an overview of its key features and benefits:

  • Speedy Grading: According to the platform, the tool grades essays in about a minute, making it a far more efficient alternative to traditional grading methods. It thus helps teachers to return essays more quickly with valuable insights.
  • Iterative Feedback: By providing continuous feedback during the revision process, it enables students to enhance their writing progressively.
  • Customizable Rubrics: Teachers can either define their own grading rubrics or use the defaults provided by the platform. Feedback reports are based on these rubrics and can include an overall estimated grade and individual grades for each criterion.
  • Error Detection: MyEssayGrader offers detailed reports highlighting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. This not only speeds up the grading process but also helps students understand and correct their mistakes.
  • Summarization Feature: With the summarizer, a lengthy essay can be condensed into a concise summary, including essential information and unique phrases. This is particularly helpful when a quick overview of the content is required.
  • AI Detection: An innovative feature that allows teachers to identify whether an essay was entirely or partly written by AI. With AI’s growing prevalence in writing, this feature ensures authenticity in students’ work.
  • Free Beta Testing: The tool is currently free while in Beta Test mode, offering a risk-free opportunity for educators to explore its functionality before opting for a paid subscription.
  • Community Support: Recognizing the challenges faced by teachers, the MyEssayGrader team is committed to making the platform a place where essay grading is more accurate and less time-consuming. They also offer a newsletter to keep users informed about ongoing development and product improvements.
  • Educational Impact: Thousands of teachers and students are already leveraging MyEssayGrader to elevate their writing and grading practices. It not only fosters a more streamlined grading process for teachers but also empowers students to take initiative in writing better essays.
  • Ethos: MyEssayGrader emphasizes relieving some of the burdens carried by teachers, acknowledging their significant role and often taxing workload.


MyEssayGrader provides a multifaceted solution for educators and students looking to optimize the essay writing and grading experience. Its diverse features, from error detection to AI authenticity checks, demonstrate its comprehensive approach to modernizing this essential aspect of education. 

By making the grading process faster, more accurate, and interactive, MyEssayGrader is carving out a new way for teachers and students to engage with writing.

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