MTG. Card Creator

Unleash Your Imagination with AI-Powered Card Design

The MTG Card Creator is an innovative AI-powered tool that empowers users to craft their very own custom Magic: The Gathering cards. Designed by OpenAI, this tool leverages the capabilities of a GPT Turbo chatbot to enable users to create unique card designs that reflect their creativity and imagination.

Card Creation Process:

  • Prompt-Powered Customization:
    • Users can kickstart their card-making journey by entering a prompt. This prompt shapes the card’s identity, including attributes like a legendary creature, wizard subtype, and various abilities such as haste and hexproof.
  • Advanced Editing:
    • Each generated card can be further edited to perfection by interacting with its holofoil feature. This customization adds a layer of depth and uniqueness to the card designs.

Key Features:

  • Create vintage card designs in the iconic Magic: The Gathering styles.
  • Customize elements such as Card Name, Type, Cost, Artist Name, Power/Toughness, Rules, and Flavor Text.
  • Explore different color combinations, including five colors, multicolor, and artifact frames.
  • Save and Share: Preserve your masterpiece and showcase it to friends or the community.

Versatile Application:

The MTG Card Creator is a versatile tool that caters to Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts, collectors, and creative minds alike. Its emphasis on AI-driven creation adds an exciting twist, allowing users to explore card designs that might surpass traditional human-generated ideas.

Inclusive Experience:

The tool’s user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation ensure that users of varying skill levels can comfortably design their unique cards. Whether you’re a seasoned MTG player or a newcomer, the MTG Card Creator welcomes you to dive into the world of card design.

Note of Caution:

The tool refrains from specifying the number of card combinations it can generate, ensuring that users receive accurate information and avoiding potential discrepancies over time.


The MTG Card Creator stands as a testament to the potential of AI in enhancing creative processes. With its ability to generate custom Magic: The Gathering cards, it opens a realm of possibilities for users to design cards that resonate with their preferences and style. If you’re looking to infuse your unique touch into the world of Magic: The Gathering, the MTG Card Creator powered by AI is your gateway to unbridled creativity.

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