Breathing Life into Images, One Dimension at a Time

Primary Use

Make3D is an AI-powered tool that transforms 2D images into 3D models by utilizing an AI model to extract depth information. It offers two quality settings, Small MiDaS v21 and Large MiDaS v21. 

Users can input an image URL or upload a file and then receive a shareable link or embed code for the resulting 3D image. This tool aims to simplify the process of adding depth and dimension to images.

Make3D is affiliated with Make3d, an Indian company founded in 2014 that specializes in 3D printer manufacturing, sales, and services. The company’s main product, the Pratham Series of 3D Printers, is designed to make 3D printing accessible to a wide range of users, setting a quality benchmark in the Indian market, particularly for industrial applications. The company also focuses on incorporating features that cater to the Indian market’s needs.

Make3D’s philosophy revolves around promoting awareness of 3D printing technology and utilizing it to address real-life problems. Their products, such as the “EKA” series machine with DLP technology for jewelry solutions, emphasize innovation and practicality. The company also provides 3D scanning solutions as part of its offerings.

On their website (, Make3D offers a tool that automatically converts static images into interactive 3D models. By uploading an image, users can experience a 3D “fly around” model that allows them to explore the scene’s depth and various viewpoints. This tool employs machine learning techniques to learn the 3D structure of a scene based on single-image features.

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