Magical AI         

Magical AI is an advanced free AI writing assistant tool tailored for Chrome and Edge browsers, developed using ChatGPT’s technology. Its primary objective is to streamline online writing, particularly for emails and messages, by automating tedious tasks and enhancing the overall writing process.

Core Features:

  • Seamless Message Creation: With the assistance of Magical AI, users can effortlessly craft messages from scratch, update forms immediately, and reduce redundancy in their routine writing tasks.
  • Universal Application: Magical AI is compatible with over 10 million applications, including prominent platforms like Gmail, Salesforce, Zendesk, and LinkedIn.
  • Advanced Capabilities:
    • Quick Replies: Allows for the instant generation of email or InMail responses with a single click.
    • AI Assisting: By utilizing the “//” symbol, users can gain AI-driven suggestions for composing emails, tweets, subject lines, and more.
    • Contextual Accuracy: The tool possesses the intelligence to discern the context of a webpage and can auto-populate fields such as First Name, Company Name, and Address.
  • Tailored for Multiple Use Cases: Magical AI is versatile, catering to a variety of sectors including Sales, Recruiting, Healthcare, Customer Support, and more.
  • Text Expansion and Autofill: The tool can autocomplete content, extract data from search pages, and generate email responses, further bolstering its utility.
  • Safety and Privacy: Emphasis on user data protection ensures that privacy and security practices align with regional standards and age-appropriate guidelines.

Popularity and Ratings:

 The tool’s efficacy is evidenced by a 4.6-star rating garnered from over 2,620 reviews on the Chrome Store. It serves more than 500,000 users across 20,000 companies, including reputable brands such as PayPal, Disney, and Verizon.

Pricing and Accessibility:

 While Magical AI follows a Freemium pricing model, it remains free for all users, ensuring accessibility. The tool functions without necessitating an OpenAI API key.

Technical Specifics:

  • Integration: The platform hosts a collection of diverse AI tools like Chat GPT,, and Adcreative, among others, thereby creating a comprehensive AI suite under one umbrella.
  • Convenience: Beyond its primary writing functions, Magical AI also empowers users to move data between browser tabs, eliminating the cumbersome copy-paste process.


Magical AI emerges as a robust AI writing assistant, bringing together an array of functionalities aimed at simplifying and improving online writing. With its expansive capabilities and commitment to user convenience, it is poised as an indispensable tool for professionals and everyday users alike.

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