Crafting Emails, Powering Conversations

Primary Use

Lavender stands as an AI-powered email assistant that revolutionizes the way sellers worldwide craft emails, yielding faster responses and more positive interactions.

Rated at an impressive 4.9/5 on G2, Lavender is a privacy-conscious solution, entirely distinct from an advertising company. Operating through the utilization of cookies, Lavender employs these to enhance user experience and website performance.

Essential cookies serve to enable basic site functions such as secure log-ins and consent adjustments. Functional cookies facilitate content sharing on social media platforms and gather feedback and third-party features. Analytical cookies gauge visitor engagement, including metrics like visitor count, bounce rate, and traffic source.

Lavender extends its services by setting cookies for platforms such as Spotify, LinkedIn, Cloudflare, Google Tag Manager, and Typeform, enriching the website’s diverse functionalities.

At its core, Lavender is a browser extension offering an array of features. It combines AI-driven email analysis, social data insights, and inbox productivity tools to help users compose superior emails efficiently. 

AI examines and enhances email content, while social data aids in building rapport. Mobile Preview, Email Verification, GIFs, and Spam Stopper further elevate users’ email prowess.

Lavender’s pricing model caters to various needs:

  • Free: $0.00 for 1 seat
  • Pro: $29.00 per month for 1 user
  • Teams: $49.00 per month for 1 user

Lavender serves as the ultimate AI email assistant, seamlessly blending elements for crafting sales emails that garner swift and meaningful responses. 

Real-time AI-driven coaching refines email content, and built-in tools allow prospect research within the inbox, email validation, SPAM likelihood assessment, mobile display previews, and more.

Endorsed by sales representatives and account executives from industry giants, Lavender empowers professionals to amplify email engagement, leading to enhanced open rates and increased reply rates. 

Acknowledging that replies are often key to scheduling meetings and closing deals, Lavender offers a game-changing solution for streamlined email communication.

With headquarters in New York, Lavender’s journey commenced in 2020, drawing expertise from natural language processing, data science, and software development. A user-centric approach and innovative AI technology converge to reshape email interactions for sellers worldwide.

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