Lately AI

Lately: The Ultimate AI-Powered Social Media Management Tool

 Lately is a robust AI-driven platform that streamlines the social media content creation and management process. Its integration with platforms such as Hootsuite, HubSpot Social, UpContent, and more amplifies the convenience and reach of social media content.

Who is it For?

 Lately is versatile, catering to a wide spectrum of users:

  • Enterprises of varying sizes
  • Small businesses
  • Social media agencies
  • Various industries: technology, professional services, financial services, media & entertainment, public agencies, consumer brands, education, healthcare & pharma.

Main Features:

  • AI Content Writer: Generates and pre-tests social media content, reducing guesswork.
  • Social Analytics: Enhances content strategy using insightful analytics for maximum engagement.
  • Social Media Marketing and Social Selling: Scales social media marketing and optimizes content across different departments and teams.
  • Video Autogenerator: Easily turns long-form content into bite-sized video clips.
  • Advanced Controls: Customizes content approval processes, ensuring content consistency and compliance.


  • Efficient Content Management: After AI auto-creation, Lately provides tools for reviewing, editing, approving, scheduling, and publishing across all channels.
  • Parent-Child Accounts: Ideal for managing multiple brands or regions under one account.
  • Post Preparation: Automatically aggregates essential elements for each post, saving significant time.
  • Scheduling and Publishing: Schedule and post across all social media platforms seamlessly.

Deep Dive into AI Content Writing:

  • Learning and Customization: Lately’s AI studies the most effective words and phrases for your target audience by analyzing connected social channels. This data is then used to craft a unique writing model.
  • Content Transformation: Users can feed various forms of long content, like blogs, articles, videos, and audios, into Lately. The AI transcribes (if needed) and atomizes the content into high-engaging social media posts. For video content, it pairs quotes with corresponding video clips.

Additional Insights:

  • Performance Analytics: Tracks performance for each content piece, continuously refining the AI writing model for better results.
  • Voice Adaptability: Lately’s AI learns and mimics brand or individual voices, ensuring authentic and consistent messaging.

User Benefits:

  • 84% Time Savings: With Lately, users spend significantly less time crafting social media copy.
  • Increased Engagement: The AI tailors content to achieve up to 12,000% more engagement.
  • Lead Generation: Lately can help businesses achieve up to 200% more qualified leads.

How It Stands Out:

 Lately it doesn’t just “slice and dice” content. It learns, creates, and in some cases, rewrites posts to ensure they resonate best with the target audience.

Intuitive Use: 

Whether you’re looking to schedule posts, gain insights, or feed the AI with new long-form content, Lately provides a seamless experience.

Languages Supported: 

Lately’s AI generator supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and more.


 Lately is not just another social media tool. It’s an intelligent, user-friendly platform that leverages the power of AI to redefine social media content creation and management, ensuring optimal results. For those looking to supercharge their social media strategy, Lately offers a free trial to get started.

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