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Kickresume stands at the forefront of job application technology, offering the leading AI resume builder and cover letter builder in the market. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Kickresume empowers users to craft compelling, tailored documents that align with their career goals.

Key Features of Kickresume:

  • AI-Driven Resume Building: Kickresume employs cutting-edge AI technology to generate attention-grabbing resumes and cover letters with precision.
  • Diverse Template Collection: The platform provides a range of resume templates designed to captivate recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Seamless Customization: Whether creating from scratch or revamping an existing resume, Kickresume offers an intuitive interface for customization.
  • AI Resume Rewriter: Kickresume’s AI system, powered by GPT-3, enhances resumes by rectifying errors and elevating the language used.
  • Wide Reach: The platform integrates with popular platforms such as Chrome, LinkedIn, and Facebook to streamline the job application process.

Kickresume’s AI-Driven Resume Building: 

Kickresume harnesses the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 NLP model, renowned for its adeptness in crafting structured documents like resumes. Users simply enter a job title, and the AI generates a personalized work experience section. Completing a brief questionnaire facilitates the creation of a comprehensive resume.

Seamless Workflow:

  • User Account Access: After logging in, users navigate to the dashboard to access “New resume with AI.”
  • Questionnaire Completion: The short questionnaire, requiring around 2 minutes, collects personal information, work experience, education, skills, and hobbies.
  • Resume Generation: Kickresume’s AI compiles the information into a complete resume, which users can further customize.
  • Customization Options: Users can modify the template, re-order sections, change icons, and even add optional sections as desired.
  • AI-Powered Bullet Points: Kickresume offers the option to generate bullet points for work experience using AI. Users can review and edit them for personalization.

Pros and Cons of Kickresume’s AI Resume Builder: 


  • Relevant Content: AI-generated bullet points incorporate relevant keywords, enhancing content quality.
  • Resume Design: Kickresume boasts 35+ customizable templates designed by professionals, allowing users to express creativity.
  • User-Friendly: The platform’s straightforward interface offers an intuitive experience, complemented by helpful guides.
  • Section Re-Ordering: Users can re-arrange sections for emphasis and attention control.
  • Free Option: Kickresume allows one complete resume creation using AI for free.


  • Personalization Requirement: AI-generated content may need further personalization to reflect individual achievements and experiences.

Pricing and Bonus:

  • Free Account: Users can create 1 complete resume using AI or generate bullet points for multiple work experience sections.
  • Premium Subscription: Starting at $5/month, premium users can create over 30 career documents monthly.
  • Student and Teacher Benefit: Offers 6 months of free premium access.
  • Yearly Subscription Bonus: With a yearly subscription, up to 5 friends receive a free month of Kickresume Premium.

Kickresume revolutionizes job application documents with its AI-powered resume and cover letter builder. It blends AI precision with user customization, paving the way for captivating and professional applications. 

From crafting personalized bullet points to reimagining resume designs, Kickresume is poised to enhance job seekers’ application.

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