HyperWrite AI is an advanced content generation tool powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. From drafting marketing copies to facilitating everyday business communications, HyperWrite AI offers a plethora of features, making it a coveted tool for writers, marketers, professionals, and students alike.

Its primary strength lies in understanding the user’s unique writing style through the personal database feature of its Chrome extension. The tool assimilates external documents to learn and adapt to your tone, voice, and style.

Core Areas of Focus:

  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Business
  • Education
  1. AI Writing Tools
  • Essay Tools: Outline generation, introduction crafting.
  • Blogging Tools: From template creation to full blog generation.
  • Rewriting: Preserves context while tweaking the content.
  • Creative Aids: Story and movie script generation.
  • The tool provides both short-form and long-form content options.
  1. Marketing Tools
  • Expert Marketing Assistant: Comprehensive marketing assistance.
  • Brand Slogan Generator: Brand identity establishment.
  • Proposal Generator: Business proposal drafts.
  • Email Campaign Helpers: Cold email subject lines.
  • Persona Creation: Detailed buyer personas.
  1. Business Tools
  • LinkedIn Optimization: Enhanced ‘About’ section.
  • CRM Communications: Follow-up generation.
  • Proposal Outlines: Grant proposal outlines.
  • Resume Tweaks: Tailored resume updates.
  • Sales Scripts: Personalized sales narratives.
  1. Education Features
  • Simplification Tool: “Explain Like I’m 5” feature.
  • Research Aid: Research paper summarization.
  • Legal Writing: Jargon removal and clarity enhancement.
  • Essay Generator: Full academic essay creation.
  1.  Content Creation Features
  • Social Media: From strategy to captions.
  • Platform-specific: Tools for platforms like Twitter and TikTok.
  • Special Occasions: Greeting card content.
  1. Additional HyperWrite Tools

    A range of fun tools like the Animal Name Creator and specialized card writers for weddings, anniversaries, and baby showers.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan:
    • Limited to 3 generations/month and 3,000 character inputs.
  • Premium Plan ($19.99/month):
    • Unlimited generations and rewrites.
    • 400 assistant actions and 5,000 character inputs.
  • Ultra Plan ($44.99/month):
    • All premium features, with 1,000 assistant actions.
    • Extended AI memory, 7,000 character inputs, and priority support.


HyperWrite AI emerges as an encompassing AI tool, designed to cater to a wide range of online content requirements. From personal to professional, its myriad features support and enhance the user’s writing experience. Given its capability and competitive pricing, it’s worth considering if you aim to upgrade your content game.

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