GptGO extension

Your On-the-Go ChatGPT Extension for Chrome

GptGO is an innovative Chrome extension designed to streamline user interaction with ChatGPT, allowing searches without the need to switch tabs.

Key Features:

  • Quick Search:
    • Interact with ChatGPT seamlessly without navigating its user interface.
    • Just highlight the desired text, right-click, and select the GptGO extension. The ChatGPT response will promptly appear as a notification.
  • Popup Window:
    • GptGO features a compact popup window for users to type their prompts and receive more extensive ChatGPT responses.
    • Text highlighted on a page can automatically populate in this prompt section for convenience.
  • Enhanced Version 3.0 Features:
    • Start new chats and access search history directly from the popup.
    • Incorporates support for ChatGPT’s API.
    • Improved speed, boasting up to 20% faster search times.
    • Stability issues from previous versions have been addressed and resolved.

User Experience:
GptGO enhances browser functionality and potentially boosts study productivity. Its user-centric design allows for swift, real-time responses from ChatGPT without the hassle of navigating to a different page or using an external interface.

Integrity Disclaimer:
While GptGO showcases its speed and accuracy through promotional videos demonstrating the solving of multiple-choice questions, it’s crucial to understand the context. These questions are solely for demonstration purposes and do not hold any academic value. GptGO firmly stands against cheating in any form, be it plagiarism, impersonation, or illegal use of online resources. Using GptGO with the intent of academic dishonesty is strictly prohibited, and users bear full responsibility for any consequences arising from unethical or illegal use.

Installation & Building from Source:
For those interested in building GptGO from its source:

  • Clone the repository.
  • Use npm i to install all dependencies.
  • Execute npm run webpack to create the background.js file.
  • Run npm run build for the build.
  • Load the resulting build directory into Chrome.


GptGO is not just a tool; it’s a leap in how users interact with ChatGPT. By bridging the gap between browsing and searching, GptGO offers an efficient, seamless experience for all users, ensuring they stay informed on-the-go. Whether for academic, professional, or personal pursuits, GptGO stands as a reliable companion for instant access to ChatGPT.

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