GoalsGPT, developed by Tability, stands as a pioneer in integrating GPT-3 to optimize goal-setting and tracking for businesses. This AI-powered platform takes any objective and, in mere seconds, transforms it into a strategic plan complete with measurable goals and action items, all backed by OpenAI.

Key Features:

  • AI-Assisted Goal Setting: Using GPT-3, GoalsGPT aids in swiftly identifying the most relevant metrics and tasks for any given objective. This not only ensures the goal’s efficacy but also simplifies the process.
  • Real-time Progress Monitoring: Automated progress tracking links to data points, granting users a comprehensive view of their journey in real-time. Its intuitive visualizations offer clarity on performance trajectories and outcomes.
  • Integration Capabilities: Tability’s platform seamlessly integrates with other apps, enabling synchronization of objectives across various systems, streamlining workflow, and centralizing data.
  • Task Management & Collaboration: Beyond merely setting goals, GoalsGPT breaks them down into actionable tasks. Team members can then be assigned these tasks, fostering collaboration and shared responsibility. Task progression can be tracked, and the completion status is promptly notified.
  • Insightful Analytics: The platform extends detailed insights on individual and team performances. These analytics spotlight areas of excellence and those necessitating improvement.
  • SMART Goals: Emphasizing the importance of specificity and measurability, GoalsGPT assists users in establishing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, both at individual and team levels.

How GoalsGPT Works:

  • Sign-Up: Interested users initiate by registering an account on GoalsGPT’s website.
  • Goal Creation: Utilizing the platform’s tools, users set SMART goals, define objectives, establish timelines, and allocate responsibilities.
  • Task Breakdown: Major goals are decomposed into manageable tasks, which can then be allotted to specific team members.
  • Performance Tracking: A user-friendly dashboard displays progress reports, task statuses, and performance insights.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: The platform promotes a collaborative workspace where members can share updates, offer feedback, and mutually support in goal attainment.


Whether you’re aiming for personal productivity or enhanced team dynamics, GoalsGPT is tailored to turn visions into actionable strategies. It’s designed to transition goals from mere abstract ideas or spreadsheet entries into tangible tasks that drive real results.

Additional Resources: 

Beyond its primary functionalities, Tability also equips users with a wealth of resources. From OKRs for startups to success metrics examples, users can tap into these resources to further refine their goal-setting strategies.


GoalsGPT, as crafted by Tability, is an invaluable asset for any individual or team aiming to elevate their goal-setting and attainment processes. With its suite of features ranging from AI-backed goal suggestions to intricate analytics, the platform is poised to revolutionize how objectives are framed and pursued. Its emphasis on collaboration and real-time tracking further accentuates its value proposition. For those keen on converting visions into actionable plans, GoalsGPT is the optimal tool to catalyze such transformations.

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