Generated Photos

The Pinnacle of AI-Driven Imagery

Step into the future of imaging with Generated Photos, a groundbreaking AI tool masterfully crafted to produce lifelike whole-body images. Harnessing a colossal database of over 100,000 non-existent humans, users have the liberty to conceive images spanning a myriad of body types, ages, attire, and stances.

Adhering to stringent GDPR and CCPA guidelines, every image stands free for non-commercial endeavors, simply requiring attribution to Navigating likeness rights? Worry not, for with Generated Photos, such concerns are non-existent.

Under the hood, the tool is driven by the prowess of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and has been honed using studio photos courtesy of Icons8. The application spectrum is vast, from game design, academic research, and machine learning, to metaverses, art, fashion, and beyond.

In Essence:

  • Purpose: AI-conceived, top-notch diverse photos primed for realms like advertising, design, marketing, research, and machine learning.
  • Features:
    • Explore: Delve into our Faces database with precision filters or introduce a face to our Anonymizer for similarity searches.
    • Generate: Craft unique, photo-realistic faces or whole-body images tailored to your specifications with the Face Generator. Alternatively, bring your photos to life in a new avatar.
    • Scale: Elevate large-scale projects with bulk downloads, extensive datasets, or seamless API integration.
  • Advancements: Experience the prowess of generative media, and for those seeking¬†
  • bespoke solutions or collaborative ventures, Generated Photos welcomes discussions.


Generated Photos presents the one-of-a-kind real-time face generator. In a mere click, watch your parameters shape a distinctive individual. The realm of photo generation is redefined; with Generated Photos, every image is not just a picture but a peek into the vast potential of artificial intelligence.

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