The Premier AI-Powered Photo/Video Editor

Facetune, developed by Lightricks Ltd., is a prominent selfie photo and video editing app, known for its effortless capabilities in enhancing selfies and videos. It functions as a comprehensive platform for self-expression and content creation, enabling users to convey their unique style.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Toolset: Facetune offers a broad array of precise editing tools. From basic features like brightness, contrast, and glow to advanced options such as light FX, relight, tone, and defocus.
  • AI Selfie Generator: The app provides an AI Selfie feature, allowing users to transform their aesthetic instantly. Users can choose from predefined presets or custom prompts. The end result preserves unique facial features but adds distinctive colors and lighting effects.
  • AI Enhancements: The recent update brought along tools to fine-tune selfies with subtle retouching, providing AI-enhanced visuals for both photos and videos.
  • Video Capabilities: Facetune has expanded its reach to videos. Users can now retouch, apply digital makeup, overlays, audio, and many other effects to their video clips.
  • One-tap Makeover: Experience the latest makeup trends digitally without the hassle.

Popularity & Ratings: Facetune has amassed over 200 million downloads with an impressive 4.35-star rating based on 544,236 reviews. It’s ranked among the top apps and is appreciated by a vast audience including influencers, creators, and celebrities.

Technical Details:

  • Platform: Designed for Android 7.0 and above.
  • Latest Version:
  • Size: APK download size is 277.19 MB.
  • Download: Free with in-app purchases.

Safety & Terms: 

Understanding data privacy and safety is essential. Users are encouraged to review the developer’s terms of use and privacy policy:

Part of Lightricks’ Creative Suite: 

In addition to Facetune, Lightricks offers a variety of editing solutions including Videoleap for video editing and Photoleap for picture animation & blending.


 Facetune is more than just a photo editor. It’s an all-encompassing platform to let your creativity run wild. Whether it’s tweaking a selfie, experimenting with AI enhancements, or diving into video editing, Facetune provides the tools for every need. Explore the magic of AI selfies and step into a world where your visual imagination knows no bounds.

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