Excelformulabot: AI-Driven Formula Generator for Excel & Google Sheets

Excelformulabot is a groundbreaking AI tool designed to instantly generate Excel formulas based on textual instructions. Compatible with both Excel and Google Sheets, this tool simplifies spreadsheet formula creation, allowing users of all skill levels to master Excel functionalities seamlessly.


  • Formula Generator: Converts user-provided text instructions into precise Excel or Google Sheets formulas.
  • Basic Task Generator: Provides step-by-step guidelines for non-formula-related requests.
  • VBA Code Generator: A must-have for programmers, this feature generates VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) codes to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Add-ons: Seamless integration of generators directly into your spreadsheets.

How to Use:

 Users can transform their text instructions into accurate Excel formulas in a few simple steps:

  • Specify a task using row or cell numbers where possible.
  • Opt for single quotes over double quotes.
  • If the generated formula doesn’t fit the need, consider rewording the instruction.

For optimal results, it’s recommended that instructions reference specific cells, rows, or columns. If the AI doesn’t deliver the desired outcome on the first attempt, users are encouraged to adjust their prompt or reframe their sentence.

Feedback Mechanism: 

Post formula generation, users have the option to provide feedback using the “Yes” or “No” buttons. This feedback loop enhances the program’s efficacy, ensuring superior results for future users.

Trust and Recognition: 

With the trust of over 1 million users, Excelformulabot stands as a testament to efficiency and precision in the realm of spreadsheet formula generation. Moreover, its platform, Excelformulabot.com, has catered to over 300,000 satisfied users.

Free and User-Friendly: 

The tool boasts an intuitive interface and is entirely free to use, requiring no sign-ups. The developer, David Bressler, accepts voluntary donations to fund programs promoting STEM accessibility for students. However, these contributions are optional, and the tool remains complimentary for all users.


Excelformulabot, also known as AIForSheet when used as a Chrome extension, emerges as a powerful solution for those grappling with Excel’s intricate formulas. By harnessing the potential of AI, it streamlines the process, converting textual instructions into accurate formulas within seconds. Whether you’re a spreadsheet novice or a seasoned expert, Excelformulabot is your key to a more efficient and enjoyable Excel experience.

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