Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music: AI-Powered Music Composer for Content Creators

Ecrett Music is a revolutionary music composing software, powered by AI, dedicated to aiding content creators in crafting royalty-free music without requiring any musical knowledge. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can navigate and make the most of its features.

Key Features:

  • Vast Library:
    • Every month, Ecrett Music updates its database with over 500,000 unique patterns of music, ensuring that users always find the right track for their projects.
  • Customizable Tracks:
    • The platform is not just about pre-generated tracks. It offers flexibility by allowing users to adjust instruments, structures, and even review how the music pairs with their uploaded videos.
  • Plan Varieties:
    • Ecrett Music has a pricing model to suit different needs:
      • Free Plan: Suitable for users wanting to test the software’s capabilities.
      • Individual Plan: Billed annually, this plan allows unlimited downloads of royalty-free music suitable for commercial endeavors, including YouTube monetization.
      • Business Plan: Also billed annually, granting licenses at the company level.
  • Guidelines for Use:
    • The platform provides clear ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to guide usage. While users can employ the music for various content types like ads, weddings, games, and more, they shouldn’t use it for inappropriate or hateful content. Sharing, distributing, or selling music created via Ecrett is also restricted.

Team: Behind the scenes, a blend of musicians, composers, designers, and engineers collaborate to refine and improve Ecrett Music, making it a prime choice for content creators.

Utility: Ecrett Music finds its application in various domains:

  • Serving as background music for videos.
  • Crafting original soundtracks for podcasts.
  • Elevating gaming experiences with bespoke tunes.

Ecrett Music stands as a testament to the blend of art and technology. It is designed for those seeking a quick, intuitive solution for their musical needs, be it for business promotions, personal projects, or entertainment content. With its vast library and customization options, finding the perfect soundtrack has never been easier.

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