Copyleaks AI content detector

Copyleaks offers an enterprise-level AI Content Detector designed to determine whether content is human-generated or produced by advanced AI models like GPT4, GPT3, and ChatGPT. It serves purposes such as plagiarism detection, content verification, and educational assessment. 

Accessible through an API, LMS integration, and a Chrome extension, it boasts a detection accuracy of 99.12% and offers insights distinguishing human-written elements from AI-generated ones. It supports multiple languages, including ongoing language development.

Copyleaks’ approach sets it apart by employing AI-based text analysis to identify AI-generated content across various models. In summary, the Copyleaks AI Content Detector is a sophisticated tool capable of discerning human from AI-generated content, providing insights, and supporting multiple languages. It finds applications in education, content creation, and media industries.

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