ContentCal is a cutting-edge, AI-powered content marketing planning tool designed to streamline the content creation process. With its intuitive platform, ContentCal aids content creators in efficiently mapping out their monthly content calendars while offering valuable content idea suggestions.

Key Features

  • Campaigns: Efficiently manage and organize content campaigns.
  • Web Clipper: Easily clip and save relevant content from the web.
  • Notes: Keep track of important information and reminders.
  • Snippets: Quickly access and use frequently used content pieces.
  • Category Tags: Organize content based on specific categories.
  • Pinboard: A space to draft and brainstorm content ideas.
  • Approval Workflows: Maintain content quality with a systematic approval process.
  • Preset Times: Schedule content to be posted at specific, preset times.


  • Simplify content management across various channels.
  • Enhance collaboration through shared calendars, duplicated posts, and preset posting times.
  • Curate, draft, and globally strategize content and campaigns.
  • Gain insights into best practices, monitor content performance, and report results organization-wide.
  • Centrally manage mentions and messages across channels, promoting effective communication.


  • Pro (Annual only): $17/month
  • Company: $47/month when billed annually or $59/month otherwise
  • Premium and Enterprise: Custom pricing available upon request

Why Choose ContentCal?

ContentCal stands out with its promise of making content scheduling and posting more convenient for teams. The platform doesn’t bind users with long-term contracts and offers a hassle-free setup process that takes just 15 minutes. Moreover, a 14-day free trial is available to prospective users, giving them ample opportunity to test the tool’s capabilities. ContentCal also ensures user satisfaction by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Additionally, while primarily a content planning tool, the website provides a unique touch with watercolor painting classes, blog posts, and artworks by artist Heli Naik, expanding its reach to art enthusiasts. Links to Heli Naik’s social media profiles, including YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, further enrich the user experience.

Brand Story and Immersion:

Recognizing the importance of conveying a consistent and compelling brand story, ContentCal embarked on a mission to refine their brand positioning. Despite already having a good market reputation and strong customer relationships, the company felt the need to communicate a clearer and more powerful message. By delving deep into ContentCal’s ethos, product, and market presence, a solid brand story centered around the idea of “Get Clear” was established.


ContentCal is not just another content planning tool. Its AI capabilities, combined with an array of user-friendly features, position it as an indispensable asset for content creators. Whether you’re an individual creator or part of a larger team, ContentCal promises clarity, efficiency, and success in your content marketing endeavors.

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