ChatBCG – Revolutionizing Slide Creation with AI

ChatBCG, developed by Stanford AI PhD students Silas Alberti and Joseph Semrai, is the world’s premier text-to-PowerPoint AI tool. This innovative solution leverages the BCG-3 paradigm (Bi-modal Conditional Generation) to automatically convert user prompts into comprehensive slide decks.


  • Auto-Generation: Input a question or topic and let ChatBCG create a complete presentation in seconds.
  • Diverse Topics: Capable of generating slides for various topics, from business pitches to book summaries.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive even for first-time AI users; simply type in a query, and the AI generates slides complete with images.
  • Customization: Modify color schemes, fonts, and other visual elements. Utilize a plethora of themes, layouts, pictures, infographics, headings, and bullet points.
  • Save & Export: Directly save presentations in both PPTX and PTF formats.
  • Historical Access: Users can retrieve previously created slides swiftly from the database post initial login.

Potential Challenges:

While ChatBCG is a groundbreaking tool, users need to exercise caution regarding images or visuals sourced online. Current iterations don’t provide image citations, which can raise concerns about copyright infringements.


  • Swift and intuitive slide creation.
  • Embraces the BCG-3 paradigm for optimal generation.
  • Comprehensive customization options.
  • Immediate slide generation, optimizing time-efficiency.


  • Potential for copyright infringements.
  • Absence of image citations.


ChatBCG, with its pioneering use of the BCG-3 paradigm and intuitive design, is set to redefine the way presentations are crafted. Whether in business, academia, or personal projects, its capacity to generate professional-grade slides in moments is unparalleled. Users, however, should remain vigilant about potential copyright issues when using generated content. Regardless, ChatBCG stands out as a vital tool for those seeking efficiency and quality in their presentations.

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