Chai Research, driven by the goal to lead in the domain of conversational AI for entertainment, presents Chai-GPT. Accessible through the Chai app, this AI aims to revolutionize the way users engage with conversational platforms.


  • Conversational Experience: Users are not just passive consumers; they can actively converse with AI personas – be it friends, mentors, or imaginary characters.
  • Engagement Metrics: Chai Research boasts impressive numbers – over 500 million AI-produced messages a month and a whopping 3.5 billion completions to date.
  • Swipe to Start: The user-friendly interface allows individuals to swipe through AI chatbots, selecting those they find interesting and skipping the rest.
  • Personalized AI Stream: Based on user preferences and interactions, Chai curates a customized stream of AIs for an engaging experience.
  • All-Day Engagement: From the routine morning tea to late-night interactions, Chai provides continuous conversational entertainment tailored for diverse user personas, from tech enthusiasts to casual chat lovers.
  • Bot Creation: Users can craft their bots using the platform (accessible at and even evaluate their performance on a global bot developer leaderboard.

Community and Connections:

  • Community: Chai Research fosters an active community on Reddit, where enthusiasts can engage.
  • Professional Networking: For those keen on connecting with the brains behind Chai, they can do so on LinkedIn.
  • Contact: Direct communication is facilitated through email, WhatsApp, and the aforementioned LinkedIn.

Safety and Security:

  • Data Handling: Chai Research prioritizes user data security with encryption in transit and gives users the autonomy to request data deletion.
  • Data Collection: The app might gather certain types of data such as location and personal information.
  • Third-Party Sharing: The platform assures that no data is shared with third-party entities.

Behind the Scenes:

  • Investment in Technology: Chai Research has invested over $3 million to develop engaging language models, backed by a proprietary dataset of 4 billion user-bot interactions.
  • Focus on Entertainment: Everything about Chai-GPT, from its core design to the continuous optimization, is done with entertainment as the primary focus.

API Access and Collaboration Enterprises and developers keen on leveraging Chai’s platform can await API access, with a waitlist currently in place.

Opportunities at Chai Research For AI enthusiasts looking for career opportunities, Chai Research is on the hunt for ML research scientists and full-stack ML engineers at their Palo Alto, CA hub.


Chai Research’s Chai-GPT is not just an AI tool; it’s an entertainment powerhouse. Through its dynamic features and dedicated focus on entertainment, it’s redefining the conversational AI landscape. Whether a user wants to engage in light-hearted chats, create their bots, or dive deep into the world of AI, ChaiGPT offers a comprehensive platform for all.

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