Blockade Labs’ Skybox Lab: Revolutionizing World-Building with AI

 Blockade Labs, Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Blockade Labs is a pioneering technology firm with deep roots in the gaming development sector. Specializing in the intersection of technology and creativity, the company has between 11-50 employees, with 19 members actively showcasing their affiliation on LinkedIn. With its motto, “The future belongs to the visionaries”, Blockade Labs is devoted to bridging the gap between imaginative ideas and their tangible manifestations.

Skybox Lab Platform: Skybox Lab, Blockade Labs’ flagship platform, introduces an AI-infused solution for crafting 360° skybox experiences. The tool is ingeniously designed to convert simple text prompts into expansive virtual spaces. This unique feature ensures users can develop comprehensive, immersive worlds without the need for coding expertise.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Creating virtual spaces becomes effortless with Skybox Lab. Users merely input text, and the platform’s AI generates the desired 360° skybox.
  • Integration Capabilities: The AI-generated skyboxes are tailor-made for VR experiences, games, and other visual media ventures.
  • API Access: Advanced users have the option to integrate Skybox Lab’s technology into their projects using API access.
  • Community Building: Blockade Labs places emphasis on fostering a community of innovators and creators. Sharing experiences and exploring the horizons of world-building technology is actively encouraged.


Blockade Labs offers tiered pricing for Skybox Lab:

  • Basic: Priced at $20/month, users get:
    • 250 generations monthly.
    • 1 generation at a time.
    • Recall past images and generation history.
    • Limited commercial use (Creative Commons 4.0).
  • Pro: Available for $100/month, this is the most popular package and provides:
    • 1,000 monthly generations (with an option to add +4,000 at checkout).
    • 4 simultaneous generations.
    • Recall past images and generation history.
    • Full commercial use agreement.
  • Enterprise: At $500/month, this package offers:
    • 10,000 monthly generations.
    • 8 simultaneous generations.
    • Recall past images and generation history.
    • Full commercial use agreement.

All packages come with a cancel-anytime clause.


Blockade Labs is pushing boundaries in the AI world-building domain through its Skybox Lab platform. Their dedication to amplifying creativity, combined with AI’s efficiency, offers promising prospects for artists, gamers, and VR enthusiasts.

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